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  1. Hello colleagues, I'd like to present another self-made one. This time, a dream come true on the shelf. Drawing quite a complex configuration, mainly from printed schemes with appendices. Fitted the rest of the geometry from the photos. Experimented with painting of the marking and added a bit of customization in the form of serial numbers and the flag on the keel. Paint and varnish with brushes. Paints: GSI urethane-acrylic, PC88 acrylic, Tamiya lacquers, +plain pencil. Enjoy the view!
  2. To all visitors, hello! I present to you another nostalgic model. The build has included significant, but not all successful, refinements. The reworking of the supporting structure, ended up giving a small "helicopter" at the tail end. Accordingly, it is worth reconsidering the truss assembly and tilting. Also it's necessary to rearrange wheel alignment of small diameter wheels. From a binding to a prototype, it was necessary to refuse, owing to absence of some moments on the information at the necessary moment. Therefore, it was built in the image and likeness of the car circa 1909, on which Louis Bleriot has made a flight over the English Channel. Despite some setbacks in the build, experience was gained, understanding of the many points in modeling machines of this type. Painting and varnishing with brushes. Paints: GSI urethane acrylic, Tamiya lacquers. Enjoy watching!
  3. Hello colleagues! Model work: - finalizing and taking out bonnet geometry - gun tunnels made - muzzle flashings made - propeller made - exhaust pipes made - small details on the bonnet - glued some elements of skins - finalizing the cockpit - finalizing the lantern - made PVD - made landing light - BANOs glued in-wing flanges geometry- keel and stabilizers geometry- ailerons and elevators separated- ailerons and elevators separated- undercarriage recesses made- landing gear flaps made- wing tail-fenders - keel light- wheels refined- bonnet air intakes refined- oil radiator refined. The basic seaming and riveting are drawn with simple pencils. Paint and varnish with brushes. Paints: Pacifik 88 acrylic, GSI urethane-acrylic, Tamiya varnish, +plain pencils. The aircraft belonged to (172nd IAP, February 1942, D.I. Latyshev's machine). Have a nice viewing!
  4. Greetings to all who stopped by! Presenting my next job, assembly was not too difficult, within the limits of the usual. Tuning: cab interior, antennas, cannon, recesses of front and rear landing gear, exhaust panels with nozzles and heat-resistant panels, cowls, fender mount fairings, oil cooler air intake and such little things... The plane belonged to (159th GIAP, Leningrad, summer 1944, machine Ruzin A.V.) Paint and varnish with brushes. Paints: Gunze Sangyo urethane-acrylic, Tamiya acrylic and Pacific88, Tamiya varnish, +oil paint, + pencil. Have a nice viewing!
  5. exdraken, Thank you! To be honest, the scale of this model was not set in stone. Didn't build it too small, but not too big either. Built from photos without drawings or diagrams, there were no dimensions, it just happened that way. ) Roughly calculated, it turns out 60th scale.
  6. JWM,Thank you. I didn't know there was such a set. Even if I had, I would have built one anyway. )
  7. Hello! I present to the attention of the visitors, another one of my homemade Kamovyh line. The model was built from various plastics (PVC, economy panel plugs, cable ducts, sprue, etc.) and wires of different cross section. Paint and varnish with a brush. Paints: Gunze Sangyo urethane acrylic, Tamiya lacquer. Good viewing.
  8. Hello colleagues, I present you the model (exhibition model) from the Kamov family. The materials used were PVC foam, wire, and various plastic junk. Paint and varnish with brushes. Paints: Tamiya and PC88 acrylics, GSI mr.Color urethane-acrylics, Tamiya lacquers. Enjoy your viewing!
  9. Hello colleagues, I present a rather famous, many assembled set. The fit is good, although the lantern was a bit flattened and the propeller group is a bit displaced. Small modifications: cockpit, rear view mirrors, cannons, exhaust, chassis, sighting system, main rotor and small stuff on the hull. Armament on pylons, NARs only, according to prototype. Painting and varnishing with brushes. Paints: Gunze Sangyo urethane-acrylic, Pacific Color acrylic, Tamiya varnish. Enjoy the view!
