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  1. There's loads of youtube vidz on how to do it.Just steer clear of all the ones that show you how to build the tea strainer type.You also have to make sure you get the right type of negative ion generator.A lot of the vidz are also American so i adapted my build to use UK parts which are readily available on places like ebay.I also adapted mine so there is no risk of electric shock, unlike some other applicators.As a result i don't have any instructions as such, but i guess i could do a 'photo tutorial' if enough people are interested in building one.Just one strange question for anyone wishing to build one: Do you like peanut butter?
  2. I built an applicator for about £12.It's much better than those '£30 for a tea strainer' junk you can buy online.It performs just as well,if not better, as the so called professional models that cost anywhere from £80 to £150, and was surprisingly easy to build.You may want to consider this as it will open up a big range of additional possibilites in diorama building.
  3. Nice work indeed.I agree eyes are a difficult thing to master.It's taken me a long time just to learn how to put two dots in the right place.Now that i'm getting better at that,they are starting not to look good enough to me and i want to paint semi circles like the pros do.Damn this hobby!!!
  4. Can't see anything,are the links dead already?
  5. That intro was HILARIOUS!!! Couldn't stop smiling for a good 5 minutes! How about the exact opposite type of challenge? How about buying a brand new model kit and resisting the temptation to break open any seals to look inside the box? It's been an extreme challenge but i have never unsealed a box unless i am actually about to build the kit inside.Do i have any contenders for my throne out there? As for your kubel, you've got me confused: i don't know if i want to see one this help you become champion or if i actually want to see this one make it to the finish line!
  6. Nice work indeed.It looks just like a dirtier version of the Grant i saw at Duxford, hehe!
  7. Thanks for the 'tips' guys.Sorry,couldn't help that one :) @Mike: I had no intention of bodging anything.I want something that works. I had seen the item you linked to before but was a bit dubious about the push fit.Does it stand the test of time and repeated removal? On a general note the solutions that i saw when i last looked were in the £30 range.At half the price i paid for the airbrush I thought that was quite a lot.Since funds are tight i was wondering if it might be better to get a better airbrush and start hinting at a combined Christmas present to friends and relatives ho ho ho!
  8. Hi guys I have a Harder & Steenbeck Ultra gravity feed brush to which i would like to fit a 'pinch tip'.It's annoying not to be able to see the needle when spraying. i'm looking for an affordable alternative to their own brand solutions (money just too tight at the moment),perhaps a generic one that would fit.Can anyone help?
  9. Truly lovely work.I've always liked 'desert' vehicles with caunter schemes for some reason.I actually have this kit but it looks like a mammoth build with nearly 700 parts for the tracks alone! Mind if i ask how long did the whole thing take ?
  10. looking good and that tarp is very realistic.Quite a fan of the old schlep myself so looking forward to the final result.
  11. Very nicely done but perhaps a bit of dust on the windshield?
  12. Very nice work and it shows that you can still make an old kit look decent (apart from the vinyl tracks) with a bit of skill.Can i ask which method did you use for the chipping?
  13. Hi,thanks for the response.I've just realised from what you said that i did make a mistake: i copied the link address for the image and pasted that in.I should have copied the image address!
  14. Thanks for the encouragement neilspen,i've certainly improved my skills since my childhood kits but still have a long way to go.As for the pics i had no trouble inserting the links by pasting but nothing happened when i clicked the 'embed' button.
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome guys,nice to know there are other Heavy rock and AFV fans on the forum.I've posted some links to pics of the Staghound and crew that i recently built in the ready for inspection forum.If you have nothing better to do for the next 2 minutes then please take a look.Thanks guys.
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