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  1. I'd agree with that distinction... product of Vietnam, canceled by Cheney after the wall came down. Shame that the Tigershark didn't happen, the F-5 is really underrated, it would have been interesting to see what it could do with a capable radar and updated payload. I know this sounds dumb, but could you please elaborate on how second hand kits might work... is it supposed to be a complete kit that someone just bought and didn't build, or is it more like garage sale rules, where someone might just have found it in the corner and there are no promises made or asked?
  2. Thank you, that is a big help. I really haven’t been sure about when to move on that high-level, expensive kit, so your words on this are very valuable. I’ll cut my teeth on the Revell 1:72 I have. I have a 1:48 Academy F-14 supposedly on its way to me, I’m now thinking I’ll just do that after the Revell and then pause and assess my skills before deciding what to do third. I am in Australia and dependent on our shipping service, so if I want something specific it might be a while before it reaches my hands, so I’ve been trying to look ahead, but I think building what I’ve already bought and then taking a breath would be a much smarter move. Much appreciated Pip.
  3. Cheers, lots to look at on that page, I expect I might find 'the one' amongst these
  4. Thanks for explaining. I had thought placing it in that section indicated the era of aircraft I was asking about, I’ll make sure to say that explicitly in the subject or body next time You called it, I was a bit late. I’ll remember next time
  5. I’m not sure of the exact kit yet, but it will be a 1:48 F-14 Tomcat that can be built as a ‘B’. Probably a Tamiya, if I can get a recent kit (and weapons). Indeed, if I hadn’t already procured mine I would probably do that (get two). If I make a mistake on the one I have I’ll try to get an identical one so I can maximise successes and lessons.
  6. Hi Greg, I asked this here because the question relates to building modern aircraft, I expect that potentially presents different problems to other types of kits. Should I have asked this somewhere else?
  7. I forgot I mentioned that, well played sir! You make a good point about it being a different path to having a perfect model as opposed to becoming a model builder, I hadn't thought about it in those terms before. Starting a work in progress thread is a great idea, I'll do that, thanks Thanks for the welcome and the words of advice Hobbyboss Easykit, I'll keep those in mind, ta Wise words, I need to remember to ask for advice before atttaching or painting, rather than having to undo my misstep before doing things right! Haha yeah, I'm already seeing how this hobby could easily run away with someone, cheers It's great to find such a helpful and supportive site. Thank you all, and no doubt I'll be asking your help again in no time!
  8. Thanks for the answer, I remember now, yeah that looks like a nightmare to me hehe This is really valuable. The exterior paint job is easily the most intimidating part for me. I have a masking kit for the canopy of the kit I intend to practice on, aside from that I'm going to do as you suggest: just a coat of primer, fix as needed and then it's getting done in dark gull grey. Doing the exterior in a single color makes this accessible and decides me on definitely doing this. Thank you! Would you happen to mean this Revell F-14D? This is the exact kit I got, intending it to be a starter. It seems to be fairly common so I will get another one if I need a second take. I will be patient, accept I can't fix my mistakes until I make them, and no doubt I will call on you good people for assistance again, thanks everyone for being so welcoming! I hadn't really considered the part scale might play, you make a very good point about that and about not letting detail get in the way of enjoying the project, I hope I will be able to keep that perspective Always good to know how someone reflects on their start in an activity like this. I will likely start on a 1:72, but if it's a bit too intricate it's good to know that a step up in scale might ease problems associated with that. What you say about not getting caught up in arguments about tools is important too, I'd better learn something about painting before I start choosing between airbrushes! I hadn't even thought about an IRL model building community - guess I've been viewing the world through a computer screen too long! Since I haven't done any of this before, a situation where I can just watch model builders do what they do might be a good way to pick up techniques, ta You make a good point about being able to learn from other people's experiences, I really do have to look at similar builds that people on here have done, no doubt there are a lot and they will talk about challenges they faced and solved. Ultimately, as you say, I need to get in there and do things, but be patient about it. Many thanks.
  9. Hi Steve, Thanks for the advice, that addresses the question perfectly. Getting a feel for how to apply the paint before doing so with an airbrush makes sense. Much appreciated! Unanimity is a wonderful thing I will do a simple kit first, and maybe another after that, before trying anything I'm deeply invested in. I really appreciate the input on when I should get the airbrush, it makes sense to learn how to apply paint coats correctly by hand before using a device. Swamp Donkey, I'm curious about one thing: why would a Viggen specifically not be a candidate for spray painting? Thank you both very much Tom
  10. I'm getting into this hobby to build a particular kit. I'm inclined to just build that first off, but I'm wondering if I need experience before building something I'll see regularly. So, my question is: Would you expect visible issues with someone's first build that might make it less than presentable? It doesn't need to be perfect, but it shouldn't be obviously wrong to the uninitiated. The only hands-on anything I've done before is I've put together a few PCs, I've never done any kind of artistic project before, nor have I worked with paint. To this point I've never seen an airbrush, and I'm unsure if I'm going to buy one before my first project, opinions on that would be welcome too. Thanks
  11. Thanks, that's a good point. I do plan to buy a set early on, but I'm reliant on home delivery for stuff, meaning there is at least a day (and often a week) between placing and receiving an order, so it's good to know a drill bit breaking (or similar) needn't put a project on hold Roger that. I did look ahead to see how the holes would be used, but eye judgement isn't my thing so I had dismissed the idea of even looking at the shank diameter ahead of time. I hadn't considered that I could use that shank diameter to measure the correct drill bit, thanks!
  12. Thanks, great ideas! It's really useful to minimize the amount of kit I need to start
  13. Thank you both - glad to know both that the hole will generally be marked and a good starting size to use if it's not, and I'm especially glad to know a hand drill will do the job before power drilling my way to disaster!
  14. I'm getting prepared to start my first model, a 1/72 Revell F-14D Super Tomcat (kit number 03960). In getting ready I downloaded this PDF of the instructions (in German, but they're mostly Ikea-style pictograms anyway). In Step 1 on page 6 the instruction appears to be to drill holes in one of the model parts. There is no mention of what size the holes should be. I have seen similar instructions given for other kits in various sizes. I'm sure others can infer such things, but for me... well, drilling these holes will be the first time I use a drill, so if any of you could please help me out I'd appreciate it. So, my questions are: 1) What size holes are required in the attached instructions? 2) Are there standard sizes for holes to be drilled in aircraft of particular scales? 3) Would a normal handyman's drill be the appropriate tool, or should I really be using a hand drill or dremel? 4) Is there a reason some holes are molded into kits and some are to be drilled by the maker? Thanks for reading, all assistance would be welcome
  15. Tom143

    Hi Everyone!

    That was definitely one gorgeous bike. Believe it or not I haven’t seen The Final Countdown yet, that might be the next movie I watch…
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