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  1. Extraordinary!!! In this images, I can see real sapceships, flying to Mars on trade routes! I love when peoples that buiding scracth models with scrap and aleatory things!
  2. O Lord. I see this only now! UNBELIEVABLE ! F A N T A S T I C ! πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘
  3. Ahoy, old sailors. Continuing the mounting, I finished the keel planks; starting to glue one end of the board next to the hull, I was gluing the rest of the plank to stern. Later, I was glue other plank, next the first, and I was glue the piece to bow. In this images I was gluing the plank into the end of the keel; finaly I cut off the excess (in the last image). Later I glued the second plank, starting on the edge of the bow (image 1), and repeating the previous process (images 2, 3 and 4) In the bow, I was gluing dry banana leaves, with lighter shades of color (the otherside of the leaves) to the outside, and with different direction. After dry, I cut the excess to get the correct shape. In the stern I built the planks, like the sequence images, gluing one by one, and cutting the excess. In the last image, one of my tools, a blade attached in a body pen, very tecnologic, like the banana leaves πŸ™Š!
  4. Hummm! Aren't these heros (or anti heros???) from different universes? How they married?πŸ€”
  5. I see this treasure only now!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Lord! Its simply F A N T A S T I C.
  6. I'm flattered and embarrassed, Bill. ☺️. Thanks for that. Thanks, my friend! Thanks, Bertie. The original idea isnt my, but realy is a gooooood idea.
  7. New updates. I built the bow wall, Using lots of "wood planks" (banana leaves) strips, I was gluing according the internet images. I started with the square in the first photo; later I was gluing more strips, with white glue, using a pointed tool; In the center I do the bowstrips hole; on the right is the result. 😫 Here I was building the capitain cabin. All made with cardboard (sorry by the "doble" - is double - shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). On the right both, I made some reinforcements, that I use to attach cardboard pieces. On the left the pieces attached; On central picture I made the front wall of the cabin. On right I cut off the windows shape. The cabin windows have lattice. to make it, I use tranparent plastics and sewing thread; I glued the thread with superglue, in a edge (in the first image); later I glued in the other side, also with superglue and I cut the excess (second image); in sequence I glued threads orthogonaly, like the first, I cuted the excess and glued the piece on the inner side of the cabin. (I hope this is cleare...πŸ€”) With the pieces ready, I cut to do with correct size; I painted th interior with black paint; this serves to make the interior dark. I mounted the cabin pieces in the place and I do the expand part that projects backward, all with cardboard and using the internal reinforcements. The rear windows were made same the others. Et VoilΓ‘ ma bateau (mon amies, c'est correct???🫣.
  8. Ahoy, Faraway. I realy know how you felling! I have some (maybe lots...?) models abandoned. But I have some models that I finished after YEARS. I have a Disney Wall-E scratchbuilt, has abandoned overten years; and I finished it two years ago. Well, a brazilian cannot teach a British the meaning of Keep calm and Carry On. By the way I learned this from the British. πŸ˜€. So, Keep Calm and Keep Mounting (others models, if your wish! 😁.)
  9. Simply F A N T A S T I C !!!!!!!!! πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘
  10. New update in my mounting. I made the stern hull planks, gluing one by one. The stern bulwark needed pieces over it, to do the curved edge that I forget to plan. More planks glued. In the right the bulwark curve are ready and all planks are in place. Here we have the capitain cabin wall. I cut one card to do the wall; later I glued the planks. There are four windows. I cut four tranparent plastics square; they will the glass. So, I cut and glued some banana leaves strips to do the window frame. After the windows ready, I painted the inner side of the plastic, to makeit dark. And I hated the result, but the piece have FOUR MILLIMETERS! 😬, and my glasses was dirty, and I was lazy. πŸ˜‰ The central door was made with a cardboard piece, with "bananas glued over it" πŸ™ˆ! Later I made the door frames. And the cabin wall are ready. The windows are "filth", like some Microsoft products (πŸ™Š sorry Bill Gates, but some products realy horribles). Well, this is we can for now!
  11. We fight with the weapons that we have!. In bananas republic, we fight with... bananas... or coconuts, if we have it!
  12. More mounting. The structure hull is ready, with the bulwark with corretc shape? (Is it correct? The walls over the decks, to protect the crew to do not fall in sea?) In the bow deck I used depron to raise the height. Card pieces was glued to prolong the bulwark. So, I mounted the bow deck and I started building the hull planks. First I mounted the inner planks, in the bulwark Later I started mounting the hull planks. I was glued one by one, gluing an end before; after dry, I was glue the rest. You see that I cut off the excess of the inner planks in the bulwark. In the stern the outside planks still with excess. and the process continues... and never ending... 😬. Oh Lord! to make the hull bottom I glued some cardboards to reinforce the structure; it was soft and there was a depression when I squeezed it. After I sanded. To continue the planks, I glued those that stay in the keel. Here I cut off the excess of the planks in the stern. Here you see how I glue the planks, starting in an end, and gluing the rest after the glue dry. And the result. Realy I liked. But was a hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hi, fellas. I started the hull and decks planks. I saw a guy in Youtube building a HMS Victory scratch with cardboard, like me. But to made the planks he use dry banana leaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😢. Well, if he can, we maybe can. I live in a bananas republic, and the bananas growhup in the alphalt (πŸ€₯), with the monkeys jumping between then (😁). Realy, my neighbor have some babanas trees. And this is an advantage of living in a tropical country, and this I love in Brazil: fruits, vegetables, bean, rice, all fresh!!!! Sometimes my wife and I (yes, I married yet... I think) buy beans directly from the farmer - live in a small city help! I take the leaves and I wait dry. Was raining and the leafs was wet. Look the pattern of stains... this will a good result. After dry. I put the leaves under a wooden plank and a lot of weight on the plank, to . To my delight it didn't work, and the leaves remained wrinkled. Finally I glue the leaves in A-4 paper using white glue, using a piece of plastic to smooth the leaves while the glue dried. I think that is good! I cutting lots and lots of strips, 1,5 mm more and less. I glues the "banana planks" in the decks (in this case is the stern deck). The excess will cut off later. The stear deck ready with the mast hole. And the bow deck started; look that I cut off the hatch, and I glued the planks to match with the hatch edge. In Brazil we say that "isso Γ© serviΓ§o de preso!" (this is prisioner work), a boring work, repetitive. But I liked the result The main deck 😫. I went as far as I could; at a certain point I couldn't see anything else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its was time to rest!
  14. Hy Steve. I actually have the model assembled a little bit advanced, but editing the images and thinking of an explanation (in english... british english 🧐) that is at least didactic takes time. Dont forguet that I was born and live in Third World, in a Latin American Bananas Republic - governed early by a antivax, and now by a condemned corrupted, both supporting a tyrant that invades another country - I want political refuge, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😫.
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