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  1. Hi Gentleman, Once more I endeavour for help in this project of mine, which has had some major improvements since we last conversed. My current machine is this E4 from 4.JG52, White Five. My question is, is this Hellblau or something else that the LuftWaffe would use during this time period? It appears to my eyes incredibly whiter/paler than the normal HellBlau, It could just be the Artists rendition or my bad eyesight yet it appears to almost blend in colour with the stark white found in the 5 and other white symbols on the machine. Is there a significantly whiter scheme or is my mind and the artist just playing tricks on me. Also if anyone knows or has anymore photos of this craft, I'm not too sure how the camouflage is portrayed on top of the wings. Cheers, Vincent.
  2. Ok, My question regrding Hurricanes, What undersides did the No.303 squadron have? during their part in the battle of Britain, Ive searched everywhere but have come up short so far, ive seen others just use some sort of sky blue whence modeling, is that the most accurate paint for the undersides?
  3. That's perfect, exactly what I needed info wise, I'll have JG52 being chased by 610 squadron, now I just need to find out who No.303 shot down or flew against! Hopefully the hurricanes I ordered come tomorrow, I managed to get the paints I needed for the Emils I currently have.
  4. https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109E/JG52-I/pages/COD-CF-Bf-109E3-1.JG52-Black-5-Helmut-Bennemann-France-1940-V02.html I may as well ask as well, what exact paints should I use for this colour scheme. I have the Dunkelgrun and Hellblau. What else would I need? Also, Im not a Nazi but where in the Uk would i be able to find 1/72 Swastikas, Airfix do not include them for good reason. It is easier for me to use Hobbycraft products at the moment, they stock Tamiya and Revell acrylics, if the suggestions could be narrowed down to those that would be much appreciated Cheers for the expert help Gentlemen!
  5. Thank you very much everyone, the Aquarium will encircle my Living room and be slightly built into the wall, so on the left wall and tank I'll have the battle of Britain, August era with some dogfights and maybe the White cliffs of dover painted on perhaps. The centre could be the hasty retreat of Dunkirk or perhaps a glimpse into Shipping raids as previously suggested. Then I'd like on the right tank the Mosquitos making attack runs on U Boats off the coast of France, A most secret squadron by Des Curtis is a book I'm sure many of you would enjoy reading. I do enjoy the idea of different scaled aircraft to replicate distance and backgrounds etc. I want to focus on No.303 Squadron, No.64 Squadron and any squadrons that had French aces, particularly any Basque born pilots however unlikely that may be. On the German side I want to focus on Jag 52, 26 and maybe include some other peculiar aircraft or participants. Hopefully within those books suggested and some ive recently ordered I may be able to find out roughly who fought who on each specific day. Thank you for all your suggestions especially those regarding paint and books. I currently have two E3s in the progress of painting, I messed up the colours so I'll have to start again. I've got a couple Hurricanes and one E4 on the way in the post. I'll start with Two E3s in JAG52 I think, 2nd Staffel, Black 5 Helmut Bennemann and then Black 6. And then the E4 will most likely be a fighter being shot down by the No. 303 Hurricanes. I'm going to go to Hobbycraft today and buy a load of paints and equipment I have been using this directory for the German side, hopefully it may help anyone else https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109E/JG52-I/pages/COD-CF-Bf-109E3-1.JG52-Black-5-Helmut-Bennemann-France-1940-V02.html
  6. What sandpaper do you use? That is a stunning cockpit, I can only aspire
  7. Good Evening Gentlemen, I'm planning on building an Aquarium with a Battle of Britain featurette above and in it. A 1/72 scale U Boat, Hurricanes fighting Stukas, Spitfires Vs 109s etc etc I've narrowed down what squadrons I want to use, Jag 52, Gruppe I or II I believe and Jag 26 On the English side I want No. 303 the polish squadron, What I wanted to ask was for the most famous opponents in terms of squadron numbers for Jag 52 and Jag 26, as well as for No. 303, as I want to portray semi historically accurate dogfights for my children, perhaps even assign small plaques on the Aquarium below the various dogfights. Also what are the best books or directories to find For information on the squadrons I've mentioned, for pilot information and more importantly historically accurate paint schemes for aircraft. I was thinking at least Including three of each squadrons, or for example if it was Jag 26 versus two or three different RAF squadrons then one of each etc I'm very new to this, I've been currently studying medieval England but it's terribly boring without Spitfires, guns and unifying enemies such as the Nazis. Cheers, Vincent ,
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