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  1. To my friends and flight members lost on this day. At the going down of the sun we remember you.
  2. I feel guilty for mentioning the tail wheel brake given all the extra work and time it has cost you.
  3. You can never have enough rocket pods
  4. Its not the size it is what you can do with it.
  5. Typical the Navy give the RAF their cherished phantoms and they constantly break them. Moral of the story never let a RAF near your toys, they will crash or break them.
  6. I am amazed, it is by far the best model I have ever seen to date. The finish would put the real aircraft to shame. Truly a work of art
  7. Coming on really well. How that bomb missed the fitted Mk 46 torpedo and just took off the Broadsword Lynx nose, is one of life’s great good luck stories.
  8. As the person who was on the steering arm for on deck movements during the conflict, I can assure you it was fitted and used when embarked on both county class ships
  9. It normally was used in conjunction with the sterring arm. Lowering the steering arm would engage the brake pad, raising the arm would release it. Essential for getting the cab in and out of the side entry hanger without losing the tail over the ships side.
  10. not the best image of the tail wheel brake but might give you the jist of it. Had to enlarge it so it lost quality
  11. The choice is yours. Both pylons were fitted for the double depth charges for attack on the Argy sub Santa Fe apart from that they were on and off a lot. There were periods when both fitted and other periods clean. The sonar and pylons were removed for the SAS Fortuna Glacier rescue.
  12. There is no need to fit the sonar gear if you do not want to as it was removed for a while during the conflict. The one thing that I have seen missing from every model I have seen is the tail wheel brake/lock which was fitted to all ships flight Wessex 3's. You know you are getting old ex grubber when the FAA museum is displaying three of your old aircraft that you personally worked on
  13. If I can be of any help just ask. I was the Airframe / Engines leading hand on Antrim Flight Wessex 3 (Humphrey) during the Falklands. This may be of use if you have not already found it www.primeportal.net/hangar/howard_mason3/has_3_xp142/
  14. Well it does not look like you have been skiving off to me There is only one word needed to descibe your work AMAZING Well done Anthony
  15. Great models they really look the part. Great job. Just for info your Phantom nose undercarriage door looks inside out and the lower section of the nose leg is also silver when extended.
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