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  1. I did say they where like the Kellogs kits. I do remember having the ME262 (I got on in this selection i bought) a few Spitfires and Hurricanes and maybe a ME109 or two. I was pretty adept at 1/72 models but when away on holiday in the caravan as a kid i always liked popping these 50p or so "models" together and painting them up nicely. I always remember a few bargain shops in Norfolk carried very loads odd Soviet model kits for pennies too...some where ptretty big seaplanes (1/72) etc IIRC. These where only ever a pound or 1.50 at most. Although these are tiny and not particularly scale accurate, were pretty good fun (in a board game and cramped space kind of way). Seeing the prices on fleacebay now i shouldnt admit this....But I used to love the Matchbox Ring Raiders too which i would paint up in real world schemes. Im 44 reliving my youth here. Sorry
  2. I apologise for the image links. I never recovered from Photobucket going paid... I'll try Imgur. And yes. despite the dual language being English and French it Italian made. Enjoy and thanks for your patience :)
  3. Hi all...and thanks for all the suggestions. I knew about some of them but there where some surprises. I have kept Schtum as I sourced some of them (an assortment) and was waiting for them to arrive. I have no idea what brand they are but it looks very much like they were made in Italy and very much like the Kellogs models. 80mm across (79.5) If anyone else recalls these or knows who the manufacturer was I'd love to know. Scalemates DOESNT list them! Front box Rear box All
  4. Hi all. I am trying (and failing) to recolect and source some "kits" i had as a yougster throughout the 80s and early 90s. I recall several versions available but i only ever bought the Hawker hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire (both early marks). They came in a slim small box about 75mm square and 15mm thick (all *ish)..i cant recall the brand but the build planes where small. I mean maybe 1:200+ I used to paint mine up and use them as strategic board game like positioning play. The nearest thing i can find on scalemates is the Kellogs models but these where bought from bargain shops at the coast etc. Anyone else recall these small fighters or have a clue what i am going on about?
  5. Hi all. I don't know where or who else to ask. I have an Axminster diaphragm compressor (no pressure tank) that's been gently used for about 10 years without issue. I've gone to use it after a layup of about 2 years and I thought my airbrush was clogged/dried up as it wouldn't spray. Bought a new one... Same issue. If I cover the nozzle the pot bubbles gently. If I fill it with acrylic thinners I can feel "puff, puff" on my hand but no liquid is drawn through past the needle. I've checked the air inlet which is fine. Removed the top and checked the Reed valve... OK. Spins freely and the diaphragm is OK. Why am I getting no pressure?
  6. As the title states. I am in the process of building two models. One Revells 1:32 Mosquito and Revells 1:32 Hawker Hunter. The Mozzy came with the worst two pilot options i have ever seen with concave chests and face, poor detail and wrong poses. The Hawker came with nothing. I have seen resin casts but when i pay €30 for a model i am a little begrudging to spend another €20 on the pilot (or €40 in the Mozzies case). I have a resin 3D printer but the STL files i can buy are the same issue...in fact worse. €30-over €100 for the CAD. So what do you chaps do? scult your own? Kitbash?
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