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  1. Thank you for the reply but not quite what i was looking for i have been through numerous forums and videos and have seen the reviews and recommendations. each of the tools has different sized tips, curves, notches, sections, etc built into them. I am looking for something that describes what each of those specific portions of the tools do.
  2. Good day everyone, Recently back into building and havent done anything with photo etch until now. I have done a fair amount of research about PE bending tools and noticed there is a ton of info out there about what is recommended to get, the different types and styles and their quality, and a lot on how to use your typical straight edge portion of the tool. I totally get how to bend straight portions of PE, and i understand there are tools for rolling as well, but what about the other portions of the bending tools - how do you use the different grooves, angles, tooltips and curves? I was unsuccessful scouring the forums and internet videos on these. Thanks.
  3. Good day everyone, Looking for anyone with experience or info about these kits: 1. Meng TS-020 (Mk. 5 male tank) 2. Amusing Hobby 35A038 and/or 35A041 (T72) 3. Ryefield RM-5003 and/or RM-5025 (Tiger 1) My questions are mostly concerning the interiors. I am not looking for anything see-through which most likely cancels out the RM-5025. Im looking for a kit that will have the full exterior, but still be able to see the interior. My research shows me that the RM-5003 can be built fully, and not glue specific components together in order to take it apart and see the inside. Can anyone confirm that? I havent yet seen any info on whether this can happen with the other 2. Anyone know of any kits of those vehicles that may be equal or better? (i would like to stay with the Mk5 and Tiger 1, but am not opposed to T80 or 90 if a kit exists that i havent seen yet.) Any other thoughts, suggestions, info, etc is kindly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Ekire

    Brush cover

    Good day everyone, This topic didnt seem to fit anywhere else, so pardon if i got the wrong area. Some of the paint brushes i got came with small, clear covers. I am unsure if the intent is to cover the brushes when not in use. I have been doing so, but unless the cover goes on perfectly, it tends to bend some bristles and i am leaning more towards not using the covers. Any experience, info or guidance that anyone has? Cheers.
  5. Ekire

    Saying hi

    Pardon my poor wording - not so much linking or taking from another forum, but rather asking a Q about another forum with some potential people here being members there. Sounds like i should be good. -Edits- Disregard, i figured it all out. Thanks.
  6. Ekire

    Saying hi

    Just like a number of others, saying hi and returning to the hobby. My focus is on some select armour kits. Look forward to the knowledge and experience of others. One initial question - i didnt see a rule about posting topics from another different and independent forum but wanted to ask first - is that allowed? Thanks.
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