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  1. Wow, it was awesome before it went on the base, now....🫡
  2. In agreement with the general feeling, I must be going to the wrong car boot sales, great find and a super build. We're the decals OOB?
  3. Spectacular builds, love the schemes in both, but the bare metal and orange is especially striking. Look great next to the vixen and lightning (also spectacular), shows off how small these aircraft were relatively.
  4. That's a really nice KGV. I'm very much loving the really subtle rust streak effects you've got going on there. I'm looking to add a little detail like that to my ship building and it's good to see that less really can be more on that front.
  5. That's interesting because I was watching some Night Shift videos a couple of days ago, I'm going to use some inspiration from there for the next attempt
  6. I've got another old build here that I've been practicing/improving my weathering skills on. I built this Tamiya Sherman a few years ago and I was never really happy with it (I think I overdid the painting a little), so this felt like a good candidate for a first attempt at some crude chipping. It's ok for a first go - a bit overdone round the cupola and a couple of other places and a little on the shiny side as well. I've spent some time looking at some more youtube resources since doing it and think this has empowered me to do a better job next time - I've got an M-10 tank destroyer to liven up which can be the next canvas. I have managed to tone down the painting I was unhappy with so I'll call this one a mixed success now. Maybe I'll feel brave enough to have another go at it after a few more are under the belt - although if that's the case, I'll probably just try to build another one
  7. Thanks all. And yes it's a good solid 60cm or so. Fills a shelf width very thoroughly
  8. Here's the next entry for my back catalogue, this is a 2020 build and a fairly emotive one for me. My Dad passed away the year before and my Mum had passed me his RAF veterans pin to look after, I just needed a suitable home for it as I didn't feel right wearing it myself having never been in any of the services. So I decided that since it's Dad's "fault" I got into modelling, incorporating it into the hobby somewhere would make more sense. I've been having nameplates engraved for my models, so I decided to do an extra large one to fit the pin onto. Choice of model, well an RAF pin can't go on a ship or tank can it, so that narrowed it down. Dad never really had a "favourite" aircraft, but was more fond of those that were around when he was in the RAF, Tornado, Harrier, Jaguar, Bucaneer, Victor and of course the Vulcan being described most often when I was younger. Since I'm a 1/32 builder, that narrows things down more for me, kits only exist for two of those at the moment and the Tornado is one of the kits I remember of Dad's that goes back as far as I do (there's only a few in his collection that were built before I had any interest in them). So having the Revell Gr.I in the stash, I went with that - as the scheme is the same as Dad's version. I enjoyed building this one, Revell kits aren't always super detailed, but I've never struggled to build a good looking model out of them (at least not the newer moulds anyway). Hope you enjoy. And the most important shot, with the nameplate and pin - apologies that the bottom line is a bit fuzzy, it lost it's clarity when I reduced the image size - it reads "For Dad and our shared hobby". I'll need to take another photo of it with it's little brother soon, Mum's packed away Dad's collection other than a few that are coming to live among mine, so I'll add a picture of the two together when it arrives.
  9. Bertie, your progress on this is really impressive, it's been a joy to watch. You have inspired me to get started on Mary Rose again, but I've only just begun first planking so I'm a long way behind . Love how the varnish brings out the wood grain.
  10. That's really nice, the snow is great, but the wooden boxes steal my the show for me, they look amazing.
  11. Been a while since I looked in on these bad boys. Really nice progress being made, they are starting to take shape really nicely and contrast each other really well. From a fellow ship builder struggling to progress a destroyer, this joint build is a bit too bold for me, although I do fancy both ships at some point (probably won't be so brave to run them alongside each other).
  12. That's really nice, been toying with whether to add this aircraft to my collection, you've possibly tipped me over the edge, won't be likely to produce such a good end product though, this is stunning.
  13. That's a really nice finish, all the details are crisp and I like the nearly clean look you've produced. Looks good next to the skyraider for comparison as well.
  14. As a 1/32 scale builder myself, I must say I've overlooked this plane, a mixture of not knowing anything about it and the cost. However, looking at your finished project is making me think I should reconsider. Looks fabulous all round, thanks for sharing
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