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  1. I am about to begin the Academy Super Etendard Libya 2011 kit and have a question which I have searched here and on the wider internet with no joy.

    Does anyone make 1/72 Alkan 5081 decoy launchers and the associated pylons anymore? I know Olimp did a set for the SuE but these are rare as hens teeth. 

    If this is a no go then are there alternatives such as a Phimat on one wing and a Barracuda jammer on the other? Would this be ok for an Op. Harmattan jet? 

    All the bits of kit seem readily available in 1/48 from L'arsenal and others but I am limited for space so have to stick to the smaller scale.


  2. Hi, 

    I am trying to knock together the batman aggressor scheme in 1/72 using the xtradecals blackjack display and IX squadron ZJ924 decals. Does anyone know of any red letter decals 5mm in height that I can use to turn WS-J into WS-T? I reckon I can get the jet close enough to satisfy me from the images if not the detail hounds😂.

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