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  1. Or you can use brown Dettol. It contains IPA if you don't mind the disinfectant smell. Soak and rinse off with water, scrub with a toothbrush if necessary.
  2. Airfix stated themselves the original moulds were beyond redemption. They looked at them for a possible re-release and ruled it out.
  3. which one in particular?
  4. Never seen a Mk7 training 'shape'* painted blue before. The USAF kept theirs in bare metal with a different coloured nose to a live store. *M-21 was the designation of the practice round.
  5. Plus the chainmail - ever tried lifting that? A knight on the ground became a footsoldier in the middle of a battle. You needed both hands to wield a broadsword.
  6. I knight could be wearing upwards of a quarter of a ton in armour, plus the horse's armour. You need something along the lines of a shire to lug that into battle. Knights had to be winched onto their mounts. You wouldn't need to do that with a pony. As for them not finding bones, etc. Horses killed in battle would have been butchered and eaten. You don't waste quantities of protein. I doubt you would bury the bones afterwards either. Cavalry horses might be a different matter. Don't you just love 'researchers'?
  7. better than they deserve
  8. before SWMBO sees them
  9. There have been numerous threads on this subject if you use the search facility. In a nutshell, the cost price should be free of French VAT, plus postage. If you get caught by HMRC, they will add 20% VAT to cost plus postage. In that case it is likely you will get charged a Royal Mail handling/clearance fee of very reasonable* £8. If it comes via Parcelfarce, expect a fee of £15. If it comes by courier, I have never seen a clearance fee added. *commercial** clearance rates will see you charged upwards of £70 in today's market. ** commercial as in regular importers who ship goods worldwide. If you have been charged French VAT and get stung again in the UK, you can claim it back from HMRC.
  10. even with five words (for Vince )
  11. She's waiting for you to open the back wall so she can visit Narnia.
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