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  1. Kit: Airfix A55204 1/72 de Havilland Vampire T.11 Paints: Tamiya Time: who knows For everything else: Mastercard Picked up this little kit for pretty cheap and it's been one of my most favourite kits that I've made so far. Not only does it fix extremely well but there was sufficient challenge that I felt like it improved me as a modeller. The paint sat well and didn't require 50 coats to get a decent colour like some of the Revell kits that I've noticed when using Tamiya paints. Even the decals were fun to apply and just gave the model that chef's kiss. I debated trying some different weathering techniques but didn't want to ruin a model that I thought was looking sexy. My only regret is not applying a stand to it.
  2. The German Cat Spy Dave is highly suspected to have weakened it's structural integrity, leaving the poor pilot looking like an android with no colour whatsoever to his face upon landing.
  3. Woah, two for one, the hobby store must have had a deal on. They did, that's why we get two models for review today! This one is the glorious Stuka, which the most annoying decals. I mean, the teeth are cool but what a pain to apply. I may take the rigging attempts over teeth decals. I did learn not to use a certain frog-based paint tape for painting however so we can take some positives away. Perhaps it's the Tamiya paint demons being mean but ho boy, was I ever mad when I peeled that green tape away and saw the edges. That was with the thinnest paint application ever too. Even thinner that a wafer-thin mint after dinner. Oh well, lessons learned. I even learnt how to correctly read a paint conversion table after being perplexed at the camo scheme coloring. It's all about learning! I will say the decal application was actually half-fun, where I managed to successfully apply half of the tiny, small ones upon my face and the rest on the plane. Not too shabby.
  4. Look who's back, back again, Belgium's back, back in a Gloster Gladiator apparently. Following my love of the Hawker Hurricane and fully aware that the Hurricane is basically a Gladiator without the top wing, decided that this should be my next kit to butch. Not only did this kit inspire me to order putty, which didn't get used and instead I carefully manipulated paint into the crevasses like a married couple seeking to keep the spark alive, thought I didn't do too bad on this. I will admit that I gave up on trying to figure out how to rig it and by that, I mean I ordered a kit from WW1 to trial rigging on. This was brush painted with Tamiya paints because like the above married couple, I too enjoy pain. Wasn't too bad but definitely some colour match issues. Oh well. At least the robot who is piloting it won't know which is probably a good thing based on how hard he hit that port-side gear. Don't fly a Tesla plane any time soon, folks, we know what'll happen.
  5. Thank you very much, everyone. Glad my mediocre helps liven the place up! My trick with the Tamiya paints is to enact a wrist motion that I have been working on since a wee teen. A flick of the wrist and they are mixed well enough. That and about nine layers of watery, oily paint. I'll be sure to try your tip regarding the decals as the film is rather annoying, much like my neighbours on a Sunday morning.
  6. In the late 1970s, America's Top Hat sought to find a replacement for the CF-101 Voodoo, the CF-104 Starfighter, and the CF-116 Freedom Fighter. The New Fighter Aircraft Project, named by a fellow with quite the imagination, ended up choosing the F/A-18 to be Canada's multirole fighter. The Panavia Tornado was quickly eliminated due to a "high purchase price" but what if it hadn't? Instead, some European sweet talk resulted in the Panavia Tornado being selected. The Defense Minister, having watched far too many Looney Tunes, demanded that all bombs be planted black. This came in quite handy when Canada joined Coalition forces in the First Gulf War and the roadrunner came to assist. There's also quite the change with the NHL's Winnipeg Jet's logo - which now features the Tornado on the logo instead of the CF-18. Obviously the What If includes the new Jets logo in a horrible Photoshop. The kit used is an Italeri Tornado GR.1 (no. 1384) which is remarkly awful and made me order modelling putty with a two month shipping wait. I had tried to go for a subtle two-tone camo scheme but Tamiya was created by a demon who inconveniences me. Turned out quite nicely though and it's a what if so who cares. The decals are a combo of the Italeri decal kit and Leading Edge Model's CF-104 Starfighter decals.
  7. My local hobby store had a decent sale on so I figured, hey, let's pick up some Spitfires and tinkering around like a badger in mating season. I picked up two 1/72 Hobby Boss Spitfire MkVb/Trops to play with. One ended up on the trash bin after the cat spy ate my cockpit canopies. Quite rude and very suspicious activities from Dave. The survivor though became my What If. What if the Red Arrows was formed in WW2 to inspire the British public? With a few spare Spitfires lying around and a large quantity of red paint to use up, an somewhat competent squadron of Ben Affleck's was formed to show up the stallion of the rainy British skies. So there we have it, the first plane of the Red Arrows. Annoyingly, the Hobby Boss kit is about as quality as the current Ipswich Town squad is. Half of the decals tore when being applied, leaving the plane nicely sparse, whilst the Tamiya paint decided to bubble more than my guts do after a Canadian curry. Also I painted a hair into the plane so that was cool. I'll definitely come back to this idea at a later time, with a better brand of kit, and not try to clear coat the decals to stop them from flapping into the breeze.
  8. My first return to modelling and my first venture into 1/72 scale, plus weathering effects. Obviously I had to go with my favourite plane and a starter kit, given my incredible lack of paints, brushes, glue and talent. The provided Humbrol paints ended up being even more dry than my dead Grandad so picked up some Tamiya paints from the local hobby store in replacement. Shame I couldn't pick up a spare radio antenna that the cat ate. I bet the cat is a spy but more on that later. Hope you enjoy my, quite frankly, legendary brush abilities that definitely do not require me to use tape to make clean edges. How I haven't gotten a job at Lucasfilm yet is beyond me, much like how I failed my Art GCSE.
  9. Hello from Winnipeg! Recently got back into modeling after 15 years. Last time was as a teenager. Mainly paint aircraft, primarily WW2, with some dabbling into more modern jets. Got a few finished models ready to show off and help bring the overall quality of the forums down! XD
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