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  1. That looks proper ace on that base lad.
  2. Nice aircraft nice kit nice model. Think I’ll follow along.
  3. A very smart looking kit - really nice paint job.
  4. The work you’re putting into the Hornet is great inspiration for my own efforts with the Academy FA-18E in mucking about with over on the group build.
  5. Some great modelling here showing some really interesting techniques. Thanks for sharing Erwin.
  6. Great thread Kevin and thanks for sharing. Q: if you've built 12 of these, can you see a difference in modelling skill and detail between the first and the last? Cheers and stay safe.
  7. A lot has happened in the intervening 15 years Bob. I sold my stash but kept my tools, and now I’ve decided its time to do something for me. I’ve had a very warm welcome back, and I’m looking forward to spending some time with you all mucking about with bits of plastic. Have a great week. Chris
  8. So this is my first post in my first group build with my first kit for 15 years. I’m modelling the Academy FA-18E VFA-143 “Pukin Dogs” with the Eduard detail set. Made an ambitious start chopping the undercarriage wells about… …and moving the rudders. Sorry about the poor quality snaps. Wish me luck. See you all later.
  9. As above - double take with the photos. Amazing and inspiring model making.
  10. Master craftsmanship - this is scale modelling in a completely different league.
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