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  1. Nice Niell, Add them to the rescource thread I started in the sticky if you want please. My PC got hacked last night so I had to re-format & lost the feckin lot!!!! (It got past my firewalls ect! Not happy!!
  2. You presume right.It's a lightning conductor.
  3. To me it always looked like it was sort of concaved (inwardly curved) but I think that was just a optical illusion.
  4. I worked on the Tornado for years.Looks ok to me!
  5. Many thanks to the original posters.
  6. spike7451

    The TSR.2 Thread

    Tony bLair sold it off!
  7. That's about right John but the thick area is flatter. Check PM's
  8. John,] See the BOZ pod.Did you make the hole at the back circular as on the real thing the hole is cropped at the top so the flae cartridge goes in the right way.And the are 2 tubes that the flare cartridge slips over. If you cropped it,let me know how you did it. Merv
  9. Also the pylons are wrong as the's no fairing for the ERU & the cocpit is pre 1991.And the seats are abysmal. This one Skii; I see it's a different one,This is the one that 'crashed?' / http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g38/spik...adogr4pds_1.jpg
  10. Nicely done there! Is that the one that 'crashed on landing?' PS,I have photo's of your build saved onto my laptop for reference,the ones where you had a background. Merv
  11. You can remove the silver loop on the seat.It's for the connections for the air,comms & G-suit & is'nt fitted to operational jets.I't's normally fitted to the crew's suit anyway. See top photo.! In the cockpit photo you can see a blue strap draped over a instrament panel.That's a leg strap that fits thru links on the G-Suit.
  12. Very nice job.Just one teeny-weeny critique? The sidewall instrament panels are grey... Err...Bye
  13. spike7451

    The TSR.2 Thread

    Also Mike,If we had exported the TSR-2,what other NATO aircraft would'nt have come into being.We all know about the Aussies ditching it over the F-111 after 'backhanders' from the states. Maybe the Canadians would not be flying the CF-18,No German or Italian Tornados or German Phantoms,Maybe the USAF would be flying it instead of the B-1? Who knows.
  14. spike7451

    The TSR.2 Thread

    If we had the TSR-2,the would have been no Jaguar,Phantom,Bucaneer (for the RAF) & no Tornado.We may have had the Phantom for Air Defence & maybe the Typhoon would still have entered service to replace the Phantom.
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