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  1. Ta daaa, only gone an' done it Opted for the RFM 5050 although have been encountering some supply problems. Models seem to be a bit understocked at the moment. eBay seems OK with some really attractive prices but delivery dates were Jan to Mar 2022. Similar with Amazon but postage was eyewatering. Both a bit late for xmas. All through the searching, Bovington kept popping up and today when I looked they were giving Black Friday discounts so I pulled the trigger and it's on it's way. Seriously 10% - 15% not to be sniffed at and it supports the museum. Getting closer in my mind, to the tank I want to try to recreate / base the model on, but still some way to go. I've literally been a Tiger fan for years but never knew the amount of research that's available if you look for it. Interior colour (lower part of hull) the latest rabbit hole I am down. It will be the new year before glue touches plastic but I might give an update on the tank I'm thinking of recreating and the setting / back story. That way you can all point out the error of my ways, John
  2. Morning Everyone, Just a general query which hopefully the Tiger hivemind can answer. Whilst looking at builds on YouTube and pictures on here something odd has struck me about the driver and radio operators hatches. The periscopes seem to be facing outwards at c45 degrees as opposed to straight ahead. Any ideas why? I'd have thought straight ahead would make more sense. John
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    Just a quick post to tell you I've found a pair of really fine tweezers at B&Q (no afiliation!) in the tools aisle obvs. One straight, one curved, look and feel really good for around £3 J
  4. Thanks for your comments (and all the previous respondents), I've watched a few reviews and builds and have come to the conclusion RFM seem to be my way forward (balance between detail and cost and fiddly-ness). I was looking at the early 5001 and 5050 for North Africa / Tunisia or the 5005 Fehrman. I think I'll pass on the latter. As they were drummed up from a training school you could get away with anything but there's little to actually back it up unless you tried to do F01 which has probably been done to death etc. Too much pressure to get it right for me. So I am going to go for the Early '43 North Africa / Tunisia with a couple of points below... It's going to be my Christmas pressie for my self so don't expect any posts until boxing day unless it arrives earlier and I just do a sneaky unbox I still want to view the interior through both crew and engine hatches. Not a diorama thing but also not like a full cut away thing showing everything Oooh this means I may get the full interior version - yay Oooh this means I may have to find where to find the full interior version I'm 57 and the use of the term "pressie" is totally inappropriate (these bullet points were in no particular order) What was the right shade of Dunkelgelb nach Muster again? I think this will be a challenge but as you say, I think it will also be fun. I'll keep you updated with where I find the kit and the prices. The full interior model seems around £20 more than the basic. Assuming (optimistically) that the build will take 3 to 4 months with all the details and painting etc will take probably just as much, £20 seems pretty insignificant. Unlike most of you lot, I don't have a shelf full of part done models Time for FULL disclosure, I apologise for talking about actual models. You lot seem to be far more interested in having a go at each other John
  5. Well that went well. Ne'er fear despite coming to no actual conclusion as yet (other than the bit at the end of this) I have been encouraged by you lot and have been watching a number of Tiger I builds and reviews on't Tube. Also been looking at the prices of some of the models - to which the battle cry of Yorkshire "OW MUCH" springs rapidly to mind. The one thing that has however struck me is that you lot, despite the actual lack of modelling on soooo many pages, seem like a really decent bunch. You can blush now if you want. So let's keep going. So here we are. I think I was looking for answers before I understood the questions. I agree (Zack) I am limiting myself by wanting a part interior and I am SO not up for a full interior build. Also, my perfect Tiger probably doesn't exist because I want western front, D-Day without Zim. From a personal point of view I don't like the aesthetics of Zim and this is on Tigers, never mind the slap dash rubbish they put on Panthers. It may sound daft but if my heart is not in it, I'll not do a decent job. Reckon I'll go Tunisia or possibly Italy, the camo schemes must be more interesting for the latter and I don't really have an Eastern Front interest. Don't need an interior, probably don't want a dio at all having really thought about it. Not bothered about rivet counting but obviously "that's the wrong turret" would be embarrassing. Still like the idea of "proper" tracks and a bit of PE. Understand I could go Tamiya and buy all the other bits separately but lets see how we go. I think this means an "Early" Please keep the suggestions coming and what I will do is keep you up to date with my decision making process, same kind of insight as build decisions in a way and obviously more opportunity for you to agree/disagree/comment upon/digress/go off at tangents/ramble on/start talking about the weather etc. This may also cover off a couple of visits to model shops to see what they have in stock. At the moment I'd be happy to pay a premium if they have the model in stock, COVID would have hit a lot of shops hard I guess. One last thing 1/72 is not appealing. My arms are not long enough to get it into focus to paint! Chin chin (that's Cheers to the folks on the wrong side of the pond ) and thanks for all the replies so far. John
  6. Wow, some really awesome stuff in this thread (took me about a week to do all 125 pages as was). Gave this tank stuff up 25 to 30 years ago. Then along come two young sons who get into modelling but want absolutely no advice from dad. I did convince the better half to get them (me) an airbrushing rig because they would use it but in the back of my mind it was always something I'd dreamt of back in the day and they were my excuse. Long story short I got a PzIV from my eldest for xmas and really surprised myself! (Don't mention the red fire extinguisher on the outside! I did once, but I think I got away with it) Always been a huge Tiger fan and now I'm here for a bit of advice. Will return the favour by posting updates and piccies etc. but I am looking for advice on which kit to get. I want something that is reasonably accurate but not stupidly so. I'd like to do a crew maintaining the engine so opening hatches and engine details obvs (want some internals but not the full monty - eek can I say that about a german tank). I've never done the photo etched stuff so a little of that would be interesting but at this point I don't think I'd be up to brazing / soldering etc. Crew I'll get elsewhere (assuming the tank is good enough). I realise this may be opening up a can of worms and you kind folk will have lots of different opinions but here we go... Let me know. Oh, one last thing, it will probably be xmas before I buy anything and what with work and everything, this could take months! Cheers - John
  7. When they pour concrete they use industrial vibrators to get air bubbles to rise to the surface. You may want to try sitting on top of a mini drill or some other buzzy thing. Cant do any harm on a couple of test pieces. John
  8. Osprey were always my go to for wargaming figs but a left field option may be to approach the Napoleonic Re-enactment Society and pretend to be interested in joining. From experience (ECW) they will be full of people with really investigated source material. They love talking about it!
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