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  1. As a matter of interest, the Mosquitos were escorted by the 6 squadrons of Mustangs based at Bentwaters. Our archivist has done much research on this raid, and visited the city, and the related sites, meeting many of the locals and families. He occasionally gives talks about it, and we have a display dedicated to the raid. I would be interested in seeing this film.
  2. Overdue good news, after fighting the FM variety.
  3. After a lean few weeks, this week brought a 64 plate Mk II Jaguar in white with chrome wires, and a red 71 MGB with chrome bumpers and wires.
  4. Can't use Chinese rice, it'll be full of spyware
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10447435/Comedian-BBC-Radio-4-Im-Sorry-havent-Clue-stalwart-Barry-Cryer-dies-age-86.html Thanks for the laughs.
  6. Yes, it's defo gone downhill, almost to the point that I may cancel it. Been buying it since it first published.
  7. Just accessed them again, had the option with Firefox to bypass the cert ans accept the risk. Image in Real Aviation F-35 overboard.
  8. The original Monogram pit is a poor fit, and takes some bodgineering to get it right.
  9. Testing: Yes it works. Does give me a security warning when I try to log in though. They need to renew their security cert.
  10. I was robbed! They only offered my £500! Thieving scumbags! Now where will I find my deposit to get my big payout from Prince Mumbo-Jumbo in Nigeria?
  11. Boil in the bag, served with 'neeps and tatties' turnips/swedes and potatoes
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