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  1. That's a good idea, I may need to look into something like this. Thanks David, that's really appreciated. I like them painted as well. The infini PE set I have for Shimakaze supplies these strips, I may paint them before application, it'll be neater and I don't want it to look out of place next to Isuzu.
  2. That's fair enough in my eyes, I'm all for some improvisation, if you've enjoyed doing it and like the end result, the rest isn't important.
  3. You're 1/700 ships blow a lot of larger scale efforts out the water (mine included), another stunning build here.
  4. That's a great finish. I've not been interested in the large scale MTBs and subs before, but having seen this and a few others in these pages, it's starting to get tempting...
  5. That's a very neat, appropriately streaked aircraft. Nice subject and a good scheme, not one I've seen.
  6. True that, I'd have the whole set otherwise. That's fair and I do agree. I'm still working on my weathering I figure that once I learn the mud/dirt stuff properly, I can go back and add it to completed vehicles.
  7. That is superb, great intruder. I love the tinted canopy, how did you get the colour? I built this kit a few years ago (nowhere near as well as this), I found that it's a very nice kit to put together.
  8. That is stunning, a level I can only aspire too. Your weathering is great, used but not over the top.
  9. Nice, that camo scheme made me think of a flying cow, in a good way though
  10. Hi, the only bridge item that is aftermarket us the wheel (a better version was in the flyhawk kit). I agree on flywawk generally, their kits are great value, but the instructions are really hit and miss. These are very good overall (the odd bit which could be clearer), but I did their Hood set and Richelieu's as well, which were both awful, I'd say those for Richelieu were worse even than those on Hood. Takao on the other hand, quite decent. Good news for Repulse though, got that in the stash
  11. Next update, one more to follow in order to pretty much catch up, I'll try and be more up to date after that All the funnels and smaller structures on the ship have been built and painted. I've taken my photos in the evening (the only time I get to myself at the moment) and the flash exaggerates some of the colours, the contrast isn't this glaring in "real life" Progress on the main superstructure, with filler in the gaps where the fat plastic platforms are being replaced with etched versions. And the third funnel is now build amd in-situ temporarily Finishing touches on the main bridge etc, with detail painting progress Again the flash exaggerates the contrast on that last one, but I like the fact that you can see the wheel on this ship, it's the first I've built where that is the case. Next up, masts, fore... and aft... Now the detail can start going on which makes such a huge difference, starting with railings I'll try and post the next update at the start of next week, thanks for the continued viewing.
  12. They are excellent, albeit intimidating. My head is spinning with the Shimikaze set - I've got the Alaska set in the stash, well at least I'm starting small Thanks both (for the comments and the info - we live and learn). So I should have been painting these brass then, bit late now for these babies, but I can pretend they were painted to match the hull colour .
  13. Thanks, I've almost entirely built armour with the rubber band tracks so far with two exceptions; one like this with the plastic track parts and a Meng MkIV with a more complicated arrangement - which I found tough. No doubt I'll try some more in the future
  14. Another in my series of recent builds that I haven't got round to posting yet, maybe we'll get the whole set complete at some point In this case we have Trumpeter's Scud launch vehicle - or as the name on the box puts it "Soviet (9P117M1) launcher with R17 rocket of 9K72 missile complex "Elbrus" (Scud B)". Since I'm not that au-fait with my Russian paraphanelia, I'll taker their word for it. Overall this was a fun kit to build, which I have completed all out of the box. The only real difficulty I got into was attaching the two "cabs" at the front, these were an absolute beast to get into the right position, which probably means I had something in the chassis slightly out of alignment. I remember having a similar issue when I did the "Bereg" coastal defence gun, which is on the same chassis, but that only had one cab so I think I got away with it a bit more easily there. Other than that, I managed to fog up most the cab windows during my efforts to get the cabs attached to the chassis and fitting the windows in the first place (I do struggle with that on vehicles especially). Thanks for looking.
