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  1. Found the marks on the inside. Need glasses, I guess. The cab was a bit distorted, though, which is disappointing. Will definitely go for root and branch rearrangement of the A frame and radiator area in front, plus a sliding drivers door.
  2. Having read so many pieces about this build, I decided to make a tiny addition to the cab where it joins the upper level and drill holes for the advert panel edging. My kit had completely plain body sides with no marks to show where to drill! Why me? Just have to use the tiny strip fixings as a guide, I guess.
  3. Hey, thanks Spiny, I'm onto it. The Revell 'bus is different for almost each modeller, because it evolved over years. The '38' is special to me, having once left my briefcase on one and had to retrieve it from Leyton Garage 'lost & found'. Phew, relief!! One tired student to and fro Clapton Pond via the Balls Pond Road, in 1965....
  4. Oh, well done! I admit that the video on Youtube shows XXII and not XXI, but they must be very similar.
  5. Ah, thanks for your kind remarks. I was a little disappointed with the soldered tinplate hull in the end, but it was hours of fun. Lots of little details on a tugboat to hide the bad workmanship! https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=8866CDF35CEDAA09&id=8866CDF35CEDAA09!2239&parId=root&o=OneUp https://youtu.be/wDRUtjYPOsw shows Thames tug activity and some detail on Sun XXI especially for 'fightersweep' while he rummages!
  6. I have just bought a 750ml bottle of Pledge furniture wax (Klear, Future, etc gloss) on Amazon for £6.25 delivered!
  7. Looks like Revells Routemaster is a bit more challenging than the KeilKraft Gloster Javelin for 'Jetex' solid fuel motor I built a few years ago....
  8. Thanks to all those who have made suggestions which are immensely useful to someone just starting out on the Routemaster! I am content to build an RML, but there is a shortage of detail about how to add 'warm white' lighting, despite some excellent finished builds on this blog. I would like to use diffuse 1.8mm LEDs for the 'saloons' and platform to look like the originals light bulbs. Anyone tried to add a driver and make the cab door slide? I will have a go later!
  9. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Agmq7VzzzWaIkT0rokttpcqKzu35 https://1drv.ms/u/s!Agmq7VzzzWaIkTtpQSf2N1Oqjgnm Just a right click and let Google find the pics! Insert from URL DIY!
  10. So, following a lifetime love of buses, I imagined building a London Transport 'RT' model to 1/24 scale from scrap. When I came to my senses I realised that after a long break doing other things this might be a 'bridge too far'. The wheels and springs done, this idea became an order for the Revell 1/24 plastic kit for the RML. As a student in 60s London I recall travelling a lot on public transport, and even tried to leave a briefcase on the bus en route for Clapton E5 from Chelsea via Piccadilly Circus. It turned up at the 'lost and found' at the end of the route! (Norwood garage?) Still trying to upload a couple of pics....
  11. I recently spent most of lock-down #1 in 2020 making a scratch model of Thames tug 'Sun XXI' using anything I could find in the workshop. It followed the Model Maker plan for a 35" hull. I'll try and post a picture of the final result, built from scrap remember!
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