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  1. There is a superb SEA F-4E at Spang if you have any access. We were offered it before Christmas.
  2. Vallejo is good. You should be able to get a shade card from the retailer.
  3. Ditch 30 and use 163. 30 is the wrong shade by a mile. Also 11 silver is sludge and find an alternative. Humbrol paints are a bit of a curate's egg, and not what they were. Trying to brush paint white is a nightmare, and yellow can be as bad. You will get several different opinions on paint from people more qualified than me.
  4. are still getting smaller
  5. diabetic says the Doctor
  6. Long overdue. Accurate as the old tooling was, it's past it's best.
  7. closer than you think
  8. at Tiffany's after moonlighting
  9. time, no see. Masochism
  10. creature wearing white stilettos
  11. The HP 42 was done in blue. This is the Arctic Decals sheet for the HP 42 https://www.arcticdecals.com/products.html?id=21443/982606
  12. Tamiya using old Starfix
  13. oooh, they really hurt!
  14. It's only useful for the fuselage and canopy, you need to cross kit it for the rest.
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