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  1. Thank you for everyone's hospitality. I just finished a Bulgarian D.520 on the forum, soon I will start a series of 109's from the same nation.
  2. Doing a great scratch job with this biplane, looking forward to seeing the result
  3. Hi guys, I received the print of the new decals and after applying them and doing a bit of aging here is the result. I hope you like it.
  4. I changed the project to represent this aircraft: Let's go to the pictures of the project. First I masked where the insignias decal will be used: Than I start painting the french camouflage: After the french clours I used the RLM 74/75 to make the Luftwaft smoky spots over the RLM 76 on the sides: And this is the model now, waiting for the decals arrive by mail.
  5. @Ventsislav Gramatski thank you for the informations. I changed the theme to the wartime White 14. I would guess that the Dewoitine's camouflage - White 14 - has the French pattern with RLM 76 on the sides and lower surface with patches in RLM 74/75. In the photo, you can see 3 shades of colours on the wing as well as on the upper part of the fuselage. The Flap seems to be a spare, taken from another aircraft.
  6. Fantastic I love bulgarian airforce history and aircrafts!
  7. There is this service free: https://imgbb.com/
  8. Great progress. Are you planning also to make a Hawker Furry I?
  9. This fuselage seems very complex to fit, have you tried to attach them to cockpit? following your assembly
  10. And here some pictures of the process of assembling the model The Cockpit with Eduard Zoom Photoetched Fuselage closed Painted with Tamiya Primer With RLM 76 now
  11. I design and printed some decals for 109E-4, G6 and Dewoitine
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