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  1. You’ll have to forgive my utter amateur status. It’s not telling me to suck eggs at all because I’ll happily take any advice I can get! Yes, I’ve got a jig that I’ve put together which holds the wings in place. But the struts are still a free-for-all. So I still feel uncertain of how to achieve the correct angle of stagger and keep them in place.
  2. Hi everyone, I haven’t glued the top wing on a biplane in more than 20 years. And back then I was happy to use superglue and settle for warped wings that looked awful. Now, I’d love to know what kind of glue people use which is instantly tacky but slow drying enough that I can spend ten or twenty minutes getting all the struts in place and squared up properly before the glue sets! I’m tempted to test out a product called Hot Wire Foam Factory Styrogoo - which I’ve used on other types of foam but never on styrofoam/plastic models. So I haven’t a clue whether it will work! I’d love to know what others use! Thanks for any advice you can give!
  3. Hello all, I need some help with my brand new, non-functioning Renegade Krome. It came in the kit with the .2 & .3mm needle/nozzle/regulators. But the .2mm regulator, part RK-058 is attached to that RK-001 hold down ring from now until eternity. It may as well be welded on there because it is NEVER coming off. So I bought a new hold down ring to attach to the back of the included RK-059 so I could use the .3mm needle and nozzle. But the store sold me a hold down ring labelled R-001 instead of RK-001. They assured me that Badger says it’s the same part. So I tried it. It seems to screw onto the front of the brush ok, but it just will not screw all the way into the back of the RK-059 regulator! When I tried to use it, paint just bubbled up out of the cup and shoots out the join between the regulator and the hold down ring. Any ideas what’s going on? Multiple emails to Badger support have gone unanswered. So I’m turning to you! Thanks in advance!
  4. I know it's been years, but I've been equally disappointed that there's no 1/48 Altairs, so I did exactly what you've suggested. Turned a Dora Wings Vega upside down, flipped the wing, dug out a new cockpit, scratch built some new tale surfaces, and so far it's coming along quite nicely!
  5. Hi Jeff, I’m really into 1930s civil aviation. That’s when aeroplanes really hit their stride for me in terms of beautiful design. I mostly build 1/48 planes because 1/32 is too big for our tiny apartment and 1/72 is too small for my fat fingers these days.
  6. I think that's a great idea. I'm about to turn one into a Waco which is almost the same kind of conversion. I think it's a great starting point.
  7. I've been reading and watching builds here for so long, and have finally gotten back into this hobby after years away from it. Thanks for sharing your stories and inspiring me to get back involved!
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