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  1. Sent Bilvers a request & your photo so he can see what it's going on. Merv
  2. I have a mate who works for MBDA,I can ask him if you like... Great work by the way,your MACE lugs should be a golden color & not silver tho.
  3. spike7451

    Tornado wing gloves

    Dry fit the wings & glove boxes,then cover the insides surface with plastic card,cut the notch for the wings to shape.Assemble the model,then cover the outer face in filler,finish it with a wet finger & scored detail onto it...
  4. It's just the standard centerline pylon,these were'nt fitted before Granby in 1990 & they're not fitted to the GR1A/GR4A as they sort of interfear with the camera blister....It's just the camera perspective that makes it look shorter...
  5. Steff, Don't forget those yellow pipes connect to the pipes on the seatheadbox.. PS,you going to Blackpool in Sept?
  6. It is facing the wrong way,but I think that's because Revell must've used a GAF Tornado as an example &,as I've just found out,they have a Boz for each outer pylon...The kit one's also too rounded,should be more pointy...
  7. My mate Scoobs say's it's a cracking job! L'arsenal make cracking stuff,I have a couple of their TERMA pods for Tornado & they're excellent!
  8. Hope you don't mind me posting one of the pics to my FB page,a good friend of mine is a SNCO TM on 6sqn.Brilliant work as always!
  9. Fixed that for you......................
  10. Sorry,been a busy month,my 47th at the start,running around trying to sort out the Mod & my pension,Hospital check ups (Leukemia's still in remission ) rehoming a couple dogs & cats for a couple animal rescues I'm involved with on FB & my last uncle passed away last week,so my mojo's sort of stalled as I'm exhausted! Doing a quick build of a Academy 1/72 SR-71 to try & get it back!
  11. You leave my missus out of it...
  12. Flare carts BOZ Pod on the Tornado are white.
  13. You suspect wrong,,,, http://www.aviation-picture-hangar.co.uk/xp696.html Backs up what my mate said above,who was a SNEC Armourer on Lightnings before he went to the dark side (Commissioned)
  14. I've asked on our RAF Armourer's FB page as the's a few old Lightning crusties there who should know... Got a lot us us stumped...But the view from the Frightning experts is it.s not a real or drill missile,but a mock up missile which was locally made, or it's a Red top experimental development Blue dolpin or blue jay. Semi active homing radar.. would explain the nose and longitudinal sensors on the side.
  15. spike7451


    Sniper is a combined targeting & reconnaissance pod. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sniper_Advanced_Targeting_Pod DJRP is another type of reconnaissance pod https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/united-kingdom/defence/digital-joint-reconnaissance-pod-djrp TERMA is a active Countermeasures pod that supliments the BOZ Pod on Tornado GR4's http://www.terma.com/defense/aircraft-survivability-equipment/self-protection-solutions/electronic-warfare-solutions-for-fighters/
  16. It's one of the directional vents for turning the leaping heap when it's hovering,the's identical vents in the tail boom & wingtips
  17. Thanks Calum, I measured them in my build thead,the resin ones are by Dave Parkins update set & are 1/5mm wider than the kit tanks,so I think someone at Revell made a booboo there with the measurements.
  18. Using a micrometer,the diameter on the Revell drop tank is 10mm while it is 110mm long & the diameter of the Flightpath tank is 11.5mm & 132mm long. HTH
  19. I must have a short mold then..as everything else lines up perfectly.....bugger!
  20. It's complicated,maybe a tad too over complicated,especially for modelers without much experience.The spring actuators on the flaps are going to be a nightmare! Like others have said,some of mine have been broken off in transit & even picking up a sprue can break them off.I'd have liked them to have not attatched to the main sprue but to a sort of guard sprue,like Italeria did to protect the lightning dispersers on their F-16 kits. Lots of dry fitting is needed before you finally glue down,I think on my next one I'll dry fit then run modelers super glue along the seams.for me,the nightmare bit's going to be the main canopy,with all the add-ons....Next thing to do today is tackle the wings,fin & seats....
  21. AND be careful handling the sprue's that have the wings on,I broke off a couple of the flap springs just by lifting up the sprue!
  22. Just noticed that as well! No I gather they're the smaller versions & not the Big Jug 2250's.
  23. On both sides mate!..Can't move it or the undercart doors won't line up! Also I wouldn't bother drilling out the holes for the IFR probe,if you look at them,where they are,they are quite prominent inside the pit.I'd also block off the back of the APU exhaust as well.the full intake trunking & faces are a waste of time as you can see bugger all down them! ps,my Harriers on hold till I get the cockpit set...
  24. Rob one off an old kit...AND be careful with the flap springs,I've just snapped 2 off jut by picking up the bloody sprue!!!
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