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  1. XL319 through the years. Her glory days. Look at that shine Bleached by the Cyprus sunshine. Repainted, post Major Servicing. This was when I knew her. Dying on the coast. They've even left the DV window open to the salty air.
  2. Thanks. That's a little nugget of useful information to file away. It will presumably be the same on all of their F-4 family.
  3. I like that. It's very good paintwork (and who cares about the shade of green).
  4. Hey, that's really good. I can't tell that it was such a difficult build. The finish is very good and the shine on the canopy is astonishing.
  5. Very interesting model, which I didn't even know existed. I can't say much more than that because I really need better photos. I'd love to have a good look at it.
  6. I don't see anything wrong with your paint choice or ratio. It's about what I would have used anyway. One thing that might help would be undercoating the yellow with a matt pink paint. It sounds strange but it really does help bring out that golden yellow with the minimum of coats. It's a trick I saw on a figure painting channel but then I remembered seeing old school painter/decorators using pink undercoats when I was a lad.
  7. What kind of paint is that? And can you thin it down any further?
  8. I've thought about this proposal a lot since I first saw it and I still have no idea how a group build with 'no common point' can even exist. Isn't it like a football team without a ball, kit ... or any players? No, I must be getting daft in my old age because I just can't understand it. "You kids today, you all so darned crazy!" Please don't think I'm saying that you shouldn't do it just because I don't understand. In fact, I can't resist suggesting a different name to "Anything Goes", which always makes me think of the Roaring Twenties*. How about "The Oxymoron GB, the club for folks who don't want to be in clubs." p.s. Put my name down, I'll make a sandwich and a cuppa. * I don't actually remember the Roaring Twenties, you understand.** ** I've forgotten everything before the war.
  9. That is very true. I forget sometimes how fortunate I am that my children (and wife!) left home many years ago. Now when I get my pension I can buy kits, and if there's anything left over, I buy food.
  10. A professional! I'm impressed. I tried commission work once, never again though as it became too much like work to me.
  11. Thanks. It's good that we have all these options although to be honest, I'm fairly satisfied with my own methods and will probably only adopt the pre-drilling Budzic technique for long runs of bolts. I believe there are also 3D decals of rivets etc for those big jobs.
  12. That's lovely. Excellent build and the painting is outstanding. It must be a big one at 1/32; where do you keep it?
  13. That is a logical and sensible adjustment of our expectations to match the real world of model kit manufacture. It's one simple way for modellers to improve their mental health prospects and I heartily commend it to the house.
  14. I know! It's one of the coolest aspects of the Britmodeller Experience. Thanks for the compliments. I was pleased with the result even though I want to learn more about weathering tanks to the max.
  15. Id better lay in stocks of putty. I remember that from last time. It was heck of a shape to mould accurately in 1983 so there will be a few dodgy areas.
  16. it seems that you are more concerned with accuracy than I. I’m happy to build whatever they give me as long as it goes together well and looks good. Thanks John.
  17. same here. I don’t see any point in having interior details when you can see nothing from outside. You can’t see much standing inside a real one! I see the main interest of the kit in the rescribing and in painting such a large area neatly enough. Oh and fitting it together reasonably well.
  18. ThAnk you for your comment. I’m glad you liked it. I enjoyed the build and finding out about the project. This chat with my fellow model makers is the last of the highlights of the project.
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