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  1. Thank you very much! Is there any hope that the project will be completed? If so, can I be listed as a buyer? Thank you for creating sets of such models!
  2. Greetings! Tell me, how is your Avro 707 project doing? Is it possible to buy your kit for this aircraft? Thanks!
  3. Quality work! Beautiful plane! A complete illusion of rapid flight. Interesting solution. Thanks!
  4. Beautiful gray plane! Execution is great! I would like to see the cabin closer!
  5. Excellent! really looks fantastic!
  6. Thanks! Yes, the stabilizers are movable, it’s strange why Revell didn’t produce this unit
  7. Super! I really liked the performance. Coloring and burn-in is very realistic.
  8. I don't know English well, I can't figure out how to correct my message
  9. Thank you very much! It's a pleasure to read such good reviews. I am very grateful that you like my work, I will continue to make planes and upload them.
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