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  1. Looks like a right pair of grumpy old buggers, the one on the right is walking rather precariously too.


    He's just ate a Gurkah curry....

    The cross on top of the helmet is actually not white,it's a silver reflective tape,you may also see small squares of it on the Koch fittings on the life vest so the growbags can find them easier,,,,

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  2. MASS = Master Arm Safety Switch

    Basically anythig 'dropable' is wired through the MASS so it acts as the breaker for 'deliberate' drops but doesn't stand in the way of (as long as it is LIVE) the 'oh feck, doo-doo, bomb bay warning,we need to jettison all the crap NOW! type scenario.

    lol...Beat me to it....Basicaly the is a key on a bit of string that is inserted into a keyhole to the left of the HUD which enables the weapons system

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  3. Much appreciated all.

    Does anyone happen to have some photos of where the "remove before flight" tags fit on the undercarriage links? Presumably they are on some kind of locking pins on the retraction arms?

    I'm not fitting any of the aperture covers and their assogiated tags, just on the three legs, the nose pitot and the underwing pylons; I don't want it to look like a Christmas tree.

    I should have somewhere.

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  4. The Tornado and Jaguar crews typically wore the sand coloured flying suits during Op Granby & Desert Storm with the standard safety equipment over the top. The Bucc crews usually wore the usual green flying suits.

    Some of the Jaguar pilots also wore sand coloured flying helmets.

    Oh, and let's not forget the Victor crews.....


    XVTonker :pilot:

    Dont forget the Tornado life jacket is different than that worn by the Jag & Bucc crew's as it has sleeves,the crews also often wore locally made survival vests as well under the main life vest,usually ran up by the squippers iirc

  5. Just gotten the 1/48 Hobbyboss N/AW A-10 A Warthog to build while I'm in hospital,it's a nice kit that comes with a nice representation on the Avenger cannon...BUT why include it if the are no open panels so you can display it?...What's the point?....

    So I'm going to omit the cannon & sit it on a dolly next to the jet....

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  6. No, we just thought that Nora Batty didn't fit in with the image.........

    XVTonker :pilot:

    Yeah,and we called the TIALD pods Sandra & Tracy aka The Fat Sl@gs.....go figure...lol

  7. Sorry, that's not 100% clear.

    There were certainly no GR.4s taking part in Operation Granby, so you're safe to assume GR.1...! It's the 1997 date for GR.4 introduction that comes from memory and I stand corrected if wrong, but I doubt I'm all that far out.

    IIRC the upgrading of the GR1 to GR4 standard started in the mid 90's & carried on till the mid 2000's.

  8. Sorry to hear that Spike. I really appreciate your offer; are your canopies any better than the one I posted a picture of in terms of moulding quality?

    I hope your hospital experiences aren't too bad. Cheers

    About 10 years old & never used,crystal clear.

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  9. I hope y'all realise what will happen if this process I've been talked into, runs over into Valentine's evening...

    If you want a new (ish) canopy,I've got a few in the spares box...Might take a while for me to send it tho as my cancer returned end November so I'm in & out of hossy for the next few months for chemo,but Zone19 can contact me as we're both ex Armourers.

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  10. The was a Jaguar GR1,it was the designation of the Jaguar S,it's just as like the Harrier GR5,that particular model wasn;t in service very long & was upgraded to the GR3.

    So how come the jaguar didn't get labelled as the GRS.1? I thought it also had (or was intended to have) nuclear bombing?

  11. IIRC back in my day attack was a normal bombing role,ground attack was our version of combat air support (like what the A-10 does) & strike,well I'll have to kill you if I tell you...lol (it was nuclear bombing,and we had to re-qualify on strike loads every 30 days,work in pairs & know what each other does so we could spot sabotage by other team mates...)

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  12. T2's never carried over wing sidewinder rails,usually as a training aircraft they'd only carry Ceeblie practice bomb carriers,it was also very rare that you'd see them armed with drill 1000lb'ERS or BL755 & even rarer with live bombs..

    They were mainly used for pilot flying training at squadron level & by the time the pilots had got onto dropping bombs & stuff,they'd be doing that from a single seat jet.

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