  10. My favourite aircraft landed on the shelf, another MiG-3, built this time from a vacuum kit. The vacuum kit, unlike the usual plastic kits, is quite entertaining. Built it for the first time, seemed to win... Due to the thinness of the plastic and the geometric nuances of the kit, some of the features of this car, I had to observe as far as possible. I used the technology of "structural rigidity" in the form of studs without piling up the power kit and all sorts of framework, which was invented and proposed by Dmitry Tarasov (tardmi). In my case, the studs worked perfectly! For a prototype was taken Pyshkin N.M. from 25th IAP. Photo of prototype (scans) provided by his grandson. The pictures were taken at Transcaucasian front, Azerbaijan, aerodrome, Nasosnaya station, 1941. The regiment at the time was in the protection of the oil refining areas. The tail number, unfortunately, was not known. If there was one? There's nothing in the flight logs... Paint and varnish with brushes. Paints: urethane-acrylic GSI Mr.Color, acrylic PC88, varnish Tamiya, futura, + pencil. Enjoy the view!
  11. Hello Colleagues, I don't know if it's allowed to post Luftwaffe models from the "What if?" section on the forum. This is the first time I've tried to work with resin. My impression is mixed. On the one hand, it seems to be good to work with, on the other hand, I am worried about its brittleness. But as the saying goes, you can get the hang of it. But in principle for a change and improve (acquisition) skills, even useful. Model built in the flying state (since the project is a paper, who knows how they should be all these braces and mechanics of cleaning?) Of the modifications: the cockpit with the pilot from Zvezda, wing fairings with cannons (presumably 20mm) and the PVD on the nose. The stand is also from Zvezda. Since there was no prototype (because it's alternative!), decided to "paint" in African paint scheme (with addition of imitation camouflage) and II._JG1 Oesau heraldic decals. Aircraft assigned (II._JG1 Oesau, North Africa, Libya, Ain El Ghazalah airfield, October, 1946) Paint and varnish with brushes. Paints: GSI Mr.Color urethane-acrylic, Tamiya varnish, futura, +plain pencil. Enjoy watching!
  12. Everyone has their own methods and set of materials. )
  13. Bertie Psmith, Thank you! 0.10mm monofilament beading antenna cable. But, I haven't used such thread for a long time. It reacts very much to weather changes in temperature and humidity. Now I use spandex rubber. I use a scalpel to split it into fibres of the right thickness. I make antenna ropes and struts.
  14. Good afternoon to all visitors! I present to your attention, a model of one of the well-known pilots of the Great Patriotic War (16 GAIAP, August-September, 1944, the machine of G.A. Rechkalov) (ISBN 42547). The set has not shown any special problems at assembly, the docking is good. Puttying, sanding and trimming, minimum. Refinements: a little cabin interior, antenna, air intake, spigots, cannon and all machine guns. Paint and varnish by brush. Paints: GIS Mr.Color urethane-acrylic, PC88 and Tamiya acrylic, Tamiya varnish, +plain pencil. Enjoy the view!
  15. Bertie Psmith, Thank you! From this set, I don't think anyone would want to repeat my work... )
  16. Greetings colleagues! - Finished painting (also painting the detailing) - installed the wheels and shields - glued in the nozzles. - highlighted the grommet and lacquered it.
  17. Hello colleagues! Here comes another self-made one. Still, winged missiles have their own charm. Built the model with the same tried-and-true technology, out of PVC and some plastic junk. Paint and varnish with brushes. Paints: GSI Mr.Color urethane-acrylic, PC88 acrylic, Tamiya varnish, +plain pencil. Stand from "Zvezda". Enjoy the ride.
  18. Good day, colleagues and guests! I present to your attention, one of my past models. To tell you the truth, the model is not easy to assemble. The source material is not of the best quality. Better make a list of modifications and assembly plan beforehand, which is intertwined with the step-by-step painting (that's in my case). The "water" on the base made for the first time, from building transparent silicone, a little bit painted. From the modifications: a cabin, swigs, floats, struts, pilot, riveting, stand. Paint and varnish with brushes. Paints: GSI Mr.Color urethane-acrylic, Tamiya acrylic, Tamiya varnish, simple pencil, "Moment" silicone. Enjoy the view!
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