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  1. This is a dud. I haven’t broken the plastic yet and my other builds have stalled, too. No way I am able to finish this in the four weeks there is left in this group build. Alas, there is KUTA but I prefer to work on my Farman which will tomorrow miss the deadline for High Wing GB. Thanks, -M
  2. One day to go and there’s been no progress since my last update . This just won’t make it to the gallery. I do intend to finish this so see you in KUTA. Best, - M
  3. Hey, this is starting to look like an aeroplane! I didn't realise how much wing Farman has until I had glued it in place. The wing is just huge compared to the rest of the aircraft. And I think that 2/3 of the weight of the model is in the wings. Putty in the forward seam looks suspicious, but I did check the seams with paint and it all sanded off. Hope there's no nasty suprises once I get to priming... The wing is supposed to be at straight angle without any dihedral or anhedral. Looks to me though that it droops a bit. Not much I can do to that so I'll better be happy with it as it is . Cheers, -M
  4. I really like this. There is something in the here that touches my sense of aesthetics. Cheers, M
  5. Looks good to me. Will there be a KUTA at the end of the year? Cheers, -M
  6. I hope things will work out for the best. Wishing you full recovery, -M
  7. Ah, happens sometimes. I’ll be following your thread in KUTA with interest! Cheers, -M
  8. Marklo, sad to hear about your dad. My condolences to you and your family. -M
  9. Hi @CliffB, clear bits are ok. Not clear as glass but good. They look awful on the pics, but that’s because of the smoke coloured vinyl painting masks & the clear primer I used to seal the masks against colour bleed. And I did roughen the parts that are going to be painted with fine grit sandpaper, hoping that the paint will hold a bit better. The area just over the wind screen is murky because of that. I did dip the clear parts on clear acrylic dipping compound. Probably shouldn’t have done that, it didn’t stick that well. I hope it doesn’t turn out be a problem once I peel the masks off at the end of the build. Cheers, Mjoo
  10. Pat, I wish you & your family strength to get past this difficult time. -Mjoo
  11. Progress has been very slow but finally I have enough to warrant an update: interior is done and fusalage is assembled. I decided to pose the cabin door closed, so very little (if anything at all) will be visible when finished. So I wasn't too fuzzy about the quality of the interior. Here's what goes on the cockpit. I couldn't find anything on the colors, so I went with the choices I had seen others doing with their Farmans, namely light-to-mid grey. Picked up the details with black and did a black wash on everything. Seatbelts were painted after the photo was taken. IP came out real well. It is three layer thingie, resin backplate, dials printed on acetate and PE relief. The acetate gave the dials a nice glassy finish without any effort from my side. Shame it's going to be completely hidden. And here's the whole interior before closing the fuselage. Fuselage after closing up. Wing will form the ceiling for the cabin. And the cabin. Bulkhead are bit off but that's fine. I've only glued them to the floor to give me some room to wiggle later on when the wings are to be attached. Next step is tidying up the seams. Or I might start working on the engine.
  12. I’ve been building their Percival Vega Gull on and off for the past year or so. This pretty much sums up my feelings on that kit, too. Wonder if this is general sentiment towards Dora? Generally nice but could benefit a bit clearer instructions?
  13. Pics are now in the gallary. Ye old macro lens is cruel, it show every nick and blotch in the surface with utmost clarity. And every dust speckle, too. Take home -line here would be that always dust before photography -- even if the subject has been sitting only few days on the bookself and behind closed doors. This was fun build. Cheers, -M Here's some more pics. The C. 561 got photographed, too. Notice the dust on the wings...
  14. Maurice Anrnoux started the 1935 Coupe Deutch de la Meurthe flying Caudron C.460 and finished with Caudron C.450. WIP thread here Caudron C.450 is the race number 3 an C.460 is the number 6.
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