  15. Thanks "Pig", I'd say definitely stick at it, it's worth it in the end - quite the showstopper in anyone's collection (whatever the skill level too). I've seen some phenomenal efforts in constructing these kits, including one where 90% had been rebuilt for better accuracy, but I'm more than happy with my OOB result.
  16. Have to agree with everyone else, that is really nice, very natural and a great, subtle weathering job. The tracks look perfect, were these plastic tracks or Tamiya's standard rubbery things?
  17. MRMRL


    Hi there, it sounds like we might be in roughly the same age bracket, I came back to the hobby a few years ago and had the same experience with the uptick in kit quality. I build a bit of everything, but ships are my main interest. Back when I was modelling as a kid, the set of Tamiya 1/350 ships was the holy grail my parents would never stump out for (to be fair, I could never be bothered to paint them back then so I can't blame them for that). Now these kits are the most basic of the 100+ plastic ship kits in that scale, before photo etch sets even come into the mix. Hope you enjoy the forums, I only joined recently myself, but it's been a very positive experience so far Matt
  18. That would make sense, there must have been some drawbacks, there must be a reason only the Japanese navy used that approach (lack of other resources maybe?). Thanks for the comments, I am getting better with the photo etch, still working my way up to some of the pontos and other high end sets. Thanks, my approach is largely an effort to maximize storage space, but I'm glad it's of interest as well
  19. Hi Michael, 85cm was my guess, it's currently in the loft and I don't go up there all the time so I've not measured. 787mm with the tender would be really tight for my downstairs cabinet and wouldn't fit with the base in any case so that's probably about right. Trumpy list it as 886mm on their website, but that could include the track base to be fair.
  20. Finally getting round to updating the build log, sorry I'm a fair bit behind, but will catch up with it all in the next couple of days. With I-400 completed, we are now onto Isuzu (the etch set looks more straightforward than for Shimakaze). First off, the main hull and deck sections were airbrushed: Then the painting of those lines on the deck (I have no idea what they are for - anyone in the know, I'd love to have an answer). These look a little messy now, but I clean them up later. To keep me from going nuts on either task, I'm splitting the time from that to building the small AA guns, quite fiddly but I find I can get in a rythym for them. One of the structure sections, completely replacing the kit plastic with etch, this went together pretty well, I often find the curved pieces really tough to produce. Progress on the lines, I've fixed all the decks in place now, and started adding some of the ammo boxes an other little bits and pieces... And I now have a complete line up of the small AA guns along with some of the other parts ready to be airbrushed, including one funnel (with some gratuitous close-ups). The funnel has come out as well as I have ever really managed this type of detail, although the photo below does reveal the limitations of my PE skill by the size of superglue blobs needed to successfully attach it. Back end with most the small details added, there's still some paint to touch up, but I'll get onto that closer to completion And the airbrushed AA line up
  21. Hi Francis, thank you. It was a very good kit, very fun to build if you (sort of) have room for it. My metallic effect is luck and lighting I'm afraid, just airbrushed the black then applied a gloss varnish, a weathering wash and then another coat of gloss. Shiny
  22. Ah the Sierra, that brings some memories back. You've done a nice job on that, I don't remember it in the BTCC, but I think they had moved onto Mondeo's mostly by the time I took an interest. I love the irony of a don't drink and drive message on a race car advertising beer
  23. Yep, that's stunning. Really well used but not overdone with the effects, a great balance that looks hard to get right. I'm sure you'll have plenty of admirers for that if you choose to do so
  24. That's a really nice job. Quality painting and weathering work. I struggle with the photography side of posting as well, I only have the phone to use. I try and take my photos in full daylight in my study/small bedroom which has good light in the early afternoon, otherwise I'm stuffed trying to get it right, it's the best I can do with my (lack of) equipment.
  25. That's a great model in a super surround as well. Good photos, been very nice to muse through them.
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