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  1. Anything below the waterline but above maximum beam would be green because it would still be alive. The stuff you see is brown because it is out of the water and dead. Everything below max beam is just black. Dave
  2. Looks great. What colors did you use for the hull? Dave
  3. That's awesome. Love seeing another great RN sub kit. Thanks Starling Models...keep it up. Dave
  4. That looks absolutely awesome. Extraordinary work. You have captured the look of the masts so well. Dave
  5. I'd go for a 1/350 SS UNITED STATES... How about a 1/144 Akula SSN? 1/350 VIRGINIA (CGN) and a 1/350 VIRGINIA (SSN)(that actually looks like one that is in service) 1/350 INDIANA BB-1 and BB-58 But, the big AKULA over everything Dave
  6. This is absolutely awesome. I cannot wait to see the results of the print. I vote for the tilted one as the winner. Dave
  7. Came out great Stuart. In the US Navy, that would be a "swim call". If you planned and had a barbeque and games while swimming, it is a "steel beach picnic" or just "steel beach". Our somewhat equivalent of "Makers" is "Ropeyarn (day of the week)" as in Ropeyarn Tuesday. Dave
  8. What an absolutely beautiful beast. Well done. I always struggle working in whites. Can you tell me how you did yours? Any particular tricks for it? Again, beautiful build and I agree, the livery is striking. Dave
  9. I bought two. One was quickly built for a RN submarine officer coworker (wanted to make the anniversary of the Falklands) while the second will be built later for me... After I get through a long list of other boats. Love the scene you are putting together there. Maybe one day I'll get my act together and try a diorama of my own experiences.
  10. The one copy of this kit I have built already had those same dots on the edge of each hull half...but only on one side, like yours. My second doesn't have that issue. Strange. Loving your build. Can't wait to see more. Dave
  11. Looking nice. I built one super fast last week to give to a co-worker who is an RN submarine officer. Nice quick build. No super detailing. Lots of sanding. Can't wait see how yours turns out. I'll give my second one the detail treatment. Dave
  12. Beautiful pictures. I have always loved the lines of Soviet/Russian boats. Dave
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