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  1. Man... the postal service in Brazil (called Correios) is a typical brazilian state company: its huge, inneficient, with expensive services and corrupt (of course we talk about the "Banana Republic of the Brazil" - almost all government services and public agents are corrupts, inneficients, expensives. Better you send the book to other modeller in UK or Europe. But thank you very much!
  2. In the next episode: THE HOLE SAGA!!!!!!!!!!!! . Or: How the damn holes of the hull almost made me crazy!!!
  3. Building the stern torpedo door. I cut the exit of torpedo tube, in the hull. In sequence I cut a piece "A", and glued it in the local. I finish it closing the torpedo hatch (a single cardboard circle). Now the structure (or fin, or whatever) of the hidroplanes, made with double thick cardboard. I glued a thin cardboard over the fin. Later I cut a cardboard with a border curved, and glue in the both sides of the fin. After the glue draw, I sanded the curved border until it stays a "zero" step (I was clear? ). To this I ised sandpapers monted in different cillindric handles After all ready, I noticed that the fin was wrong... . Its was bigger than correct. And I go to cut the excess... Easy to cut a double thick cardboard, almost like cut wood with a kitchen knife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I build the propelers suport, with cardboard. In the middle of the piece, I cut a snap to the fin. And the fairing of the propelers shafts, made with bamboo stick. On the edge oft he piece I I made a hole, (using my new toy), where the shaft through. And the pieces mounted.
  4. Ones are colonies by British. Other are colonies by Portuguese. All are britmodellers! Welcome
  5. Lol. A veteran! Welcome from Brazil, Fella! Radio Gaga? Hum!... sound like a Queen song!
  6. And now one of the my passions in the aircraft, WWI. First the Sopwith Triplane. This is Black Maria, personal aircraft of the Raymond Collishaw, the Canadian ace. The wing stripes (is correct?) are made with wires (in realy are thin orthodontics wires, called orthodontic metallic ligatures - I know I'm a dentist, a orthodontist ). Actually I dont use it anymore; now I made the wing strips with sewing threads, hardened with superglue. the propeller was made with cardboard; now I made the propelers with balsa wood - most easy to do it and better result. An now the SPAD VII, of the French ace George Guynemer, called Vieux Charles. Guynemer flying in the Esquadrille Des Cigognes.
  7. New updates, guys. In this case is a trio. One of these ship, probably, is the most famous starship of the pop culture. Ladies and gentlemen, the unique U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701, from the Star Trek Classic Serie. The following models are in the 1/2000 scale, and made with cardboard, balsa wood, tooth ticks, and plastic and wire pieces. The next is a klingon battlecruiser, K'Tinga class D7. I, particulary, love the desing of this ship, one of the best in sci-fi. And the romulan Bird of Prey, of the iconic episode Balance of Power.
  8. In this time, I think that I burn the model!. But I congrats the persitence! Normaly I abandon the model that proves to be much hard! Yes!... I'm coward and lazy.
  9. A magazine like that never, never to get here! Or if arrive, the price is an absurd. Live in Brazil like live in Pluto! Beyond the long time to the news to get here, simply the things never arrive in this exoplanet called brasil (with lowercase letter and "s", even!). But you wouldn't believe how much the brazillians are arrogants and think they are developed! Jesus! What a crap country!
  10. New update. I realy dont know what it this, that there is in the keel, in midships. And I cant explain how I made it, because it's confuse, and I rebuild this part three times. . If any question, you may to ask me. Unfortunately I forgot to plan this piece, and I need adapt it to the ship! Sorry for this confuse mounting! Now, other error int he mounting. The torpedoes doors are not good. So I cut the local. And make the internal reinforcements to glue the new piece. I did the reinforcements lines of the hull, using cardboard. In the stern I repeat the reinforments lines. I cut the new piece for the torpedoes doors; after I bonded two thin cardboards square pieces in the first piece; finally I cut the excess piece and I made the hole marks (with automatic pencil, like I did in the deck). Now I cut a piece of derpon (or foam, or whatever) and I stuck it inside in the hull, to made a structural reinforcement This piece I glued with polystyrene glue. And I attached the new doors in the local. The result is better that the first time.
  11. Realy? Oh, boy. Sorry! For me its normal. Anybody have problem, too? Bootneck, you may click qith the right button in the local of images, copy and paste in new tab browser. I think that you go to the host website. Try!
  12. Two afternoons, Arnold! And lots of calluses on fingers!!! In a moment, I thought burn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Ok, fellas. new update in my mounting. Here I build the deck, and its hundred tiny holes... . First I cut the deck shape in cardboard. To make it easier, I cut the deck shape in two parts. I print a image of deck to my guide; the image is a promotional picture by a photoetch from shop websites. In sequence I will draw the marks of the deck. First I passed a scalpel in the correct locals, with a ruler; but I dont let the scalpel cut the paper, only scratch a line. After, I draw the scrtched lines with a automatic pencil 0,9 (I pressed the pencil tightly. The automatic pencil 0,9 is my main tool to draw. Deck ready! Deck in position. I glued it with scholar glue (or PVA glue, white glue, craft glue... or whatever). After drying, I applied super glue in the draw lines; my hope is that its deeply marked to appears in the painting. In Brazil we say that this is a "prisioners work", because its hard and boring!
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