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  1. On 1/26/2022 at 1:28 PM, John R said:

    It looks like the thing Luke Skywalker had in Star Wars. I wonder how good it was at avoiding obstacles - bushes, fences, livestock or boats if it was only used over water.

    Does anyone know the purpose of that 'comb-like' devices ahead of the wing? Could they eject air at high speed to enhance lift when starting off?


    John R, Thank you!

    The screen glider could fly over any surface: snow, earth and water. It needed space, so it could not go around obstacles sharply, it was designed for fast, direct travel.
    The comb-over devices in front of the wings are the air jets blowing under the wing. There was another engine in the nose for blowing air. In the stern (garrotte) was a marching engine.

  2. 22 hours ago, Alan P said:

    Thanks for the building pics, really well done 👍


    21 hours ago, Jackson Duvalier said:

    Retro-futurism at its best!  😎


    Thanks for sharing the in-progress shots.


    18 hours ago, GiampieroSilvestri said:

    Beautiful SM-4!





    Thank you colleagues for your attention and appreciation!

  3. 19 hours ago, Alan P said:

    That's lovely, really well constructed and finished. What did you use to build it?

    Alan P, Thank you!

    Used all sorts of model plastics and sprues...








    16 hours ago, Lightningboy2000 said:

    Wow! What a strange looking machine!

    Never knew that existed. I thought it was a what if kit bash until I saw that b&w photo. 

    What a crazy craft!



    Martin, Thank you!

    Yes, such a machine existed and flew very well. )

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  4. On 1/7/2022 at 10:21 AM, Jackson Duvalier said:

    You've certainly polished that old kit to a high gloss.


    I particularly appreciate how the prop cuffs and prop blades have different colouration, most modellers miss that.




    On 1/7/2022 at 1:48 PM, GREG DESTEC said:

    Superb modelling 👍


    Very well done.


    Cheers Greg


    On 1/7/2022 at 3:47 PM, Wulfman said:

    A remarkable job on the old Frog, excellent modelling !



    Greetings colleagues, thanks for the visit and feedback!

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  5. 16 hours ago, Spitfire31 said:

    What an excellent Jug! Again, I note that raised panel lines have a tendency to look good on (under…) a NM finish.


    Were the flaps and elevators separate in the kit, or did you prform some surgery? Anywas, they elevate the overall impression a lot.


    Good modelling!


    Kind regards,



    Spitfire31, thank you! Flaps and rudders cut out.

    16 hours ago, junglierating said:

    Thats hoofin mate ...BZ to you 


    15 hours ago, tonyot said:

    Wow,... that is rather special,..... brilliant job mate. 


    8 hours ago, Marc the Builder said:

    Wow, that is some awesome result on such an old kit. I love how it turned out.


    7 hours ago, RMCS said:

    What a scheme 

    Colleagues, thank you for visiting and appreciating!

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  6. Greetings, comrades! 
    I open this year with the namesake warhorse, which in the final stages, gave me a few surprises in the painting and skinning. But let's not speak of sad things, the tasks have been solved more or less successfully and Thunder has proudly taken its place on the shelf. ) The aircraft (86th FS, 79th FG USAAF, Italy, 1944) (''The Trojan Warhorse'' code X65). I will list some of the manufacturing and refinements: - cockpit and mechanics of the shifting canopy, - visible part of the engine, - exhaust systems, - outboard tank with catches, - bomb pylons, - niches, struts, fore/aft landing gear flaps, - BANO, keel BANO, traffic light and headlight, - RAP, - cowl "collar", - flaps, - antennas, - separated rudders, - stripping and different riveting, - machine guns, - forekill, - tail "cooler"(? ), - hinges and all sorts of hatches. Glazing - Sword, wheels - from Evenger, bombs and bazookas - Revell, decals - Eagle Cal. 
    Paint and varnish with brushes: GSI Mr.Color urethane-acrylic, PC88 acrylic, Tamiya lacquers, futura, +plain pencil. 
    Enjoy the view!



    photo_2_1641450332.jpg photo_4_1641450332.jpg photo_6_1641450332.jpg photo_8_1641450332.jpg photo_10_1641450332.jpg photo_11_1641450332.jpg photo_14_1641450332.jpg photo_15_1641450332.jpg photo_16_1641450332.jpg photo_17_1641450332.jpg photo_19_1641450332.jpg photo_21_1641450332.jpg photo_22_1641450332.jpg photo_23_1641450332.jpg photo_24_1641450332.jpg photo_26_1641450332.jpg photo_28_1641450332.jpg photo_29_1641450332.jpg photo_30_1641450332.jpg photo_31_1641450332.jpg

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  7. 13 hours ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

    Oh I like it.. Ive got one of these on the way and was trying to figure out a scheme. You made the decision for me. 


