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  1. I'm not entirely sure I agree or disagree with the debate here or whether it should be allowed as a debate. I'll not post anything that resembles wishlisting in future though. As I noted in my initial reply, the commercials for the what ifs must be sound as they seem to be more prevalent than many real (I say real above traditional as there aren't kits in the scale already) subjects. I do agree with another post that I'd prefer a new what if kit over a 5th kit of a subject that already exists. I'm not at all adverse to a what if, I have Montana and Seydlitz in my stash and would consider this if I can afford it and have no other alternate models to buy (I'd consider a Kii, Lion or super Yamato class or anything else in the same vein). I'm somewhat obsessed with ships and build in 1/350 so by and large have as much in that scale as I can get my hands on. I guess as a Brit, I can't deny being a little miffed at the gaps in the market for RN ships over other nations, even for the capital ships which are more heavily represented across the board anyway, in as much as the USN, IJN and German navies have most of their WW2 battleship and carrier classes available in plastic, but this is not the case for the RN. Obviously, sales of such ships must lag behind others, or they would have been made first. I personally disagree that it's as valid as a subject from a popular science fiction show though, since these only exist in films and imagination and most the ships we might wish for actually existed and had an impact on our history (I say that as a ship obsessed, sci-fi fan that owns all the fictional subjects listed next to that comment). Also, I'd love to see more consistent releases of quality kits in a standard scale there too (for both Star Trek ships and Star Wars "capital" ships), but that's another story and gets me back to wishlisting, so I'll leave it there . I know I'm not going to influence manufacturers, even if my ego wants it, so I'll move on from future what if posts that excite me less than getting HMS Vanguard etc. My ego might hope my lack of interest will speak louder than contributing to a discussion, but I know that's also not likely to be true. As always these things will come down to economics, and we all have the right and ability to vote with our wallets.
  2. That's very impressive, love the colours and the weathering
  3. It's been very slow progress, hopefully it'll be completed soon
  4. Congratulations, not bad for only your third ship, you'd not know it by looking at it.
  5. Thats a whopper, very impressive as a model, even more so as a bonafide floating ship
  6. Starting to look really nice, the camo is super neat and lines up really well
  7. I love this. I'm not familiar with the Sea Hornet, but I'm really enjoying seeing this one, enough to Wikipedia it. It really looks like it has a delicate nose. Great model, agree with all previous posts, a really nice finish.
  8. That's really nice, I like how it's weathered, not overdone but good details. Great photos as well, clever camera work.
  9. And he nails it on the first attempt. You may not have any experience with armour, but your modelling skill transfers really well. Looking forward to seeing more.
  10. Hi Bertie, it'll be a shame to lose you from the dead animal model fold, you're work is always interesting to watch unfold (and you tell it well). Please stay here to regale us of your wooden exploits . I too am dabbling in both arts, however I find the wooden work so challenging that I can only manage short stints and expect to spend 5+ years per boat alongside the plastics. I have the wooden ships I want in my stash (Royal Navy/English ships of note), which combined with the plastic stash, should be enough to keep me going until somewhere close to retirement age (not too close but closer than I like ). I don't see too many additions going into the collection now (I'm too fussy about scale and don't do many variants - space "might" be an issue too) and I don't see there being too many releases in my scales for things I want that I don't already have. I hope you enjoy the hobbying whichever craft you end up doing. I've picked up my bug for it from my Dad, who built models of pretty much only 1/72 RAF aircraft for 40+ years, never really evolved his ability at all in that time. I expect he could have if he'd really wanted, but he was happy doing it the way he always had and never tired of it. Me, I've learnt a lot from forums like this and I've massively improved since I started (although I do think I'm hitting the limits of my skill now), a process of evolution that I've enjoyed, we all find our own groove I guess. See you soon, looking forward to seeing how the Beagle turns out, great I expect if the Lady Isabella is anything to go by. I'd recommend Mary Rose as a future project, but you'd finish it before I do and put mine to shame
  11. That's fantastic work. Your detail is immaculate and I really like the work you've done with the wheel bays and the load out.
