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  1. Here's my Hasegawa 1/35th scale Melusine. First model I've actually finished to completion in something like 8 years! Cheers Richard.
  2. Yes, I'm still around! You can get my decals here: http://studiogekko.blogspot.com.au/p/gekko-graphics-decals.html Cheers Richard.
  3. Here’s the legs. Nearly finished. Just have to add some more sensors around the main head, add sand/dust to the right leg and think about how the crew figures are going to look.
  4. Thanks James. The redish coloured parts are primered parts that had no time to be painted properly because of the urgent need to get this highly modified AT-ST out into the field to assist other reconnaissance units in the detection of Sand People insurgent forces that were hindering the Empire's control on Tatooine (post Episode IV time period). Hence they are newer parts attached to an already weather beaten machine. That is why some of the AT-STP (Pathfinder) is mostly weathered and other parts, Imperial Grey and red primer are newer. I'm following the "real world" examples of what American and allied forces have had to do to counter insurgent forces in Afghanistan and Iraq over the last 16 years as an example of what sorts of ad hoc modifications the Empire has had to come up with under similar circumstances on Tatooine against continuing Sand People resistance. The prod things are IED detector whiskers. (35th scale US military aerial mounts) These whiskers are used to detect microscopic movement in sand and dirt, plus changes in moister at ground level. They are positioned where they are so as to get maximum clearance from the main body. Plus it was the only real place the two Imperial Engineers, unlucky enough to find themselves garrisoned on Tatooine, could find that would fit with everything else that would have to be externally mounted on an already busy frame. No wiring necessary for these units as they are internally powered and transfer data electronically. The role of the AT-STP (Pathfinder) is to sit further back on the battlefield and use its sophisticated electronic equipment to detect a whole host of environmental changes to the natural environment. Moister, carbon dioxide, movement, electronic emissions, changes in temperature, sound and many other things. It still retains its ability to fight it out should that be necessary too. Cheers Richard.
  5. Thanks Geoff. The Sniffer unit was found in a vitamin jar, I think the contents are meant to keep the vitamins dry? Anyway as soon as I saw it I thought to myself - "That has Science Fiction modelling potential!" I didn't know at the time what I was going to use it on, and have since collected several, but just knew the day would come! Contemplating the mods that were going to go on the AT-ST to bring it up to AT-STP (Pathfinder) standard I just simply started mucking about with options and came up with what you see. Richard.
  6. Here's a few quick shots before I embark on the additional sensors and mini cameras..................... Cheers Richard.
  7. Funny you should mention that Richard, because that is exactly what is going on it at the moment, plus small cameras.
  8. Thanks Geoff, I was actually a little worried posting that as its not technically a model, so wasn't sure how people would take it.
  9. Yes actually, I've been flat-out heavily modifying the AT-ST into an AT-STP (Pathfinder). A lot of fiddley work, and still a little more to do, but here is a little teaser of where things are going.............................. Cheers Richard.
  10. Hi Tony, I've agonised over this for a while now. Bottom line, I think this jet may be in FS. 36495 too like the VF-111 bird. The starboard front main undercarriage door looks like FS. 36375 (from another Tomcat in the TPS scheme) and that patch on the ventral fin looks like fresh FS. 36495 over old and dirty FS. 36495 (which can tend to give it a faded Gull Grey look). Here's a pic of another VF-103 Tomcat in what looks like the same colours, dated 1985. http://www.cloud9photography.us/US-Squadrons-USN/US-Navy-Fighter-Squadrons/VF-103-JOLLY-ROGERS-pictures/i-V5j43bF/A The nose looks like FS. 36375 or faded FS. 36320? I'm tending to wonder if a lot of aviation buffs/journalists have confused FS. 36495 with faded Light Gull Grey? I'm hoping to come across two Tomcats side by side or near each other, one in Light Gull Grey all over and the other in FS. 36495 all over to get a really good comparison, but haven't found one yet. Anyway there's my thoughts, now you can agonise over it too!
  11. OK, here's what I've spotted so far..................... The AT-AT's supporting the AT-M6's have a very different look to them! They've been heavily modded! Extra armour plating, new guns, beefed-up legs and sloped head. The AT-ST's also have some modifications, but they are harder to work out. Easy to see is the new front face. Something? is going on at the back too but its too hard to tell for now. All I can hope for at this stage is that Bandai bring out the AT-M6 and modded AT-AT in at least 1/144th scale, preferably 1/72 scale. Cheers Richard.
  12. Hopefully people will like what I'm revealing next. I've delved right into the type of mission these things are involved in on Tatooine, and the types of modifications necessary to carry out such specialised operations in very harsh conditions. against a very cunning enemy.
  13. Actually Geoff I've completely changed my mind on the antenna and am going for something else that looks way better and will, I hope, add that extra bit of 'wow' factor to the build, plus ties in to the short story that will go with it once completed. Stay tuned......................................
  14. If you think the transitional period for F-14's was bad to try and work out, have a look at the early US Marine A-4M Skyhawk schemes! The VF-111 Tomcat turned out very nice indeed!
  15. More pics of the unattainable (for most of us) Falcon to get sad over................... http://www.gunjap.net/site/?p=326335#more-326335
  16. Thanks, glad I could help! Also happy you didn't give up on it. Well done!
  17. That's the underside and back completed. Cheers Richard.
  18. She's looking very nice Tony! Looking forward to seeing her finnished (and I bet you are too!)
  19. Just a quick note on the Matisse Drying Retarder experiment. I had a practice run with it in a corner area inside the underneath of the turret just to see if I could get a smooth blend from 100% colour to clear. It worked! I was actually surprised at how well it worked, so I tried it on the opposite side just to be sure. In the photo below, the end result is a combination of two layers of this technique with a protective layer of acrylic satin varnish in between. The procedure went like this................. On the first layer I mixed Derwent Water Colour Pencil 38. Ivory Black with 35. Copper Beech to get a very dark brown mix. Then applied that with a very small brush into the corner and left it to dry. (Any overspill onto an area I didn't want was simply cleaned-up with a brush dampened with water) This left a typical Water Colour tide mark, which I expected. The theory was that with the Matisse Drying Retarder I could blend out the tide mark giving me a smooth blend. So, with a very small amount of the Matisse Drying Retarder on a small brush I painted it along the tide mark which softened it. Subsequent small amounts of the Matisse Drying Retarder was then applied and I was able to move the thinned Water Colour medium away from the edge to the point where it was transparent. Happy with the result, I then tried a slightly different approach on the opposite side. This time I sharpened the Ivory Black Water Colour Pencil to an extremely sharp point and ran it gently along the corner. Then I used a small brush dipped in Matisse Drying Retarder and began teasing the colour out from the corner and blending it away until I had no colour. So, from 100% to clear. This too worked better than I could have hoped for. Experiments continue.................................
  20. Here's some very close-up photos of the new Bandai Millennium Falcon.............. http://wivern.exblog.jp/27092610/
  21. Thanks Andy. I was surprised actually just how well they worked. It was an experiment that paid off well. Next I'm going to try them mixed with Atelier Liquefying Medium and Matisse Drying Retarder to see if I can get even more interesting results from them. The pigment is so fine I figured if I could retard the drying time, hence stop tide marks, things could get very interesting! Richard.
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