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  1. The latest one I have finished. I think this is one of the hardest models I have done to date, due to its small size and delicate nature. Gulf War Tornado next.
  2. I completed this a few months back. Took me several months to complete but I also installed some electronics into the plane to light up the flight deck, the cargo bay and also some flashing lights on the wing tips. Had a bit of a nightmare with the wheels because the cat went and sat on it and they all pinged off but inside the cargo bay i have placed a World of Tanks model Panzer Tank.
  3. Just wondered how people display their “flying” models. All the ones I have done so far have been static with the wheels down but I’m about to start a Tornado I’d like to display as flying. I’ve seen some revell plastic stands but the reviews on Amazon are not very good and airfix do some that are slightly better reviewed. Are there some stands that anyone would recommend? thanks
  4. Cool thanks I never thought about ikea. I’m not a huge fan of the idea of hanging them from the ceiling myself but maybe this 1:72 a400 might not be too bad
  5. Wasn't sure where to put this so apologies if its in the wrong place. I just wondered what people do for displaying their model aircraft? Do people still hang them from the ceiling or do people put them in glass cases (or both). I have a huge Atlas A400M i am not far of finishing and the only thing i think i can do with it is hang it from the ceiling because its so big haha. If people display their smaller stuff in glass cases I'd love some suggestions that are a reasonable price. Thanks
  6. The way the instructions say to do it is like this: But if you do it like this a) the inner fuselage doesnt fit properly and b) because the thing should be glued, it just pops out. The only way i can see it fitting is, threaded through the inner fuselage into the location point on the main fuselage, but without glue the thing just falls out. You can also see from this pic its not long enough to rest on top of 110 /51 What i might do is improvise and secure it in an upright position against the internal roof. This is what happens for the real thing anyway. Please tell me if you think im talking jibberish
  7. Thats not a bad shout actually hadnt considered that although looking at the placement part 110 might be too far forward into the plane. But its i'll check it out that way, im hoping to be in a position this weekend with some tape and bands to do a dry run to try and figure it out.
  8. Hi Hopefully this is in the right place. I am working on an Airbus A400m Atlas (not sure if anyone on here has worked on one before) but if you didnt know you can have the cargo bay open or closed. I have decided to make life hard for myself and have the cargo bay open. There is a part in the instructions which is pickling me a little bit and its in regards to the rear flap. If you have the cargo bay closed, the instructions say to glue the whole piece in as one. If you have the bay open you have to cut the piece in half, the one half sits on the floor, the other near the roof. The instructions tell you to insert the upper half in the same way you would if you have the bay closed, however it tells you to not use any glue. For the life of me I cant figure out how its going to stay in place without flapping about and the picture on the box of the rear doesn't show much. I will attach a screen shot of the instructions any pointers are welcome. FYI these are the full instructions https://downloads.revell.de/Manuals-Modelkits/03929.pdf
  9. aust202


    Hello I'm Chris from Solihull, I have done a few models over the years but i got back into it during lockdown, doing a Spitfire and then a Typhoon as well as some Warhammer stuff. I am currently working on an Airbus A400m Atlas, which I might need some advice on so will put a separate post out. Thanks
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