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  1. I managed to pick up Resicast’s Sherman BARV conversion for Tasca’s sherman III. While i have the base kit needed in the stash, I dont want to sacrifice a great kit for this build if necessary due to minimal use of parts. A quesion for the shermanholics out there, can I use Tamiya’s M4 Sherman Early Production kit 35190 as a base donor kit? No engine hatches or the rear deck/hull will be exposed as seen in the images below. https://www.ultracast.ca/Resicast-351126-Sherman-BARV-Conversion-for-TASC-p/res35.1126.htm
  2. Goran that looks epic!! Thats going to be a big display base needed for that one! Great work!!
  3. Thanks Goran! It was nice to get away from an afv for a bit! Ah no.story as of yet, guess I need to nut that out and get back onto it. I will have to have a look at your build, is it on the forum? Yeah I am in the same boat with the churchills in the stash. A few more to get but I will get them all eventually. Nick
  4. Hi Goran, Thanks for your compliments. I wanted to add a basic interior to the turret as the plan was to have the hatches open with the crew unmounted. Have you started your AVRE? I saw afv club have announced a new churchill bridge layer. The plan is for a diorama. I have a building made for it and all the scene components in the stash, just need to figure out what I want to do exactly.
  5. Thanks Goran, That figure is fro Djiti's Production and is item #35071. Its a great figure, I replaced the head with one from Hornet though. https://www.bnamodelworld.com/model-figures-djiti-s-production-djit-35071-1:35-wwii-british-crew-member-wearing-typical-leather-jacket Thanks, Nick
  6. Thanks Francis. I am glad I bought the light box, it definitely makes a difference showing off the detail in the build. Thanks for your kind words. Nick.
  7. Final touches and stowage added, mounted on a wooden base with a union jack flag and plaque added. 5 months in total.
  8. Hello from Australia! I have managed to visit your amazing islands! Longing to get back there!
  9. After a base coat of black, I have sprayed flat white in the interior. I will set this aside to dry for a while before I start detail painting and weathering.
  10. After a warm soapy wash and plenty of time to dry, I have masked and primed the M32B1 with Tamiya's Fine Gray Primer from a rattle can. Once dry it will be a light coat of flat black before the white interior colour.
  11. That is a great pick up. I will be adding those bolts to the roller supports. The tie wire.....not so much lol!!
  12. Been working on these this morning. I have got all the bogies completed and glued into place. Using my references I have added a subtle cast texture using Mr Surfacer 1500, all the bolts /holes where bolts go on the front and rear of the bogies, added the grease points? on the top horizontal part of the bogie and fitted them to the lower hull. I used a template I made for the placement of the bolt details.
  13. I've chosen to use the spoked wheels as I like you can see through them and gives a bit of "depth" to the wheels and the boom in the stowed down position at the rear. I have also ordered some crew figures in relaxed poses as they are waiting to be called up or in a leaguer.
  14. I was thinking boom down and the crew in a relaxed pose. I don't want to make a diorama for this one, just a base.
  15. I have some tough decisions to make. What “pose” do I put the tank in? Main boom up, using the winch at the front or the rear boom?? Also spoked or pressed wheels? I have references for both types of wheels been used. Anyway, test fitted the crew compartment floors today. Nothings glued in yet. I have also glued in a very crude drive shaft as a small part of this will be seen under the cable roller. I have also added some wiring to the rear firewall and radio.
  16. This is where I purchased mine from, as well as some other kits. https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=TAS 35026
  17. Some progress made yesterday. I added the internal storage provided in the kit. I also added the driver's control panel and the radio on the co drivers side. I also added some bolt heads and wiring boxes to the engine bay firewall. Maybe not completely accurate but the kit provided part was lacking any details. I will add some wiring through the lower hull, mainly for the radio and crew comms.
  18. 1/35 Tamiya Cromwell IV "F" I have just completed a Tamiya F hull Cromwell. This may help. Personally I think its a great kit, just needs some modifications to make it accurate. All in all a great kit still, I bought another one recently.
  19. Its a well molded kit @Bertie Psmith. No issues so far. I have added the internal bolt deatil for the bogie mounts, only the front 4 though. I have also glued the seats and transmission to the hull floor and glued the hull floor into the lower hull. Also the differential housing has also been glued on. Just need to find the right foundry casting numbers now.
  20. 1st test fit of the hull floor and transmission firewall. Almost a perfect fit, just had to add some sheet styrene to either side of the inner hull sides (not pictured). This was to cover up the bogie mount mould cavities for the outer hull detail and as a spacer so there was no gaps where the floor meets the hull sides. The engine firewall and the Academy parts are not glued yet. Lots of dry fitting and checking, sanding and checking…
  21. Hi Roger, Yes please do, feel free to point out any errors I make. Im sure there will be a few. Thanks for the the link. That is a great help!! How'd you find the Italeri kit? Many thanks, Nick
  22. Time to start a new build. After contemplating kits in my stash for a week I have decided to go with Asuka's 1/35 M32B1 Recovery tank. I have the Academy 1/35 M36 kit that has the drivers compartment/ transmission etc. in it and will kit bash it to fit this build. I am also considering adding an engine bay to this build as well. I will use online references and also Tankograds Book on this vehicle for my build. The plan is to depict a WW2 era vehicle. I think I have the Star Decals set for this too. I may replace the tracks with aftermarket if paint doesn't stick to the rubber ones.
  23. I got myself a new toy....a LED Photography Lightbox. No more crap filled backgrounds for my completed builds. (Unless they don't fit). I took these on my phone in 5 mins after setting it up. Im keen to play around more with the settings and learn to take better pics.
  24. Thanks Andrew, it was an enjoyable build from start to finish. I have a few more of these in the stash as well as the centaur kits. I want to make a base for this to display it, just a small one though. Not a diorama.
  25. Thanks @Maddoxx77, I appreciate your honest opinion and thanks for sharing your experience. I can simply brush off the snow off the engine covers as its only been added using Tamiya x-20a thinner, not glue.
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