  12. The penultimate entry for my back catalogue of Star Wars 1/72 ships (Millenium Falcon to come, but I haven't photographed it yet). I've got one more also to build - the Tie Interceptor, but haven't got round to that yet. So for now, here's my X-Wing. I've deliberately not put Luke Skywalker in the cockpit - the ultimate plan is for a Return of the Jedi Death Star diorama, although the decals are Red Five still, and I've got Han Solo in the Falcon, nevermind. With that in mind, the base is temporary, but the fighter is how it'll end up eventually. I loved building the Bandai kits, everything about them is quality (I didn't mind not having a challenge of how to make it fit for a change). I'd buy more of them if they had anything I wanted to build and money wasn't a factor Hope you enjoy.
  13. It seems the commercial picture looks better for "what if" Kreigsmarine subjects than for a good number of real ships, especially for the Royal Navy. I'm not saying I'll ignore it - I may look at it eventually if the price is right, but I'd so much prefer to see Nelson, Vanguard, Revenge, Illustrious and so many more classes get 1/350 plastic kit releases. I'd hoped that the sales of the County and C classes would have been high enough to convince Trumpeter to continue that work, with their "scheduled" Nelson and Dido classes, but it seems not to be the case since we've now got this and the Weser instead.
  14. That's a superb build. I confess that I know very little about the aircraft, it surprised me how "stumpy" it is. Fabulous work on the paint scheme and weathering. The cockpit detail is also top notch.
  15. That's very nice, good subtle weathering. A lot to enjoy here, thanks for sharing
  16. Wow, it was awesome before it went on the base, now....🫡
  17. In agreement with the general feeling, I must be going to the wrong car boot sales, great find and a super build. We're the decals OOB?
  18. Spectacular builds, love the schemes in both, but the bare metal and orange is especially striking. Look great next to the vixen and lightning (also spectacular), shows off how small these aircraft were relatively.
  19. That's a really nice KGV. I'm very much loving the really subtle rust streak effects you've got going on there. I'm looking to add a little detail like that to my ship building and it's good to see that less really can be more on that front.
  20. That's interesting because I was watching some Night Shift videos a couple of days ago, I'm going to use some inspiration from there for the next attempt
  21. I've got another old build here that I've been practicing/improving my weathering skills on. I built this Tamiya Sherman a few years ago and I was never really happy with it (I think I overdid the painting a little), so this felt like a good candidate for a first attempt at some crude chipping. It's ok for a first go - a bit overdone round the cupola and a couple of other places and a little on the shiny side as well. I've spent some time looking at some more youtube resources since doing it and think this has empowered me to do a better job next time - I've got an M-10 tank destroyer to liven up which can be the next canvas. I have managed to tone down the painting I was unhappy with so I'll call this one a mixed success now. Maybe I'll feel brave enough to have another go at it after a few more are under the belt - although if that's the case, I'll probably just try to build another one
  22. Thanks all. And yes it's a good solid 60cm or so. Fills a shelf width very thoroughly
  23. Here's the next entry for my back catalogue, this is a 2020 build and a fairly emotive one for me. My Dad passed away the year before and my Mum had passed me his RAF veterans pin to look after, I just needed a suitable home for it as I didn't feel right wearing it myself having never been in any of the services. So I decided that since it's Dad's "fault" I got into modelling, incorporating it into the hobby somewhere would make more sense. I've been having nameplates engraved for my models, so I decided to do an extra large one to fit the pin onto. Choice of model, well an RAF pin can't go on a ship or tank can it, so that narrowed it down. Dad never really had a "favourite" aircraft, but was more fond of those that were around when he was in the RAF, Tornado, Harrier, Jaguar, Bucaneer, Victor and of course the Vulcan being described most often when I was younger. Since I'm a 1/32 builder, that narrows things down more for me, kits only exist for two of those at the moment and the Tornado is one of the kits I remember of Dad's that goes back as far as I do (there's only a few in his collection that were built before I had any interest in them). So having the Revell Gr.I in the stash, I went with that - as the scheme is the same as Dad's version. I enjoyed building this one, Revell kits aren't always super detailed, but I've never struggled to build a good looking model out of them (at least not the newer moulds anyway). Hope you enjoy. And the most important shot, with the nameplate and pin - apologies that the bottom line is a bit fuzzy, it lost it's clarity when I reduced the image size - it reads "For Dad and our shared hobby". I'll need to take another photo of it with it's little brother soon, Mum's packed away Dad's collection other than a few that are coming to live among mine, so I'll add a picture of the two together when it arrives.
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