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  1. It wasn't fitted to the B1 and K1 but it was on the prototype. It's not the APU because that's in the wing. I have no idea what it was used for on the B/K2s but on the prototype it was an intake for the combustion heater which provided hot air for the anti-icing system. On the B/K2s this was done with bleed air from the engines. The answer to the question of the B/K2's fin intake may be somewhere in the thread above if anyone is more interested than I am at this time of night.
  2. Actually it is quite tempting, but the scale's just too small for me. A larger version, with realistically scaled structure including the horizontal stringers and without the pin marks would be a hard to resist. I'll content myself with watching what Enzo does with this one.
  3. Thanks Darryl, I was very couscous that grinding through the skin was the crossing of this build's Rubicon - there's no turning back to a conventional finish now! That's probably why I needed a day to summon up the blood.
  4. I've been working upwards. The upper hull is secured and a few bits and pieces have been added in the fighting compartment. The fighting compartment sides were only dry fitted in order to see how close we are to painting. I think, quite close. Time to get some paint inside before I render it inaccessible. Before I do that though, I'll assemble the gun and anything else that needs to go inside and then paint them all in one go. Most of this assembly is very straightforward and hardly needs to be mentioned. I found this bit interesting though. It's the bin into which the empty cases are ejected. Considering the weight of all that brass, and the speed it landed in the bin, I thought a few dents would be in order. That should dry-brush nicely.
  5. That's lovely construction. Thanks for all the instructions, very handy little lesson. I'd never have thought of building the shape first, but it's so obvious when I see it done.
  6. And it is good. I'm going to buy one of these tonight! I'm inspired!!!! Edit: Done!
  7. Day 28 of my hobby streak saw me brave enough to actually grind through the wing of my very expensive aeroplane kit. Have I ruined it or made it more interesting?? Here is the underneath with the barely visible bits inside. That's the entry wound. And this is where the flak left the aeroplane. When it's all finished I will use a pair of fine tweezers to drag that pipe, which is only glued at one end, slightly out of the hole. Fuel will have been pouring out of here all the way home making the area behind the hole remarkably clean. It will still be dribbling out when the aircraft is parked which will call for drip trays and fire extinguishers, and maybe a roped off area to keep the many 'goofers' away. I really hope that I remember to paint in there before I glue the wing halves together. Any suggestions on the colour? It wasn't a bag tank and the only wet wing type tanks I've ever been in were Victor underwings. Everything in those things was simply left in natural aluminium, if my memory is to be trusted. You wouldn't want flakes of paint wandering around, would you. There was the odd patch of brown sealant but only where rivets has started to weep. I will paint the round 'fuel pump' in something interesting. Anodised blue?
  8. "If you can't groove to this, then you probably are dead" I hope your model is as good as the song.
  9. Oh I don’t need that. I know every word, and all of the moves. It’s making people stare in the supermarket.
  10. Rich, your thread title is driving me crazy. Every time I look at your build it restarts the 'Can't Touch That' earworm which has plagued me for a week now!
  11. I was distracted by a spot of figure moddelling today, as well as a very long dog walk while the sun was shining. I did manage this; the piston from the main gun of the RIO's seat is now securely Araldited in position. I note that in the 27 days of the year so far, I've done some modelling, and at least one update, on every single one of them. I've now started counting my hobby streak day-by-day. I wonder how far I'll get before I miss a day and have to start over?
  12. Your method seems to be exactly what the cottage industry manufacturer used to make my applicator which came today. I found it on eBay for about twenty pounds and I'm quite happy with that. It saved me some tedious faffing around. No moddelling done on the Archer today, I got distracted by a figure model and a really long walk with the dog, who is now two inches shorter.
  13. I didn't even know this sort of thing was possible. You have a fantastic creative imagination.
  14. Ditto that. And I'm another who finds P/E tiresome. I think only the tiny bits look good and I struggle to use them. The larger pieces are often just too 'flat'. I have experimented with painting them with glues to build up the volume but generally I don't bother with P/E at all now.
  15. Thanks Michael. The detail work is really slowing me down which is a good thing. I’m getting more value for my money for one thing but more importantly I feel a lot more relaxed while I’m working, no, PLAYING with it. I still haven’t grasped that as a retiree I don’t have to rush anything.
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