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  1. Hi Yes normal black base coat, then flicked very watered down PVA glue, so I had random droplets , then top coat, then rubbed the PVA off with a rubber, then at the end used 7B pencils, and water based oils and thinners, you have to be patient as you can go dreadfully wrong, as I have discovered on a few occasions. thanks for the comments Mike
  2. Hi yes I should have said, thanks for the comments Mike
  3. A-6A intruder, Finished this week , this is my 5th Build of this kit and its still enjoyable, hers 503 2nd time on this one, with slight differences in the paint scheme , paint's used were MRP paints, and Eduard MER's and Quinta studios cockpit details, everything else was out the box enjoy. Mike
  4. Finished 1/32 Tamiya F-15E Israeli Air Force I used the reskin engines on this one, along with the reskin cockpit, and also my trusty Reedoak Figures. This was all painted with MRP paints which I have to say are lovely to use, they dry very quick, and your able to use them in hot weather. I have also used small magnets on the pylons and Python 5, just to make it easier to transport Mike
  5. Just finished the Trumpeter 1/32 SU-27UB , its the 2nd time I have built this in this camouflage pattern, it doesn't get any easier. So its an OTB build, the only extras are the static discharge’s, and Quinta studios cockpit decals, I also used Foxbot masking , but as a template then cut mine out of Tamiya masking sheets, and HATAKA acrylic paints enjoy. Mike
  6. Hi thanks for your comments, as I have mentioned in previous post the Client gets what the client as asked for. I understand what your saying. Mike
  7. thanks for the comments I started the build in November 2020 and finished it around January, evenings and weekends, the client decided he didn't like it. so I had it on my shelf for a year, then it got snatched up by a tornado pilot, I just had to finish the base and do the figures, hence the finished pics Mike
  8. My account was hacked so had to do a new account
  9. thank you, been here all the time, I have a lot of posts on here, the figures are from Reedoak, mention my name you will get a good seat lol Mike
  10. thanks for these comments, thank you very much Mike
  11. This is the 1/32 Italeri Tornado GR4 I made last year, but just got round to getting the base and figures made, ready for her new home, enjoy.
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