    12 hours ago, Old Man said:

    Nicely done, Sir.


    Whatever might be said of the kit's accuracy (and trust me, there's lots) this old Heller kit is so superbly engineered I would far rather build another one than any of the new modern ICM kits.


    Great model.


    10 hours ago, Vince Blackburn said:

    Oh my what a fantastic scheme you have done there. Great job.


    10 hours ago, Learstang said:

    Excellent job on that Chaika! Some of those early Great Patriotic War schemes were quite interesting!






    8 hours ago, Remus389 said:

    The party honors your stahanovist work, comrade MicTroy23 🎖️


    7 hours ago, Epeeman said:

    wonderful work - excellent rendition of this unusual camo scheme too.







    4 hours ago, GiampieroSilvestri said:

    Beautiful Polikarpov I-153!





    Colleagues, thanks for visiting and for the feedback!

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  8. Greetings, comrades! 
    A new addition to the shelf and one of the iconic planes has been painted. I think there is no point in telling about the kit, it has been known to many people since the old days, it looks fine to me... Since the decals in the kit were fictional, I decided to train in painting by choosing a prototype I came across a long time ago. 
    Model modifications: made cockpit, door, sight glazing, finalized engine cowl (intake, machine guns, flaps, coupler, nozzles), finalized propeller, made landing gear recesses, finalized struts and wheels, made PVD, swashplates, BANO, aileron and tail loops. 
    Painting: GSI Mr.Color urethane-acrylic, Tamiya lacquer, futura, +plain pencil. Decals from kit. 
    Enjoy the ride!


    aVxiLrNrNSY.jpg?size=1280x1259&quality=9 tUFhS-m2lX0.jpg?size=1280x1141&quality=9 ng4bSXTHKvs.jpg?size=1280x1233&quality=9 29Fu6c6WiP8.jpg?size=1280x923&quality=96 BENkATLqono.jpg?size=1280x863&quality=96 

    _UJ2bgJ4xCM.jpg?size=1280x989&quality=96 L-0Rvh7RpJA.jpg?size=1280x932&quality=96 I9xw8RohF0E.jpg?size=1280x954&quality=96 


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  9. On 12/3/2021 at 6:55 AM, Natter said:

    Very nice.


    On 12/3/2021 at 7:54 AM, stevehnz said:

    Nice one, that has come up wonderfully well. :)



    On 12/3/2021 at 7:57 AM, Bandsaw Steve said:

    Colourful little thing isn’t it! 👍


    On 12/3/2021 at 1:53 PM, Wulfman said:

    Lovely work to enhance a simple kit !




    23 hours ago, Vesa Jussila said:

    Really nice "Murjaani" and really colourful.


    19 hours ago, dogsbody said:

    Well done!





    18 hours ago, Dennis_C said:

    Fore sure that is a nicely modelled and quite unusually looking aircraft. Of course it is not very obscure - but one does not see that often. It was interesting for me to look at the details.

    Colleagues, thanks for visiting and for the feedback!

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  10. Greetings, comrades! 
    On the "rubber" shelf has been added!) A Frenchman with Finnish nationality from the EaseKit set. The kit, by the way, is quite acceptable. Slightly reworked of course, couldn't resist. And so, what's done: redesigned a little the cockpit (the lantern is thick, you can not see much), corrected the geometry of the nose of the bonnet, finalized the propeller (the geometry of the wingtips and cannon), finalized VZ etching, made a bonnet sight, back and under the fuselage antenna, finalized the tail, the tail guard (restored the lost and cut the unfinished one), riveted, finalized the landing gear recesses and struts, manufactured the landing gear flaps, finalized the ski rear support crutch, manufactured the headlight, wing machine guns, the airfoil.   Painted with brush and sponges: GSI Mr.Color urethane-acrylic, PC88 acrylic, Tamiya lacquers, futura, +plain pencil. 
    Enjoy the view!

    PnF6pqOwEQM.jpg?size=1280x1244&quality=9 zOQeg5pKrAI.jpg?size=1063x1080&quality=9 S1SEbmqAr90.jpg?size=1280x1204&quality=9 zKD1SkLHA2I.jpg?size=1280x960&quality=96 MriXJsCE_tg.jpg?size=1280x960&quality=96 ro8Za8O7iPY.jpg?size=1280x960&quality=96 8qXTOESr3ds.jpg?size=1280x956&quality=96 sN7-IDh5b4Y.jpg?size=1280x1105&quality=9 ohVkxgfyfzY.jpg?size=1280x960&quality=96 photo_25_1638468283.jpg

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  11. 1 hour ago, Seahawk said:

    As the English saying goes, "many a fine tune played on an old fiddle".  I built this kit in the 1960s: I remember it as crude but with superb fit of parts.  You have transformed it into something that can hold its head up next to its modern competitors.


