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  1. So more recently I've been looking at different local stores here in OZ to get Plasticard and other materials suitable for making the buildings, I'm also thinking due to size/feasibility of the project of doing int in smaller sections. I've also been doing further research in regards to layouts, of bases in which I'm thinking of adopting a layout resembling @Mancunian airman Grimsby diorama... I've been looking at how I may be able to scale back some of my ambitions so my (19 year old)imagination doesn't run too wild, though still be able to capture the essence of my original dream seek to incorporate references to my original concept via references to the aircraft I originally wanted tot use but would have blown everything out of proportion for instance the use of cockpits of aircraft in a miniature boneyard. another thing I though it may have to occur that different sections of the project may need to be modular to account for space for example separating the bomb-store from the technical site, completing the aircraft hardstanding/marshalling area separately. Though construct these sections in a way that they could attach to the main project to form one cohesive piece. In relation to railways I have found according to the RAF museum "The Royal Air Forces’ once operated extensive narrow and standard gauge railway systems, serving Maintenance Units such as RAF Stafford, bomb stores (Chilmark & Fauld)and airfields (Hendon airfield) in which they used 040 class diesel shunters so the railway line will probably be incorporated into the the bomb store as seen here As previously stated by @Heather Kay it is my project and it'll turn out, how it turns out. I would like to say thank you for the brilliant feedback and knowledge in relation to this and will continue to seek to properly get this project underway, as It has been a longways coming. Regards, Ben
  2. I see what you mean @Paul821 I figure something out as you said I’ll most like use the crane from a recovery set or as shown in the video have the crane mounted a railway flatbed
  3. The idea behind using a heavy dockside crane is due to tonnage involved in lifting lets say the carcass of a plane e.g b17; or halftrack & placing it on a flat bed war wagon would be heavy so the availability of a such a crane may be necessary to move such an object. Though give me your opinion on weather I should use the lower portion of the crane( the supports/rails) as I think it may looks good without it?
  4. It’s going well. I recently got plans for some buildings from Mancunian airman(Ian). The building are from old airfields throughout the uk primarily the Lincolnshire area I’m currently making some cardboard mock ups of the plans I’ll be sure to upload some photos soon. Just trying to figure out the best materials to construct the buildings out of prior to construction of the actual buildings being used for the display ...
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  6. The crane will go with the railways siding and it will most likely depicted lifting either a loading wrecked aircraft on a train car or a unloading a new vehicle being delivered. I have started construction on a few other models which I'm yet to photograph. most of which require extra detailing. I have started a model of a PBY-5"black cat" and two c47's with markings of captain winters' & luitenant Meehan's aircraft with pre d-day marking so the aircraft does not have invasion stripes as the diorama I set prior to the invasion of normandy
  7. so I have stated constructing a crane for railway siding the base model is a oo gauge dipole dockside crane I am using parts from E-100 panzer weapon carrier with v1 missile launcher to modify it. The rocket will be save for another component of the project. I shall post further images of the crane from the stages that I am up to in the next few days. I'm currently contemplating changes to the original dispersal area's design with closer inspections of runway layouts of to help determine these changes
  8. I'm intending on using GPM 1:72 hangars set for the main hangars which reminds me of the J Type hangar without the external doo supports. also just to mention with the feed back it allows for modification as the first layout was mainly a first thoughts I'm now contemplating how the plans could be modified to be more shaped like an actual base whilst also containing most of the major elements
  9. Just wanted to say thank you as the feed back and resources for project the project are helpful allowing for modifications and adaptation, as well as valuable insight for the project
  10. @Heather Kay I know exactly where you are coming from, as previously mentioned the is inspiration from actual bases though I have made adaptations to include elements and the complete set out will be fictional mainly the buildings and vehicles will be real or heavily influenced by actual period pieces
  11. I @Paul821Mostly the design is custom though inspired by aspects of actual airforce base such as pens, though as I do more research the layout may change to add a more realistic setup. The design is both a combination of a busy airforce base(primarily) and to display a collection(secondary). Also reasoning for making of segments allows for easy adaptation for space constraints, so the full set up can be added together to form the full diorama or be split up and used for multiple smaller diorama’s.
  12. Hi guys. it has been a w while another update just come up with the general design for the marshalling area for the airforce base thin this update I have posted an image of the aircraft marshalling area and most of the relevant dimension I intend to use. I have yet to add a mosquito pen and a c47 pen with most likely be placed near the aircraft control tower which will be added later in a another section at the end on the runway. I will Post a general plan of what I'm thinking of for a railway siding by the end of the week. please give feedback and thoughts sorry if it it is a little confusing. Until next time Dimension have been calculated as 3.5m by 2.5m. It will be made in 8 segments measuring 85cm x125cm Hangar dimensions Hangers 1-4 will be 44.5cm x 32cm Hangar 5= 28cm x 22.5cm hangar 6 = 16cm x 16cm The fighter pens dimension will be 19.5cm x 17.4cm interior with a 2cm wall on either side and back Pathways each pathway between the H1-4 is 7cm with 40cm wide patches of grass the end pathways on either far side of the pens is 5cm the gaps between hangers 6 and 6 being being roughly 2-4cm apart the tarmac the tarmac in front of the hangars is a 20cm gap with 20cm partings every 3 pens allowing access to the main runway. the runway width is 48.6 cm with the grass safety barrier being 125cm. The key is H 1,2,3 =hangar P 1,2,3 = blast pen Green=grass Grey= tarmac
  13. Due to space parameters for the project it will be impractical to do the full runway even with it being a modular layout. I’ll most likely only do a small portion of runway with the rest being a backdrop. The main focus will then be the main technical sights and facilities such as hangers, dumps, substations, etc...
  14. I probably then only keep it around major installations such a the bomb dump
  15. For an update date i’ve Been doing research on runway lengths and lay out. For something full 1:72 recreation for a short runway the total distance would be between 11-13m long, up to 50cm wide and a regulation safety barrier of 1.27m on all sides of the runway. I’m also looking at references at marshalling areas and hangers. by either this weekend or next I’ll post some concept layouts for the railway siding, and aircraft marshalling/ hangers
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