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  1. Morning all, right then here goes. After getting the assembly room sorted and recently completing elderly airfix Sea king, puma, equally wobbly matchbox wessex HU5 oh and an airfix grumman avenger circa 1995 royal navy, I'm about to embark on the new airfix 1-72 Buccaneer S2B with added loveliness of eduard interior, I've never used this before any tips most welcome.
  2. Thanks to both chaps, i will look those up, as the wessex does look sweet on it's short undercarriage.
  3. Morning all, I'm in a bit of a pickle. The helicopter phase is going great with recently completed Airfix sea king har3 and the trusty puma, however the matchbox wessex hu5 circa 1991 has crumbly transfers, any ideas welcome, ta.
  4. Welcome aboard the goodship britmodeller.
  5. Hello to all ye modellers, my name is rob and currently in my 50th year. Like most i got into modelling many moons ago then you grow up, and when the house, wife, job and nonsense comes along so does a pause. Fast forward a bit and the stash is now 120 plus, always aircraft of various scales, Blackburn Buccaneer being the other woman in my life.
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