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  1. Damn it! It will be finished 1st (or maybe not if I don't have the ordered 5 spokes in time )! It is a basic kit that does not fit well together in places and there seems a lot of work if you are pernickety like me. I will put it up as a 'Ready to inspect' when finished with what info I have gleaned that maybe helpful to anyone building A68216 though, I am sure most of you guys have long gone past building an Airfix Starter kit with it's 4 nearly dried up colour pots! Still, it is teaching me a lot after 35 years away god bless it. I have already learnt a huge amount from you guys that should stand me in good stead for the coming builds. Rgds Lindsey
  2. Oh God! Will I ever be finished? I feel like Michelangelo trying to paint the Sistine Chapel Ceiling with Airfix A68216! Now I am looking at radio masts/wires. Hurricane L1592 was fitted with a T.R.9B antenna system (pole) from what I can can decipher and the kit has a T.R.9D! I presume I am correct here? L1592 as is, residing in the Science Museum, South Kensington, seems to confirm same. A bit more remodeling to be done before assembly. I WILL get this done and move onto the other BoB aircraft! Then at the end of the BoB builds I will also build a couple of more accurate BoB Hurricane kits to address the Hurricane to Spitfire ratio of the times. Rgds Lindsey
  3. Mine is L1592 so I better go with 5 spoke. I have some on order but don't know when they will arrive. I will carry on with this one and wheels will need to be last. At the end of BoB shelf I may find myself building another Hurricane or 2. Metal wing all the way (maybe). lol Thanks guys
  4. Thanks Fukuryu, The 'Curse of the Mk1 5 Spoke' strikes again! Rgds Lindsey
  5. Thanks Colin. I have been looking at the Arma Hobby 1:72 Mk1 Hurricane kits. They all have 4 spoke wheels (Except the Eastern front which has both)! I presume one can purchase a 5 spoke wheel for them? Regards, Lindsey
  6. Brilliant! Thanks Troy. I would think complete Matt was a hard sheen to obtain for any 'real aircraft' paint then. I would say drag was of no concern then and they were happy if it 'matted down'. I want my BoB shelf to be honest and factual. I intend to have a little card with info on each aircraft (detailed info that I can obtain hopefully) on the shelf for any that care to view the BoB shelf. I think this makes it more meaningful for any looking in. The Bf 110 will most likely be L1 X B rammed in the air by the Hurricane flown by F/O Burton, 249 Squadron after a long, low altitude chase with the loss of all 3 airmen. I presume he was out of ammunition? I have to research this further. It shows the extremes of the time. Though I know little of these desperate times and my father was only 4 at the start of the war, he remembers a Lysander crashing in the field down the road. He remembers vividly the wings cutting the tops off the trees in the 'Spinny' before it landed on the field the other side. Both pilots survived though the pilot lost one of his ears. He used have a piece of perspex with a swastika on it from another aircraft that he collected from a crashed aircraft but it was lost over the years, Since you are a Hurricane man I will relate the story I like best. His father, my Grandad built Auster Reconnaissance aircraft in Thurmaston during the war and afterwards (we all hail from Leicester). This is directly from my Grandad as verbatim as I can remember it. For some reason, unknown to my Grandad, they had a Hurricane in one of the hangers at Thurmaston one day. An 'amazement' to humble Auster builders at the time. Cutting edge fighter! He said an RAF 'Big Wig' (his words) arrived and went straight to the Hurricane. He eventually got round to being seated in the cockpit. He asked if he could press the fire button on the stick and they themselves couldn't see why not. They didn't know who was in charge or meant to be showing him round the aircraft. The noise was horrific and the 'Big Wig' blew a big 'oval shaped' hole in the side of the hanger! They didn't know the aircraft was armed. How would they? My Grandad was amazed how far the Hurricane reversed within the hanger! Regards Lindsey
  7. Well 'Hot Diggity Damn and Yahey'. Test part came out well so I risked a Hurricane front screen and it is way better than Humbrol Clear! I blast out music on a proper HiFi system when modelling and used the heat off the Amp for my warming. Risky I know since this involves air flow and dreaded dust but it suffices for tests.
