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  1. Goran that looks epic!! Thats going to be a big display base needed for that one! Great work!!
  2. Thanks Goran! It was nice to get away from an afv for a bit! Ah no.story as of yet, guess I need to nut that out and get back onto it. I will have to have a look at your build, is it on the forum? Yeah I am in the same boat with the churchills in the stash. A few more to get but I will get them all eventually. Nick
  3. Hi Goran, Thanks for your compliments. I wanted to add a basic interior to the turret as the plan was to have the hatches open with the crew unmounted. Have you started your AVRE? I saw afv club have announced a new churchill bridge layer. The plan is for a diorama. I have a building made for it and all the scene components in the stash, just need to figure out what I want to do exactly.
  4. Thanks Goran, That figure is fro Djiti's Production and is item #35071. Its a great figure, I replaced the head with one from Hornet though. https://www.bnamodelworld.com/model-figures-djiti-s-production-djit-35071-1:35-wwii-british-crew-member-wearing-typical-leather-jacket Thanks, Nick
  5. Thanks Francis. I am glad I bought the light box, it definitely makes a difference showing off the detail in the build. Thanks for your kind words. Nick.
  6. Final touches and stowage added, mounted on a wooden base with a union jack flag and plaque added. 5 months in total.
  7. Hello from Australia! I have managed to visit your amazing islands! Longing to get back there!
  8. After a base coat of black, I have sprayed flat white in the interior. I will set this aside to dry for a while before I start detail painting and weathering.
  9. After a warm soapy wash and plenty of time to dry, I have masked and primed the M32B1 with Tamiya's Fine Gray Primer from a rattle can. Once dry it will be a light coat of flat black before the white interior colour.
  10. That is a great pick up. I will be adding those bolts to the roller supports. The tie wire.....not so much lol!!
  11. Been working on these this morning. I have got all the bogies completed and glued into place. Using my references I have added a subtle cast texture using Mr Surfacer 1500, all the bolts /holes where bolts go on the front and rear of the bogies, added the grease points? on the top horizontal part of the bogie and fitted them to the lower hull. I used a template I made for the placement of the bolt details.
  12. I've chosen to use the spoked wheels as I like you can see through them and gives a bit of "depth" to the wheels and the boom in the stowed down position at the rear. I have also ordered some crew figures in relaxed poses as they are waiting to be called up or in a leaguer.
  13. I was thinking boom down and the crew in a relaxed pose. I don't want to make a diorama for this one, just a base.
  14. I have some tough decisions to make. What “pose” do I put the tank in? Main boom up, using the winch at the front or the rear boom?? Also spoked or pressed wheels? I have references for both types of wheels been used. Anyway, test fitted the crew compartment floors today. Nothings glued in yet. I have also glued in a very crude drive shaft as a small part of this will be seen under the cable roller. I have also added some wiring to the rear firewall and radio.
  15. This is where I purchased mine from, as well as some other kits. https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=TAS 35026
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