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    Paint Brushes

    That's predictive text for you. I do know the place due to being a retired lorry driver. I don't want to build to model show standards but if i am going to build and paint, then it's got to be done properly. You have hit the nail there Graham as my brushes are starting to lose hairs and looking scruffy.
  2. MWD

    Paint Brushes

    Good afternoon all, hopefully i can get an answer here. I do not use an airbrush and to be honest i have no interest in them. I have gone back to Enamels and have a decent selection of Humbrol colours. It's my birthday soon and my missus is ordering some for me from Sovereign Hobbies Cullercoats range. All my brushes seem to be not too good and i want to purchase a really good set but not sure which or where to look. I have bought mine from my local model shop. I want to build and paint my AFV Softskins to a high standard and feel i cannot do that with my brushes i have. What do you guys recommend Tim
  3. Hi Phil and welcome. There's masses of knowledge and help within the group. I see your in my area. Did you know there is a local group. York & District Plastic Model Society.
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