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  1. I haven't seen the photo, but I do know the story of "Tuffi"
  2. These are from a visit to Wuppertal in NW Germany mainly on my part to see the unique suspended railway. (my wife visited her friend who lives there too ) Weather was very atmospheric (a.k.a. foggy) so photos weren't great, this one gives you the general idea though. The line runs for 13km following the route of the Wupper river along the valley and was opened in 1901 Its the main transport for the residents and not viewed as a tourist attraction, but it is a really great experience. Pictured is one of the newer sets with the panoramic window at the rear, managed to get seated there for one complete trip This is one of the older sets, again best I could do in the rather misty valley weather
  3. I read that they hope to make another series. Kate Winslet is keen, but did say how much it took out of her playing that character.
  4. Contrary to every one else here I have had very good service from Hermes. For many years an old couple drove around delivering in their old VW Golf packed with parcels. Gave them my tel no and they rang if they had a parcel for me to save wasted visits. They retired and an Eastern European couple took over, they are equally reliable and friendly. I think a lot depends on the local delivery person, obviously not great if the infrastructure lets them down though.
  5. Thanks for the best wishes Ruben and the fan idea. We actually have large ceiling fans in the sitting and dining rooms, just never thought of reversing them in winter, will definitelygive it a go. Regards Rich
  6. Thanks for the kind words John, surgery next, the prognosis is positive. Only two houses we have owned have been Victorian and know what you mean about the rising heat. Like an oven up in the loft, but insulation under the slates must be good because snow melts very slowly.
  7. I also wnjoyed it, sucker for anything cold war related. Carrying on the inaccuracies pretty sure the Routemaster Bus had LRT on the side. Surely it should have just been London Transport back in 1963.
  8. I also live in a Victorian end of terrace house and agree the heat retention properties could be better. To be honest I didn't work for forty years to spend my later years messing about trying to save a few quid. I like sitting about in light clothing and having nice warm rooms. Wasted more than enough cash in my life on non essential things and not about to change now. My wife has just finished a course of chemo and last thing she needs is a cold house. So its pay up time for me, tumble dryer, heated towel rail and thermostat set at 21c. Can't take it with me and would rather my wife and I enjoyed our life than worrying how much we can save. Admittedly if you can't afford it then it makes sense to economise.
  9. How about an anti war song
  10. Try an inline moisture filter like a Sparmax Silver Bullet.
  11. Tijuana Taxi

    London museums

    London Transport museum in Covent Garden is worth a look. Another one I like is the Museum of London at London Wall and their Docklands branch at Poplar Then there is the Geffrye museum or as its now called The Museum Of The Home at Shoreditch London Canal Museum behind Kings Cross station is another interesting one If you book up you can have a look and ride on the Post Office underground railway at Mount Pleasant Sorting Office Does it show i'm rather fond and proud of my home city?
  12. Just to be sure no contamination gets as far as the airbrush use a moisture trap at the compressor. Pair that with one of the small inline filters just below the airbrush, Sparmax Silver Bullet works for me.
  13. Thank you, I'll definitely give them a look.
  14. Dug my old set out after reading this thread, pitch still looks in decent nick and a few bits I had forgotten. One figure looks like a manager, few policemen with one on horseback, couple of photographers and some players warming up. Small Orange ball and two of the later style goals, the box says the set is called the Continental, no idea what it originally contained. Can't see it ever being used again and might just stick it on eBay to see what it gets.
  15. 6 hours ago, malpaso said: for me I prefer the larger style of nozzle arrangement which I find more robust than the teeny item needing a mini spanner in other makes Yep, me too. Thank you for the great reply Have a look at the Iwata Eclipse, no tiny needle cap and no spanner required either. H&S confused me by making an airbrush (Infinity) that is easy to take apart Then added a strange little metal rod needed to remove the rear section
  16. I've still got an old set in its box probably under a bed or in the loft. It has Brazil, Argentina, Liverpool and Everton plus the line side photographers. Nearest place to me that sold it was a department shop called Bearmans in Leytonstone High Road. Plus of course Leyton Orient in their braces strip from the seventies, this figure looks to me like Peter Kitchen
  17. Thanks Ron I'll have a look at the videos you mentioned. Not really got a concept in mind, probably go for the colder months with some mud. Living in the UK those conditions are easier to visualise and hopefully replicate. Rich
  18. Thank you, i'll have a look at the texture paints, I have seen them when i've bought other paints, Presumably those such as European Thick Mud from the Vallejo range. Static grass might be a bit overkill at this stage, probably keep spending to a minimum until I decide if its for me or not
  19. Total novice when it comes to any type of diorama modelling and need some advice please. Bought the item below in an Amazon warehouse sale for a couple of quid, but where to begin and what with? Assuming it needs building up with some sort of plaster, putty, filler before an attempt at further detail. Then obviously some form of ground coverage, foilage and no doubt many other features to add realism Should add that I haven't got a model in mind to display, got it to try my hand at diorama/vignette construction. Some of the bases I have seen are very lifelike, but as a novice i'm finding it rather daunting. I am ok with painting ( brush and airbrush} but not this type of artistic modelling using other mediums. Tried to look on Youtube, but the amount of videos is overwhelming and having trouble finding what I need. So many although listed as beginner assume you have existing knowledge which I don't Suggestions for any printed matter would be very welcome, even better replies with details on this thread or links to articles/videos Thanks very much in anticipation of your assistance Rich
  20. This video shows the replacement of the pressure switch should you need it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPdqDeK49Kk
  21. Not familiar with this particular compressor, but presumably it has an auto cut off switch. It should operate when the tank reaches pressure, so maybe its faulty. Try disconnecting it and see if the motor will run without it, assume it should Got to start somewhere narrowing it down. Just had a look at a photo and the pressure cut off switch looks to be the unit on the side of the tank.
  22. Safety is your own responsibility and probably unwise to listen to uninformed views. No doubt some people use nothing apart from a cut out box to stop overspray. I use acrylics with a fairly decent spray booth vented outside, but no mask. Should probably wear a respirator as well, but my choice is not to for my short airbrushing sessions. Only you can decide what precautions or risks you feel are acceptable
  23. I think if I were buying a first airbrush my pick would be the Iwata Eclipse CS. Comes with a 0.35 needle, easy to take apart for cleaning and has a nice large nozzle cap. Some of the airbrushes have very delicate nozzle caps that can easily be over tightened and break. Also fine needles are ok, but for the newcomer they are often quite fussy with paint viscosity. Lots of generic compressors that will do the job for a reasonable price. Anything labelled AS18 will provide a decent air flow or the AS186 which ia similar with a reservoir tank.
  24. I haven't been to that one, for me it was Kelly's down the Roman and at work it was Clark's in Exmouth market
  25. I would say it depends very much on the mediums you intend using. Admittedly no particles are good if inhaled, but some are downright dangerous. Maybe say what you will be spraying and then better advice can be given as to what might be the safe minimum requirement.
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