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  1. Looks like they'll be looking for a new editor then: https://www.eadt.co.uk/news/23418964.suffolk-lowestoft-man-jailed-five-years-child-sex-offences/?ref=fbm&fbclid=IwAR0he4ECoUao1_8I-Tb8mXGYiBiks-wEitX21xtJ3Oy1bQZsAkpR23wYEWQ
  2. My favourite was the M1A2 in 1/72 (or was it 1/35?) by Meng (or was it Tamiya?). Honestly, it was worth buying just for the comedy value. It was full of adverts for their forthcoming aircraft books ... not sure I'll be giving them any money in anticipation of those appearing!
  3. Honestly, you couldn't make it up ... oh wait, they just have!
  4. That's absolutely hilarious. Ken Jones looks well ...
  5. I was waiting for this one. I suspect they just can't afford to print it at present. I know some other publishers have had to put their schedules on a go slow because of rising costs. I guess the taking of pre-orders is the issue here.
  6. I had that copy of SMMI I think (I recognise the cover). It was garbage first time round (where is the 'dakka, dakka' coming from the vision slits on the tank?)
  7. There’s nothing libellous about stating the obvious fact that taking money when you know you haven’t got the goods in hand is deception at best, theft at worse. There is nothing on the website to suggest the magazines are out of stock and they said they would send the goods I paid for in a matter of days. They haven’t so I will ask for a refund from my bank and pursue the matter further with Trading Standards. I hope you all get the magazines you have been promised after 22 September. I am asking for a refund and as I’m not a subscriber, I won’t concern myself with it anymore.
  8. 'We are due to receive all issues up to date on 22nd September and will be sent out then. We apologise for the delay but this has been out of our control.' Really? How can it be out of your control? Brexit, the lack of lorry drivers, Covid (again) ... needless to say I haven't received my order placed on 15 August nor any email to explain why they have just, in effect, stolen my money (because that's what it is when you take payment for goods or services that you know you cannot deliver). And that's not speculation, that's a fact.
  9. I have asked for a charge back and complained via CAB to Trading Standards and suggest you do the same. Does anyone honestly believe they have had these copies printed? No one has seen one as far as I can tell.
  10. There isn't any distribution to the news trade so they are only available via the website, as far as I can see. As you say, it would be helpful if someone who has a copy could share the good news. As soon as mine arrives, I will post a photo here!
  11. We are all just relating the facts and our own experiences. I did some digging about MA Publications and nothing I posted in the previous thread was not a fact in the public domain. They advertised the July issue of SAMI as available, now it is not and no one here, not even subscribers, appear to have received a copy. As I said, I ordered a copy of SMMI today and I will let you know if it arrives. I will give them a week, I will then email MA Publications if it has not arrived (although the order has actually been placed and will be fulfilled with Triple Six Media Limited, PO Box 1592, Bedford, MK40 9FD, UK. Registered company 09883511 in England).
  12. I just tried to place an order for the July SAMI - it says 'this product is currently unavailable'. They did, however, take my money for SMMI. The website states 'be assured all in stock items are posted with in 24 to 48 hours of the receipt of your order' so I would expect to receive this within 5 working days (even if it's posted second class). I will keep you informed ...
  13. It's the same form as usual. The directors of MA Publications are the same two individuals, with the same registered addresses, who are the directors of Triple Six Media. They can just take the intellectual property, i.e. the magazine names, across and try again. They must think we're idiots. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/09883511/officers
  14. Interesting. Was it not MA Publications?
  15. Errr ... right. And £2.31 for postage for a single issue which is nearly twice what Guideline charge for postage for a single issue, while Key Publishing do free postage. As you say, with PayPal it's easy to get the money back when the magazines are not delivered. Perhaps I'll wait for them to appear in Smiths. Do let us know when they arrive though!
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