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  1. Sorry Jurek, i stand corrected, .. you have represented your F2A correctly, just had a blonde moment.. insistently they could only operate lower guns or missiles as there was insignificant space to house the Aden cannons and missile avionics in the fuselage section behind the gun muzzles.. Kind regards Mark
  2. I must agree with everyone else and congratulate you on a fantastic finish, just one other small observation, the F2A could not carry missiles and the lower gun pack at the same time, but who cares its your model.. lovely ..
  3. Well put Chris, i agree entirely...I just hope that the moderators see it the same way... M
  4. Al, Dogs danglies mate!!! if it was't for the table covering I recon it could be real.. Nice pit as well, especially the seat and belts, simply stunning, might just learn something from you yet... Ha Ha only joking.... All the best.. Mark
  5. Tidy!! it seems that you are getting the hang of this modelling stuff, shame its for someone else mate
  6. Excellent Gannet, and Buc, bring on the Sea Vixen.. well done Rizzo great models...
  7. Tidy Tonka Andy, love the anniversary schemes, great finish..
  8. Diego, Absolutely stunning Hellcat, Fantastic finish... really cool
  9. Hi Neil, Great looking Phantom scheme, excellent finish, well done....
  10. Hi Patrik, a first class build and beautiful finish I must agree looks more 1/48th than 1/72nd..
  11. Smart Thunderbolt, love the finish and weathering...
  12. Stunning Tonka... Just Love German paint schemes.... Well done.. Great finish...
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