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  1. Small update


    Well, the 3 weeks to chrome some of the parts, turned into a farcical 5 months, and I've only got it all back a couple of weeks ago. Some parts have come out better than others. 2 parts were ruined when "someone didn't know what was in the oven, and turned the temperature right up". Had to raid another model to replace them. And all to get rid of mould marks and seams. Was it worth it? I dunno


    Just need to find the time now and the inclination to finally finish it.


    IMG_9660 IMG_9659 (1)


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  2. Little update


    Things have slowed right down while I wait for the chromed parts to come back, so I've been finishing bits that I can do


    Handlebar controls and cables


    IMG_9256 IMG_9257 IMG_9258


    Spot and hazard switches added



    Windshield fitted.

    Aluminium strip added with acorn nuts



    Fender fitted and front wheel. 

    My neighbour is a graphic designer, and knocked the 75th anniversary decal up for me.




    He also did the tank logo. But he's doing it again as you can't really see the cream/yellow edging round the letters




    Thanks for looking

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  3. Little update


    So I've finally got some colour on. Harley Davidson black cherry










    There is the ever present problem with these kits of the rear cylinder exhaust pipe being too short to reach properly. Not a problem on the earlier models/police bike, that also don't have the horrible fish tail ends. I bought an NOS exhaust on ebay, When it arrived though, the chrome was very faded and looked awful. I experimented with various things without much success. Then I found a company near me that chrome plates all sorts. They said they should be able to re chrome the exhaust and a dozen or so other parts for under £100 (we'll see). So I cleaned all the old chrome off, tidied up the seams and filed off the dummy exhaust clamps. Also rubbed down a few other known problem areas, particularly the coil cover and the gear shift lever. In all gave them about 20 pieces. Only problem is, they are really busy and it will take at least 3 weeks.


    Have given them these rear crash bars and frames as well






    Thanks for looking



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  4. 8 hours ago, CrazyCrank said:

    During a while, I thought you'd taken photos of the real bike in a garage, not of a scale model !

    Wonderful job 👍

    I've this Tamiya Fat Boy 1:6 in my stash, and you make me want to start it !



    Thank you. That's a big compliment. Definitely start the fat boy!!

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  5. Quick update


    Finally started fitting everything into the frame. Still a lot to do, but it's coming along nicely


    Engine, gearbox, coil, clutch cable fitted



    Oil tank in



    Starter solenoid



    There are a lot of nuts and bolts on this bike



    Battery in. Wiring harness in. Thing under battery is the starter relay. Also the brake light switch and oil pressure switch are wired up. All the oil hoses connected up. 



    Close up









    Battery cover, main circuit breaker and battery vent hose added



    Brake pedal, rear wheel and calliper on




    Chain and chain guard



    Hinged rear fender



    Still waiting for the black cherry paint to arrive, so can't paint and final fit the bodywork yet


    Thanks for looking



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  6. On 30/04/2022 at 04:53, slippers said:

    Looks splendid. 👍

    Don't think I could cope with the amount of scratch-building required on these 1/6 kits. The urge to keep getting closer to the real thing must be almost impossible to resist. Certainly a cut above from where I am. 

    Thank you.


    Yes it is very difficult where to draw the line. I just take one sub assembly at a time and think about whether I can be really bothered to do more to it. Trouble is, sometimes you just have to step away and have a break. I've been wanting to do this for years, but I'm pretty sure it will be the last time. The time it is taking, and the cost is ridiculous. I can't believe how many nuts and bolts I've bought.


    Not sure what I'll do next. I've got another Harley police bike, a Harley FXE sport and a Honda Monkey bike. I should have put this much effort into the FXE, as a lot of the detailed parts are not covered by trim panels, but hey ho



    On 30/04/2022 at 10:04, kpnuts said:

    Amazing work.

    Thanks very much

  7. Little update


    It's coming along slowly, but surely


    Starter motor



    Rigid rear brake line and brake light switch

    IMG_9083 IMG_9093





    Neutral switch



    Mounted to chain case

    IMG_9051 IMG_9054


    Oil tank. With vent pipe and "groove"  added to top. Drain plug moved to correct location

    IMG_9064 IMG_9062


    Clutch cable



    Various scratch built brackets now painted



    Electrical parts assembled. Wiring harnesses made up

    IMG_9098 IMG_9088


    Frame is painted, so I can finally start putting stuff in it


    Thanks for looking



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