  8. Thanks very much guys. I really need to get my Canopy's 'nailed down' before I go anywhere near the Ju88, Do 17 & any He111! Black Knight - I got some Astonish Floor Polish today. A test part now drying I could only get a 1 litre bottle! Enough for 20 lifetimes of canopy dipping! Dnl42 & - I will get some Deluxe, Looks Like Glass and try that too. My nearest modelling shop is 30 mins away in Enniskillen and he does Deluxe products so he can get it in for me. While on this subject, I presume this is also good stuff for my varnish coat before washes & decal application? The Clear may suffice there anyway. It will be going on over Enamel with the final coat being Enamel Matt Varnish. NoelH - I am not too far from you Noel. I live on the border between Leitrim & Donegal. I have already mail ordered from Mark's Models. Thanks for info on the other 2 outlets. Humbrol here we go again! The Humbrol Matt Coat does not impress me too much either. It is not very flat. I must try 2, 3 or 4 thinned coats? What is the best Matt Varnish? Windsor & Newton Galleria? I am brushing everything. Troy Smith, you seem best qualified to direct this one too. Directly out of production, actually how Matt were freshly delivered Raf Aircraft in 1940? Were they truly Matt at all? Thanks in advance Lindsey
  9. Hi fishplanebeer, Great info too. Thanks. I will have to get shopping again. Damn Lidl!!! lol rgds Lindsey
  10. A wealth of great info Troy. Thanks very much. I want a high degree of accuracy on what will be on the BoB shelf. I will digest all tomorrow. Bed is calling. I maybe weathering too much! At 56 yrs old I feel well weathered! The Hurricane I am building is L1592, the one that was shot by a 109 with a consequent forced landing at Croyden. The Hurricane now residing in the Science Museum, South Kensington. If nothing else, it will be be a good Guinea Pig for me to practice on. God knows the 4 spoke wheels bugged me so much I have resin 5 spoke ordered on special order! It is a very basic Airfix kit and I can build a better one later with Arma gear. The next one doesn't have to be Airfix, any accurate, BoB, 1:72 I will will build. Recommendations gratefully welcomed. Thanks, Lindsey
  11. Hi Guys, Hope you are all keeping well. Well Damn Lidl! They recently had Mk1 Hurricane (A68216), Mk1a Spitfire (A68206) & BF109-E3 (A68205) Airfix kits for €7.99 each. I thought 'that will be a bit of cheap fun' for this once prolific model maker (returning after 35+ years away) and I can create a little BoB shelf in my little display cabinet. Now it has all got out of hand and is costing a small fortune! Of course I have to have all the aircraft to be fair so have had to buy Boulton Paul Defiant Mk1, Dornier 172-2, Ju87B-1, Ju88 A-1, Bf 110C/D (Eduard Kit which is impressive), all the paints, flat brushes, detail brushes etc. etc. Packages are even arriving from Poland since Airfix can seem to supply nothing to me here in Ireland and their website wasted 2 hours of my time! (Brexit Panic maybe?) Super-hobbys in Poland are seriously impressive and efficient having a huge range all in stock. Of course I still need to obtain a HE111 H2-3. I can't find one in day bombing colours from the earlier part of the Battle and may need to find and back build one if I can get the decals etc. (Any help here appreciated). It will be a long time until I get to the He111. I have started with the Fabric Wing Hurricane to re-learn, hone new skills. A lot has changed since I have been away! Weathering, detailing etc. I want the BoB aircraft to look fairly worn/constantly used since these were desperate times and the only thing on ground crews minds was keeping aircraft in the air rather than touching up paint and aesthetics. The Hurricane is taking longer than I thought. I looked in the Spitfire kit and the pilot is a terrible looking individual. An escaped Orc from Lord of the Rings with hands and legs an Ogre would be proud of (see Avatar pic)! I won't even go into depth about the horrendous flashing on the sprue's but has any got a 1:72 scale jig-saw I can borrow to cut out the landing gear on the Spitty? The Spitfire pilot cannot go into any model of mine so the Hurricane pilot is being saved for the Spitfire. This means the Hurricane has become an 'open cockpit' model meaning cutting back fuselage to let the Canopy be in the open position. It has also meant scratch building gun sight, Sutton Harness straps etc. I've also been detailing. Drilling out exhausts, gun ports, building clear starboard and port wing lights etc. That's why the build is taking longer. I will get faster as I go on (I now know how to make RAF 1:72 Sutton Harness straps and have a few spares made! lol). I can put up progress in the appropriate forum if anyone is interested and no doubt you guys might have useful info & tips for me. One thing I am struggling with is the horrible Humbrol Clear for the supposed glass like canopies! Despite pre-cleaning the Clear pulls away and leaves unsightly looking areas. It does nothing like the Humbrol Youtube video! I would like to see theirs when dry! I have de-greased with detergent, metholated spirits, lighter fluid. Tried 1 dip, 2 dips, brush coats. Makes no difference! Is there a better gloss out there that will achieve that 'glass like' finish'? Thx in advance, Lindsey
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