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  1. Thanks Steve, PM on the way
  2. Isn't it always the way, one has most of what you want the other has just a small item that would complete it. The hunt is on for the crests from the first kit then...
  3. It's such a small decal it probably doesn't matter. However, dose anyone know if 214 squadron crests are available to replace the 90 squadron decals the kit comes with ?
  4. Definitely, one had stripes, one didn't... : ) Always like the Hastings since I first saw it at Duxford many moons ago.
  5. Thanks, I've got the AIM vac kit, had it years and it's very nice. However, an IM version would be even better..
  6. I bought the kit and very nice it is too... This is probably an unnecessary question as they are so small, but I'll ask anyway. Does anyone know if replacement 214 squadron crests are available as decals ?
  7. I hope this is ok, but dose anyone know where I might find a copy ? I realise it is a few years old, but it looks very useful indeed.. Kristian.
  8. I'd need it in 72nd, to go with the collection, in fact a couple would be useful, one for Berlin and another for Suez. There is nothing wrong with the Historic Wings Vac other than it's a Vac.. Thick plastic mind you.
  9. Thanks. I'd like an injection moulded one rather than resin, resin parts are ok but I'm not overly keen on full kits. I have the Historic Wings Vac as I do the Valiant (and a York for that matter) but a nice reedy to build version would be a great addition.
  10. Hi All, First post on the forum, glad to be a member. I've been modelling for well over 30 years but had to take some time out over the last few. One of my main interests is Suez so I have been picking up a few things I missed or were not available last time I was collecting AEW Skyrader, Avenger etc. I have the Historic Wings Vac Valiant in the stash but now Airfix have released an injection moulded version, I think that would be a nice addition. The problem is I've missed the first model and only the PR\Tanker is now available. Does anyone know if the 50's bomber version suitable for Suez is included in the latest release or would I be better off trying to hunt down the first release. Thanks in advance.
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