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  1. Excellent job on that. I have one waiting. Needs a little reshaping in hot water, and some S&M decals to do something similar to yours. Thanks for the inspiration, I must move it up the list.
  2. ^ Wot E said. Your next kit might be missing a part, and your spares box can, and frequently does, come up trumps. In addition, we frequently swap or donate or scrounge spares with other needy members.
  3. got caught playing hot-ginger
  4. That looks interesting. Moulding the chassis in one piece is novel. Trumpy would have used about 300 bits for that.
  5. without some resident sheep
  6. baiting the keyboard warriors
  7. singing YMCA while 'recruiting'
  8. bentwaters81tfw


    I remember seeing a clip from a Clint Eastwood movie dubbed into Italian. I'm afraid Luigi who was hired for the part had all the menace in his voice of a wet blancmange. Subtitles are better, as long as they are at the foot of the screen.
  9. Having seen the scratch built one at Telford, it's humungous.
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