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  1. I’m starting very basic with the Airfix Spitfire starter set and taking my time with it. If there was one thing I can remember from modelling before it was I was far too impatient!! After that I will probably take on another 1/72 plane but go for a standard kit and then maybe move up a scale. Ambition at the moment is to build a Tiger Tank in 1/35 but I want to get some practice in first. I do look at some of the work on here and on YouTube builds and think how on earth do they do that? But I know it’s down to plenty of practice and learning from mistakes. Thanks for the welcome, Phil
  2. Wow, so you saw the mighty Who in their prime!! I saw them much later on with Zak Starkey on the drums but The Ox was still with us then. They put on a great show but nothing would compare to seeing them with Keith Moon on his game.
  3. Not quite a teenager, I was only 10 years old when Keith Moon shuffled off this mortal coil. Not sure Moonie would have been suited to modelling Thanks for the welcome!! Phil
  4. Hi, I've been lurking a bit recently as I've decided to take the plunge into modelling, not done any since I was a teenager so a bit of a steep learning curve ahead. Decided to join as I'm sure I will have some questions going forward but also this looks to be a very friendly site with a lot of very expert modellers of which if I do nothing else I enjoy looking at and learning from their work. I do have an interest in history ranging from the Napoleonic era, through the US Civil War and the Native American Plains wars through to WWII. WWII being my initial focus for modelling, for now. What I have already learned from when I was a teenage modeller is that everything seems to have improved in terms of models and the equipment. Thanks to this site I've been able to navigate a bit around the bewildering amount of different options there are out there for just getting started and some of the basics which I just didn't know before. Such as thinning the paint etc. Best regards Phil
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