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  1. Nice ones! I enjoy your painting technique for these quite varied French camouflage schemes. And yes, how nice to clear out some of the stash.
  2. I second Wulfman, what a neat Albatros and I enjoyed reading your writeup about the history of the plane and pilot as well. That "chocolate swirl" camo pattern has to be one of the more zany ones to come out of that pioneering era in aviation. Love the spoked wheels too. Excellent!
  3. Beautiful craftsmanship on your Morane 230, a plane I have never heard of until today! How charming to see such a fresh and clean build next to a box that has clearly been through the rigors of time.
  4. Lanmi, very admirable results from this Hobbyboss kit. The panel line weathering is really remarkable and you should be proud of the overall outcome!
  5. Amazingly realistic scene. I love the clutter of oil drums, crates, jerry cans, helmets, rifles, bits and bobs around the Breda 20mm and tankette... masterful rendition of an early war frontier. Pyradus
  6. Nice one Mike. It's helpful to know that the 1/44 Academy kit is such a gem - from my google research, all the 1/72 B52s on offer seem to have some issue or inaccuracy out of the box, which is a crying shame. But this is a more than worthy replacement as you demonstrate, the detail is at least as good as the larger scale. I like your neat paint work and basing. Pyradus.
  7. Very impressive finish as others have said! You've skillfully painted both the splinter camo and mottling - that is no small feat!
  8. Amazing! Reminds me of the F-105 I used to see around the local airshow when I was a boy. I commend your attention to detail with the stencil decals and realistic panel lining. Pyradus.
  9. Very cool. I like the delicate work you did with the aerials, and that intense sky blue color that the Eastern Bloc used on aircraft undersides. Overall an excellent Pe-2, Petlyakov and Myasischev would be proud!
  10. A very fitting model of (one of) Podpolkovnik Kruten's Nieuports. These early machines are simply majestic and the personal heraldry adds special charm. Well done and I look forward to seeing more!
  11. Nicely done Mikhail. It looks like a particularly difficult kit to build, with so much scratch building. Masterful details in the cockpit and with riveting. Of course, the eggshell blue color scheme and subtle weathering brings your La-15 up to perfection! Pyradus.
  12. Ralph, you have made a gorgeous Starfighter. The decal set looks brilliant. I think I might have to pick up a Hasegawa F-104s for myself! Pyradus.
  13. I really like your Nieuports! I agree that the Revolutionary and Civil War periods in Russia are quite overlooked periods from a modelling perspective, but some of the strangest and most personalized liveries can be seen here as your lovely little models show. Now I am curious what "Bob." must mean on the side of the Imperial aircraft. Perhaps it is an abbreviated form of Bobruisk, the city now located in Belarus. Just a thought!
  14. You did some beautiful color variation on this Paladin. Remarkable modelling skills!
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