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  1. What device do you use for lathework, making barrels?
  2. Very inspiring. Both: sketches and construction. Good work
  3. Certainly, but the surface roughness on this model does not look like rescaled damages of fuselage. It's just bad sanding I will not be home for the next two weeks, so my shipyard will be closed. Anyway, recently I haven't had much time for hobbies, so Remora's progress is slow. I painted the crane with acrylic paints, but it still needs varnish, oil washes and decals. This is what it looks like now (assembled with pattafix). I also continued working with a Helmut's friend. I wanted to make him a docker cap and a sweatshirt's hood. But the effect is not impressive despite several attempts. Now a two-week break. After my return, I am going to test the new equipment that Santa Claus brought a little earlier this year. It's nice to have a wife who understands your needs.
  4. Impressive painting and weathering. It looks brilliant to me, the more that I love yellow paint on the models. Especially the "rusty, dusty" yellow.
  5. @Pete in Lincs that's one of the ways I'm considering. The second is to use a lot of putty for car bumpers. Patches and rivets on the hull are not a problem, I have mastered this technique making that monster
  6. @Uncle Monty Don't even tell me you don't have a pile of shame either.
  7. Risky tactic. I have a full drawer of things put aside 'for a while'. They have been lying there for years
  8. I tried to finish the hull plating. Not very effective. Again... There is still a lot of unevenness and on the other hand, holes have formed in some places from repeated grinding. It is starting to look like a rhino suffering from psoriasis SoI gave it up for now and started doing other things again I made, among other things, plates (rudders?) on the side of the fuselage. I also finished assembling the barrels. There is more in the set but I will use only 10 because it is a terribly boring job. Especially that the quality of the MiniArt's set is worse than the Tamiya's I have dealt with before. My friend gave me some parts for Soviet tanks. The castings are not of the best quality, but they look good so I'll use a few things. Especially, that imperfections can be easily corrected. The spare tank had poorly moulded mounting bands... ... and the shackle had a bad pin. And this is another device of unknown purpose. A piece of plane's cockpit and a photo-etched part for some Spitfire.
  9. What glue do you use that you have to wait that long for it to dry? If all the elements are made of polystyrene, I recommend Tamiya extra thin. Bonds elements well, has a nice brush to apply and dries very quick. Small elements are ready for further work in a few minutes, large in a dozen.
  10. @Pete in Lincs I haven't given up yet, I'm still struggling. But I until December I will have little time for modeling. I did. I even started making this imagination a reality. I'm trying to turn a Tamiya's tank crew member into some sort of fisherman (inspired by McQue's Deckhands) For Helmut to have company. That's the first step, I don't have time for more now.
  11. Good luck in kitbash I keep my fingers crossed. Think what satisfaction it will give you to do it your own way. At first I thought I misunderstood something, but I checked it and indeed this model costs so much. And it seemed to me that games workshop has exorbitant prices
  12. @Richard E I will experiment a little and see how it will looks. When I find a moment (and it will be difficult in November). But my primary problem with this model is that it is taking too long to build. I have such a personality that it is difficult for me to concentrate on one thing for a long time. After five or six months I am already a bit bored with this ship. In addition, despite many attempts, the hull is still weak and I cannot take the next steps. More and more often I find myself looking for inspiration for something new. Worse still: I just found in net a great steampunk hovercar drawing
  13. This is what this forum is for Thanks for advise. I have the feeling that the wheelhouse does not look good at all. Something get wrong but I don't know what. I think I will add partly an acrylic rusty wash
  14. Hmm... I am not sure if the face in this figurine attracts attention.
  15. Good work. I'm not sure if he illustrated all the Conans' covers, but I vaguely recall a few volumes where the cover was the most interesting part of the book.
  16. I've spent the last few days painting the wheelhouse. The base are Vallejo acrylic paints (except for the yellow one wich is Tamiya) on the chipping fluid ('hairspray technique'). Rusty streaks are mainly dry pigments (AK Interactive and my own production). I still have to dirty the windows a bit, but I have no idea how to do it yet. I will probably use satin varnish. I also started painting the engine. The assumption is that the yellow part will be very rusted like the rest of the ship. And the white one will be mostly stained with oil washes, without rust and heavy chippings (let's say it has ceramic heat shields). It's about variety: the whole model in one style IMO will be a bit boring. Thanks for looking. W.
  17. As @TheBaron said: amazing how many things you managed to fit. You should design tiny apartments Pete. This model is like a baroque altar. You can stare for hours and discover something new all the time.
  18. I fully agree with the previous opinions. Masterpiece.
  19. Good work! Few years ago I was keen on WH 40k. Especially on nurgle and orks because they are the coolest to convert and scratch build.
  20. I need to take some good photos first. It requires cleaning the desk which is not easy because I do several things at the same time. When I paint, I always make the biggest mess Today I was able to finish the fire box. And the pilot's seat. I also painted the main mast but it is difficult to photograph it well.
  21. @Pete in Lincs as you wish As I mentioned hoverbike is a kitbash of aviation parts in various scales ...and this one is fully scratchbuild.
  22. Actually they are both finished. I even thought about putting them to 'Ready for inspection'. But I've been on this forum just for a couple of weeks, and I've already uploaded two other models there. I did all of them before I joined and I don't want to spam.
  23. It is one of the few sitting figures in my collection, perfect for the construction of seats and cabins. He has sat in all my vehicles for the last 2 years On a kibashed hover bike... ...and in the cabin of the SF fighter. I planned to make him part of the model each time, but finally changed my mind.
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