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  1. Well finally after a cracking start and then a long delay in working on the decals, the Sea-fury is done. Really happy with the way this turned out and as to how the home made decals have finished off the model. Will be hopefully looking to make a few more with the home made decal set up as it really does make you feel like you have put that bit more of an extra stamp on to the build.
  2. Really quite impressed with the whole home made decal thing. I can see that there are easier ways to do this. However at the time I just went with the idea I had. After painting the initial area with the flat white paint I put on the decals and some and some Mig decal set; to settle it and see if it would sink a little more into the recesses. Things have been learnt and maybe some changes for next time. However, for now, Iam really satisfied with the results. Now to fix the rocket back on that came off. Long over due. However, an excellent bit of learning.
  3. All the masking tape off and we are ready to put on the roundels.
  4. Yes fortunate in away as Ive learnt how to make my own and hopefully use the right fonts to Ive read all about the confusion that was caused in the 50s with the colour schemes. Very interesting. I think the Canadian Sea Fury is on the cards for a build some time in the future. Thanks for that. They came out OK, not brilliant, but OK.
  5. I did not move the tanks. However, I did move one set of rockets and re located them a little closer to the edge of the wing. I really thought the rockets were way to close to the tanks. I am sure thats a kit mistake, as if that was real life the rocket launcher would be inches away from the drop tanks. I think it looks good in this scheme to. I was going to do a Canadian version. However, I read up a lot about the apparent confusion, for the colour schemes, when they were ordered in real life. It sounds like some body made a big mistake when they were painted and they did not meet the RCN approval. Good luck with the build.
  6. Sprayed up the necessary areas in Vallejo Matt White ready to receive the decals that I made a couple of weeks a go. Sorry for the crazy photo sizes, Ive changed the image size back to something a little more normal.
  7. Coming along pretty good. Iam just about to start a Hasegawa P 47 D; when I can get my act together. The Vallejo paint sets are great to work with. I have three and they dont seem to muck up that often. Are you doing anything with the cockpit? I see in pictures its that crazy zinc chromate yellow/green something or other colour. The Tamiya set of decals, that you have, are similar to the ones I have; I was going to do the Little Cheif version in Olive Drab. good luck with the build. Ill be looking in to see how you are getting on.
  8. Just a few pictures on the Sea-fury and very little work done on anything again this week. I fitted the black numbering and lettering and Iam pretty pleased with how they turned out. Did a fair bit of research on the fonts for the aircraft and this particular one seems to tick all the boxes. Apparently this style was used towards the end of WW2 and mostly used on single seat fighter planes into the 50s. Seeing that this aircraft was from 1952 it looked like the right one to use. Going to try and get on with the roundels this week, which should be fun.
  9. Not been able to work on the models for a while. So made some movement on the Hawker Sea Fury to get myself going again. All changed now to what I originally set out to do due to the colour all being wrong. Decided to have a go at making my own decals. Plenty of trial and error. However, Ive come up with these and just printed a set out; due to the decals with the kit just totally disintegrating in the water. Ill leave them over night and apply some clear lacquer in the morning with the hope of putting them on tomorrow.
  10. Gloss coat applied to the kit And the first of the decals have been applied.
  11. Canopy test fit and propeller. Coming together pretty well now. hopefully will have some decals on it soon.
  12. I think the pilot is sitting comfortably. Going to put a little wash on to emphasis the dark areas. Thats the very distinctive prop done And started work on the base layer of the canopy.
  13. Thanks Dave. I was beginning to get the grip of what they have done. Just check out a thread I wrote a little earlier. Thanks anyways. I suppose that Airfix have gone with the black colour as it is included in the starter kit and probably looks a lot better than painting it brown or sand
  14. Well Ive checked out a few places and despite Airfix saying that the nose cone is black on this kit, most pictures Ive looked at say its red. I suppose that Airfix have gone with the black colour as it is included in the starter kit and probably looks a lot better than painting it brown or sand; which would look odd. Ive not got any acrylic red colours so will have to do with stripping the under coat off and putting a coat of Humbrol Enamel 60 Scarlet on the nose cone. At least look more original. All of these sorts of things will get sorted before I start any of the bigger kits. For now Iam more than happy with the little ones. The painting instructions with the kit. Even on this Corgi model looks a bit strange with its crimson colored nose cone. Still better than black. I really do think these pictures from the actionfiguren shop shows the aircraft in its best possible way and clears this little problem up.
  15. Got round to the propeller. here I have found out there are some differences in the kit and the real aircraft. The kit says that the prop and nose cone are black, whereas, most pictures I have seen, of the real aircraft, say that the nose cone is red. Ive left this with black primer for the moment with the idea of checking this info out.
  16. The exhaust stacks are in place and the undercarriage is coming together.
  17. The Humbrol 93 Desert Yellow seems to have gone on really well. I think Iam getting the knack of watering down these Humbrol paints; that you get with the kit. Iam still think Iam going to have to invest in another tin of Humbrol 29 Dark Earth though. Some one at the factory put two pots of 93 into kit and Ive just run out. I think it will be a visit to the local hobby shop for a pot of paint.
  18. Spent a little time masking off the areas ready for airbrushing the Humbrol 93 Desert Yellow. I took some masking tape, which I put sticky side down on to a cutting board, and drew round the wings. Afterwards, I took my time to copy the colour scheme from the back of the box. I cut out the masking sections for the darker brown areas and placed them on the model. Not prefect and I had to improvise in a few places. However, a little more closer to the original colour scheme and the P 40 that Pilot Officer Neville Duke flew; and also that Ive done on most other kits. Really pleased with the masking and cant wait to get some paint on a little later.
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