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  1. They'd be wearing DPM combat's or overalls which,back when we had that mark of Harrier would have been gray with blue collar & epeletters on the shoulders,We used to get changed out of our blues in the locker room & either wear shorts &,quite often,a squadron tee shirt under our overalls. The'd also likely be a camoflaged netting over the revetment to hide it from the enemy...
  2. Mate, I could do with a set of those for my build,doing a Tonka for our 17f Sqn 100th reunion next year.....
  3. Pictures of the TSC's we used on the Tonka are like rocking horse ......However I have asked on our RAF Armourers page as I'm in need of them too for a commission build I'm doing...
  4. Buckets of instant sunshine...Yeah,I've dealt with them... Now I have to kill you.......sorry....
  5. Floor was black non-slip covering on the GR4 but green on the GR1 & it wasn't a paint iirc,more like the stick on covering you'd see on industrial staircases ect.
  6. Politics had a lot to do with it...Most of the weapons we used on Nimrod were also used by the US Navy,Australians,Canada & N.Zealand.For example,Selwyn touched on the BDU we used on the Nimrod,whilst the WE-177 we used was looked after & maintained by us (the RAF) the BDU was looked after by the US Navy.
  7. Don't ever recall seeing hard FOD covers in use,the advantage of the fabric type is they could be stowed in the jet when it went away on detatchments.Only hard covers I saw was grill style covers for ground engine runs.
  8. As Bill say's,it's better than the Italiari & a thousand miles better than the HB 'attempt'!..Yes the are areas that it can be improved on,I got a dog kit that was a disaster but the second one has gone together well & so far I've used no filler on it. It's weakness is it's over-engineered some area's,like the full intake trunking & wing sweep for the pylons, are'nt really needed,I mean on my second one I've not bothered to paint all the way down the intake trunking nor the engine blades as you simply cannot see them! The other area is the over cluttered instructions...
  9. I know what the early style head boxes look like,I've been an RAF Armour (now retired) since 1984...I was referring to the contents of the Flightpath set being of the newer style headbox's used on the later marks of Hawk & Tornado.
  10. I think that refers to the later style on the Hawk TMk1a / Tornado GR1 & the GR4
  11. I'm 100% sure,I was at Bruggen from Christmas 1989,The box art is exactly the same as are the decals.I bought it from a model shop/toy store in Roermond,their model dept was downstairs in the basement.Store was called Bart Smit,and I remember that as I still have a jar of Tamiya Clear Blue that I bought at the same time that cost me 3Guilder 75C.... My memory's weird...I can remember things I did 30 years ago but not what I did last month!
  12. Now that's an OLD kit!...I bought one from the model shop in Roermond,Holland when I was at Bruggen in 1989...Nice kit but the was a lot of fit issues with it iirc...
  13. This was posted on the Arifix FB page earlier by an Adrian S****; https://www.facebook.com/groups/officialairfixmodelling/?fref=ts
  14. Sort of....The pilots IP is has the square TAB display in the center & not the round wet film map display of the GR1(A) & the only part missing is the glass for the LRMTS fairing,The pylons also need to be modified as the shoulder (belly) pylons need the MACE fairings for the front & rear weapon stations as would the HUD & seat headboxes for the GR4. And the BOZ pod is totally wrong at the rear...They (Revell) have tried (Badly) to model a BOZ without the flare pack fitted.
  15. Another question,what are the blinkin Humbrol & Revell equivelents of the Xtracolor paints (x001/x002) that they say to use cuz I'll be buggered if I can find a conversion for them!
  16. Steff, Don't forget the rear face of the Revell BOZ pod is the wrong way round,it points inward to the left when it should face out & down!...Any flares that it fired that way round would hit the taileron...
  17. Yep, Get some foam (like you'd see in draught excluders around a door) & cut a strip.Now get a flat ended thingy (bit of thicj spru cut at an angle should do)... Bend the foam over the top end of the spru in a 'U' shape & tape the long legs of the foam to the spru,don't pull the foam too tight,you wan't some 'bounce' in it! Mix your paint & paint the solid area tha color you want,then lightly dip the foam end into the maint,making sure the's not too much paint on the foam....Test dab on some card & you should see it sort of fading out & it'll give an airbrush effect. Then do that on the edge of the color on the model. That's how I used to 'Airbrush' without an 'Airbrush).....
  18. Considering you're an ex Plumb...How about.... THE PLUMB CAVE!.... PS,you need a Wobbly stocked fridge!!!!
  19. I think I got a dog one!...The problem looks like the intake trunking was too wide & thus the port intake wouldn't fit but the stbd fitted perfectly! I stripped it down & used the cockpit & wings on the second one that went together perfectly,apart from having to shave 1/2mil of the front face of the stbd speedbrake...
  20. It's done! Cue one 1/48 Revell Tornado IDS kit going in the bin!!!! Fuselage fit was bloody awful to the point that it wasn't worth any more effort!...I dry fitted it all before assembly to no avail & I'm not gonna waste anymore time on it!! Worse kit I've made in a long time!
  21. It's done! Cue one 1/48 Revell Tornado IDS kit going in the bin!!!! Fuselage fit was bloody awful to the point that it wasn't worth any more effort!...I dry fitted it all before assembly to no avail & I'm not gonna waste anymore time on it!! Worse kit I've made in a long time!
  22. I did my usual trick...I put the kit decals for the Red Arrow 1/32 Revell Hawk T.1a kit somewhere safe & now cant find them,so I blagged the Xtradecal decals for £6 on e-Bay so I've decided to do the Hawk below... Problem is the decal sheet says the underside is Aluminium in color,yet every photo I've looked at shows it as very light gray..... So which is it?.... Confused.com! Ta, Merv
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