    1 hour ago, perdu said:

    Better by far than excellent, this is outstanding.


    Thank you for showing it to us.

    Colleagues, thank you very much for the feedback! I've loved FROG-NOVO kits since childhood and will try to keep building them in a new hypostasis. I am currently working on the Republic P-47D Thunderbolt. 

    7Grh3lF9XKE.jpg?size=1280x960&quality=96 Kp8C5BG00oQ.jpg?size=1280x960&quality=96

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  12. On 11/7/2021 at 11:00 AM, Remus389 said:

    I love that the wing can be folded. Interesting model of an interesting, rare aircraft.


    This would stand out at any modelling competition, high chance of winning a prize.


    Thx! 😎👍



    On 11/7/2021 at 12:17 PM, Mig88 said:

    That's really outstanding work on those old moulds. And with folding wings :yikes:!!!




    On 11/7/2021 at 12:59 PM, Samuraiwarrior said:

    Fantastic model. 

    I remember building one in my youth and not happy with the results. 

    Just goes to show what can be done to end up with a beautiful looking model. Your skill, patience and ingenuity abounds. 



    On 11/7/2021 at 1:35 PM, Roberto said:

    You have done a mega work on this kit, and the finalt result is nothing short of a stunner!!!

    Thank you very much colleagues for visiting and for the feedback! Sorry for the late responses, I don't visit the site often...

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  13. On 11/2/2021 at 7:20 PM, Martin1962 said:

    Can I just ask what colours you used please? I am about to start the Revell 1/72 and have a folding wing kit to use. The instructions are a bit vague on colour scheme for the RN version although it looks like sky at the bottom and a dark battleship grey on top. Would the grey be the same colour as the slightly later RN colour scheme (grey top, white underside)?

    Lovely model by the way!!!

    Martin1962, thank you! No special paint has been applied. I mixed the shades of paint myself, looking at the photos.


    On 11/2/2021 at 10:37 PM, Shorty84 said:

    Wow, your work on this old kit is nothing short of amazing. Really impressive :worthy: I guess all the modifications/additional details are scratch built (самодел)?




    Shorty84, thank you! Yes, all the modifications are homemade...


    On 11/2/2021 at 10:49 PM, Linus said:

    Compliments, really great job!!!



    On 11/3/2021 at 6:23 PM, David Womby said:

    Absolutely amazing work.



    Linus, David Womby, colleagues thanks for the feedback!

  14. On 10/11/2021 at 9:08 PM, Vultures1 said:

    Great concept, very nicely realised.  That racing finish really suits the MiG-3


    On 10/12/2021 at 4:31 PM, boom.boom said:

    The best looking plane of WW2, to me at least! Porsche line but with wings, literally, and this scheme only emphasizes it!
    My deep affection for subject and yours rendition!


    On 10/12/2021 at 6:52 PM, GiampieroSilvestri said:

    Fantastic Mig-3!






    On 10/12/2021 at 9:10 PM, Wulfman said:

    Beautiful looking MiG, another great build !




    On 10/16/2021 at 12:03 AM, Bertie Psmith said:

    That's a startling scheme. Well done.


    And I like the photoshopping too.


    On 10/16/2021 at 3:47 AM, Sky Keg said:

    The Mig-3 lends itself well as a racing variant. Great results!!! :like:



    Comrades, thanks for visiting and for the feedback! Always happy to showcase something interesting... )

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  15. 15 hours ago, mick b said:

    Phenomenal achievement from such an old kit! 




    13 hours ago, AaCee26 said:

    Hi Mic,


    Knowing the ultimately basic base kit of the model I'm really finding your model amazing piece of real modelling to create such an astonishing model!






    12 hours ago, Bobby No Mac said:

    Truly amazing modelling skills on display in this build. Brilliant and inspiring work. 😎

    Thank you camaraderie!

