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  1. I had this on back order at Hannants for £19:99. They have dropped it. It is listed on Davey Coley's Emporium at £23:99 'out of stock' yet it is on their ebay site for £29:99 posted with 9 in stock. Modelsforsale has it for about £1 cheaper posted.
  2. What was? They announced they were dropping VISA, but that has now been cancelled.
  3. Just had notification from Amazon that the dropping of VISA for payments will NOT now go ahead. 'They are in negotiations with VISA' Quelle suprise!
  4. Yes I read that today. We have Sculthorpe on Feb 6 then it's MK.
  5. My experience of PrintScale* is very thin, curls up like a millipede. You must use decalfix or similar, and slide the decal off the paper with a wet flat brush, preferably on target. Practice with spares on an old kit. Xtradecal and Kits World have been fine, though again, be prepared to use a fixing solution to float stuff into place. *I have examples that are out of scale also.
  6. I suspect as the venue is a school, the current regulations regarding Covid may make it impractical.
  7. The forward Sparrows would have been ballast rounds. I believe it did have the hooks, I seem to remember them when I was looking it over.
  8. Speaking of 'clean' Phantoms, there are no photos of this bird anywhere with the inboard wing pylons fitted. AFAIK they never were. When she was sold off by MoD, she was parked for a couple of years on the airfield here. The SFs were fitted but no inboards, and the paint under the wings showed no signs of pylons ever being fitted.
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