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  1. 16 hours ago, Alan P said:

    Great job on the camouflage, Tornadoes are very hard to paint in full camo schemes because they're all angles everywhere. You did a fine job 👏👏👏

    thanks Alan I appreciate that 

    14 hours ago, Baldy said:

    Very nice looking Tonka - very nice build and finish quality. Nicely done weathering too. Looks great in the scheme!





    thanks Malcolm 👌

  2. On 7/21/2021 at 11:29 PM, Gremlin said:

    fantastic kit, well done


    did you use two bobs decals?


    which parts did on 3D printer? lateral IRST and tail add ons?





    yup I just use two bobs decals 

    On 7/22/2021 at 1:31 AM, Ramtin said:

    Great looking model! 

    thanks Ramtin. 

  3. 19 minutes ago, Vultures1 said:

    That's really nice work on your Eagle and great attention to detail for the F-15SA modifications - well done!


    What colours did you use for the camouflage scheme?  It looks really good

     Hi Vultures1 am using MRP PAINT ( US Dark Mod Grey FS36176 /  US Dark Medium Mod Grey FS36251)

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  4. 6 hours ago, Mike said:

    Hi Ageel,


    I've just checked the first of your pics, and managed to get the URL for the photo.  I pasted it into another tab, and my Antivirus (Eset) gave me the following error:



    For reference, the site address was as follows:




    Hope that helps :)

    thanks Mike I adit that ˆ_ˆ

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  5. Hello guys 

    I would like to show you the model of the jet that I love 

    F-15SA (saudi advanced)

    Actually the kit I use is Academy F-15K 1/72 but I use some part I printed from my 3d printer to make it F-15SA 

    I hope you like it ˆ_ˆ













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