  16. A decree of the CPC of October 24, 1940, was issued to promote the aviation industry in a sporting direction. The country not only had to develop in the military and civilian spheres, but also to achieve heights in sports and racing competitions. In the first half of 1941, plant №1 named after Stalin, along with testing and debugging production combat MiG-3 were tested and two converted machines for sports. The engine was reworked to increase speed characteristics, which in turn resulted in minor modifications to the cowling fairings and air intakes. The weight of the aircraft was also reduced by removing an extra tank, radio equipment and weapons. To improve manoeuvrability, ailerons and elevator bars were experimentally fitted with additional bumpers. Slight changes were also made to the cockpit. But the sporting achievements could not come true, because the war broke out. Due to the difficult situation on the outskirts of Moscow, the decree of the GKKO No.741 dated 8 October 1941 and the next day it was ordered by the NKAP No.1053, which ordered the immediate evacuation of the plants. In this connection, in October 1941, plant No.1 was evacuated to Kuibyshev to the territory of plant No.122. Production of the MiG-3 was also transferred there in the first instance. That was the period when the traces of these flying machines were lost. As the country needed every warplane, most likely they were returned in operation and they have deservedly served the Motherland...

    P.S. This is what if...? (An alternative story woven into the real one. )
       Thanks to our colleague Dmitry Lebedev for the "real photoshop", photo and sidebar! )
       Painting and varnishing: urethane-acrylic GSI Mr.Color, acrylic PC88, varnish Tamiya, futura, + simple pencil.
       Enjoy the view! )

    photo_1_1632300907.jpg photo_2_1632300907.jpg photo_4_1632300907.jpg photo_5_1632300907.jpg photo_6_1632300907.jpg photo_7_1632300907.jpg photo_8_1632300907.jpg photo_9_1632300907.jpg photo_10_1632300907.jpg photo_11_1632300907.jpg photo_12_1632300907.jpg photo_13_1632300907.jpg photo_14_1632300907.jpg photo_15_1632300907.jpg photo_16_1632300907.jpg photo_17_1632300907.jpg photo_18_1632300907.jpg photo_20_1632300907.jpg photo_21_1632300907.jpg photo_22_1632300907.jpg photo_23_1632300907.jpg photo_24_1632300907.jpg photo_26_1632300907.jpg photo_27_1632300907.jpg photo_1_1632301212.jpg

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  17. 4 hours ago, BerndM said:

    Smashing work on an old kit !

    BerndM, thank you!


    1 hour ago, Sky Keg said:

    Val, you summed it up perfectly.  I`m joining you to seek out these incredible works of art.  Oh and by the way, the Gannett turned out great!!! :clap2:



    Sky Keg, thank you! I guess the translator is not quite correct(!?))), I think Val is exaggerating my modelling abilities... )

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  18. On 06/10/2021 at 19:00, Baldy said:

    Utterly stunning model from the very old Frog derived kit! Exceptional detailing and finish - it really is superb. Well don!






    On 06/10/2021 at 22:38, Learstang said:

    Brilliant job rejuvenating a very old kit!






    On 06/10/2021 at 22:42, Ad-4N said:

    Absolutely stunning!!!!!!!


    On 07/10/2021 at 01:39, Flight Line Media said:

    Lovely looking build, MicTroy! Thanks for sharing it.


    On 07/10/2021 at 03:03, Lightningboy2000 said:

    That is stunning work on that old kit. Looks like Frog produced a good looking kit & I assume you also rescribed it.

    Very impressive.




    On 07/10/2021 at 21:30, Val_Ukraine said:

    So now I know where modelling gods live... Absolutely amazing job!


    19 hours ago, Terry1954 said:

    Absolutely beautiful Gannet.




    6 hours ago, F-32 said:

    I'm liking that a lot!


    6 hours ago, Bertie Psmith said:

    Outstanding, even for you. The folding wings are a triumph.


    5 hours ago, bigbadbadge said:

    What a cracking job on this ancient kit, love the wingfold too . A stunning model. 


    Colleagues, thanks for visiting and for the feedback!

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  19. 6 hours ago, Bertie Psmith said:

    Aw, that's a little beauty. I wondered whether you built WWI aircraft. More rigging on the next one!

    Bertie Psmith, thanks for the review! This is my first WW1 model... )


    56 minutes ago, Brandy said:

    Very nicely done - all of it: rib tapes, wood effect, et al.

    She's gorgeous!



    Brandy, thank you!

  20. 4 hours ago, thorfinn said:

    Truly awesome job on one of the most singular aircraft of that conflict. A real eye-catching stunner!


    3 hours ago, 2996 Victor said:

    Absolutely stunning work! You've captured the wood and linen perfectly, the aluminium cowling, all brilliant yet wonderfully restrained. This is one beautiful Star-strutter!





    2 hours ago, baldwin8 said:

    A beautiful little package you've built. Wonderful


    1 hour ago, Spitfire31 said:

    Highly impressive craftsmanship.


    Kind regards,



    Colleagues, thanks for the feedback!

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