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  1. AP101B-0901-15 AIRCREW MANUAL – PHANTOM FG I have made available the British AP101B-0901-15 AIRCREW MANUAL – PHANTOM FG (Derestricted) for those that may have use or interested in. I have also placed the link in the reference area https://1drv.ms/b/s!Arc-L4jHpvtq1gKFJ3SGTN_RJ6OC
  2. I have made available the British AP101B-0901-15 AIRCREW MANUAL – PHANTOM FG (derestricted) for those that may have use or interested in. https://1drv.ms/b/s!Arc-L4jHpvtq1gKFJ3SGTN_RJ6OC
  3. I am happy to share it but there does not seem to be any interest in it that I have seen. Also I am unsure the correct area to place it so others can access the file
  4. Hi Anthony In the aircrew manual I gave you in the cockpit layout section it shows in fig 12 the rear seat cockpit layout for dual aircraft
  5. But remember there is nothing more infuriating for a wife than seeing their husband engaged in something they deem as unproductive. That’s why my workshop (Sanctuary) is a 100 metres up my garden she would have to get off the sofa to find out what I am doing / or not doing.
  6. Well Done. I should stick to trying to remember where I put my glasses. It made sense that they should be there to access tank electrics without the pig of a boring job removing the spine panels but not as bad as the upper wing panels.
  7. I Anthony, I think you are going to hate me but as you are such a stickler for detail. I have racked my memory but I cannot remember there being round access panels incorporated to the two long spine panels. I cannot find a high-quality image to disprove the existence of access panels and my memory has enough trouble trying to remember why I am half way up the stairs and if I am going up or coming down. I found two images that might help perhaps there are other with a better insight than me
  8. Great work. Love the way you have managed to show the difference between access panel screws and riveted skin panels. I am still stuck trying to get started, now the wife has retired I think she thinks I now work for her. Now have garden arch and greenhouse to sort out and erect. Some people have no sense of priority, surely building models is more important ?
  9. I have a copy (PDF) of the MOD British Phantom Aircrew topic 15 manual publication. Although most is of little use to modelling (be it very informative) there is a very good section on the various RAF and Navy cockpits layouts that I am willing to share but I am unsure how I can make it available to those interested. Obviously giving everybody access to my OneDrive is not an option and the file size 180mb. I can give access to individuals by email link consent for the file
  10. It’s a pity I have now retired I was a technical author involved in producing Lynx and Wildcat aircraft maintanance manuals for Westlands
  11. Crew ladders are only there for wimpy observers and RAF milk drinkers
  12. Great looking clean model Love the drop down steps did you make those from scratch.
  13. That’s a lot of work you want to take on. Externally these are a few areas that spring to mind All fwd of windscreen Main rotor head and blades Main rotor gearbox sliding fairing, engine bay doors and oil cooler panel Main UC pylons Tail pylon, stabiliser, TR hub and blades, TR gearbox fairing Fwd flotation bags Tail cone with policeman’s hat
  14. Cheers Anthony It will be a challenge to get anywhere near your dedication and attention to detail.
  15. No presure then. If my memory or any of the info I have accumilated can be of any assistance please ask. all the best for your build.
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